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son, as Fudas Gaulonites, with his Accomplices, were, who faid, Tv 3 pΤίμησιν έδέν άλλο και αντικρυς δαλέαν όπιφέρειν. Fofi Antiq. l. 18. 6. 1. who were theres, fore put to Death, Aft. v. 37. and therefore, ut ftatim audientes Herodiani seditionis contra Romanos principem teneant.

Hieron, in Loc. 2. Our Saviour's Evasion of this their captious Question.

Sheve me the Tribute-Money. That He might know what Tribute they meant.

And they brought him a Peny. A Coin us'd among the Romans, with Cefars's Image on it, and therefore callid, vóuerla pš xhvos, v. 19. because each one was to pay of these proportional to his Estate yearly, by a Taxation made in Cyre. nius his Time, S. Luk. ii. 2.

Whole Image is this? They answer, Cesar's, viz. Tiberius. Then He answers in the Words of the Text, Render therefore unto Cesar, &c. and so He. escapes both their Snares ; that of the Hea rodians, by giving to Cefar the things that are ceSar's; and that of the Pharisees, by giving unto God the things that are God's. Whereby our Saviour teacheth us,

I. That we must render to Cefar the things that are Cesar's.

'Απόστε τα ΚαίσαρG- Καίσαρι, γάρ ότι τέτο δέναι, αλλ' Stoffvar Chryfoft.

But what are those Things we must render unto Cesar?

1. Tribute, Custom, &c. Rom. xiii. 7. S. Matt. xvii.

25, 26, 27, S. Joh. vi. 38. it being,
1. For the preserving the Publick, Rom. xiii.

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3, 4, 6.

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2. To fhew our Gratitude for their Pro

tecting us. 2. Reverence and Honour, Prov. xxiv. 21. Rom. xiii. 7. 1. Because of the Ordinance and Image of

God that shineth in them, Rom. xiii. 2.

i S. Pet. ii. 17. 2. Because of the. Benefits we receive by

them, Psal. lxxii. 12, 13, 14. 3. Not to speak Evil of them, Ecclef. x. 20. 2 S. Pet. ii. 10. Jude 8. 1. This is a Duty we owe to all, S. Matt.

vii. 1. 2. We cannot search into the Intrigues of

State. 4. Obedience, Rom. xiii. 2. Tit. iii. 1. I S. Pet. - ii. 13. Hebr. xiii, 17.

Εί Ελλήνων όλων τότε θ' αρχόντων ταύτα ονομιθέτησε, πολλώ μάλλον νύν όπι και πισών τοτο γίγες zsé. Chryfoft. 1. Because of the Power they have receiv'd

from GOD, Rom. xiii. 1, 2. 2. The common Good that ariseth from O.

bedience, Rom. ibid. v. 3, 4. 3. We are obligd in Conscience to do it, ibid.

V. S. 5. Prayer for them, 1 Tim. ii. 1, 2. 1. Because it is only GOD that can direct

them to what is for the common Good. 2. The Subje&t's Peace depends upon the

Prince's, Jer. xxix. 7.
Here likewise our Saviour teaches us,


II. That we must give to God the Things that are God's. As,

1. Love to His Person, Deut. vi. 5. S. Mart.

xxii. 37

2. Faith

2. Faith in His Son, S. Joh. xiv. I.
3. Obedience to His Precepts, 1 Sam. xv.


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1. Sincere, Rom. vi. 17.
2. Universal, S. Luk. i. 6.

3. Constant, S. Luk. i. 75.
4. Allent to His Affertions, 1 S. Joh. v. 10.
Ś. Fear of His Threatnings, Prov. V. 21,

1. Temporal, Mal. ii, 2.

2. Eternal, 2 Thef.i. 9.
6. Trust in His Promises, 1. Tim. iv. 8.

1. For this Life, Rom. jv. 20, 21.
2. For that to come, I Cor. XV. 19. S. Joh.

iii. 16.
7. Reverence to His Ordinances, Ecclef.
V. 1.
1. Because of His special Presence in them,

S. Matt. xviii. 20. 2. The Benefit which we receive from them,

Rom. X. 17. 8. Thankfulness for His Mercies, i Thell. V. 18. 1. By acknowledging Him as the Giver,

1 Chron. xxix. 11, 12, 13. 2. And ourselves unworthy of them, Gen.

xxxii. 10. 9. Improvement of His Judgments. 1. To the mortifying of our Lusts, Psal.

cxix. 67. 2. The quickning of our Graces, Psal.

cxix. 71.

10. Longing after His Presence, Psal. lxxiii. 25. 1. Delight in His Word, Pfal. i. 2.

12. Contemplation upon His Perfections, Psal. . cxxxix. 18.

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U SE S. Consider, 1. All these Things belong to GOD, and are due to Him.

1. As our Creator.
2. Preserver and Governour.

3. Redeemer. . 2. Whosoever does not render these Things to GOD, robs Him, Mal. iij. 8.

3. Our Happiness confifts in the paying of them, Pfal. xix. 11.

4. GOD will e're long call us to an Ac. count, 2 Cor. V, 10.


S. MATT. xxii. 37 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with

all thy Heart, &c.

1. TITHAT GOD are we to love?

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,


II. With what Love?
1. Of Benevolence,
2. Desire.
3. Acquiescence.

III. How are we to love Him?

With all our Hearts, so as to love Him above all Things, S. Luk. xiv. 26.

IV. Why are we to love Him above all Things?

1. Because He is the chiefest Good, S. Luk.

xviii. 19.

1. An Universal
2. An Infinite
3. Satisfying

4. Necessary

5. Eternal 2. Because He is the Fountain of all Goodness, Pfal. xxxvi. 9.

3. Because not to love Him above all other Things, is not to love Him at all.

MOTIVES to love GOD.

1. It is the first and great Command, Matt. xxii. 38.

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