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S. MATT. xxiv. 44.
Therefore be ye also ready.
Δια τέτο και υμάς γίνεσθε έτοιμοι. .

HAT must we be ready for ?

1. To leave this world. 1. According to the Nature of His Crea

tures, GOD hath made two forts of Habitations in the World, the one for

spiritual, the other for bodily Beings. 2. Man consisting of both Natures, is capable

of dwelling in both. Places. 3. Earth, whereon Man first receives his

Being, is appointed for him but for a while to be in, Job xiv. 1, 2, 5. Pfal. When the time here set him is expired,

his Soul goes into the other World,

Ecclef. xij. 7. 5. This is the first Time against which we

are to be ready. And therefore, 1. Take heed that your Hearts be not

over-charg'd with the Cares; 2. Nor surfeited and drunk with the

Pleasures of this World, S. Luk. xxi.

34. 3. But live above it, whilft you are in it,

Colof. iii. 2. Phil. iii. 20. 4. Be in continual Expectation of your

Departure hence, Amos vi. 3. 5. Always live, as if you was dying. 2. To appear before Christ. 1. All Creatures have Laws set them.

2. None

XC. 10.

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2. None but Man can reflect upon them.
3. GOD does not ordinarily punish strict-

ly, the Breakers of His Laws here,

Ecclef, viii. 11.
Not reward the Performers, Eccles. viii.

14. and ix. 2.
5. But yet, He takes notice of every Action

of all Men, 2 Chron. xvi. 9. 6. All Men must appear before His Judg

ment-Seat, Hebr. ix. 27. 3? Be ye therefore ready for the second Com: Ing of Christ. i. Christ, the Son of GOD, came down and

dwelt with Men as Man, S. Fob. i. 14.

and vi. 38. 2. He then for several Years wrought Mici

racles to confirm His Gospel. 3. After that, for the Sins of Men, he was

put to Death by finful Men, Phil. ii. 8. 4: He lay three Days in the Grave, and

then rose again, A&t. ii. 23, 24 5. After forty Days Abode here on Earth,

He went up to Heaven, Ait. i. 9. 6. There He hath been ever since, 1 S. Joh.

ü. 1. AZ. iii. 21. 4. Bat will come again, A&t. I. II. 1. Not as meer Man, but the Head of all

Mankind, S. Matt. xxviii. 18. 2. With Commission to judge all Men,

At. xvii. 31. ii. 3. He will then send His Angels to ga.

ther all together, S. Matt. xxiv. 31.

i Theff. iv. 1o. 4. Then the Dead shall rise again, i Cor.

XV. 52. and all Mankind shall appear before Him, 2 Cor. V. 10.


II. How are we to be ready ?

1. By weighing and judging our Adions as GOD doth, 1 Cor. xi. 31.

2. Finishing the Work which GOD hath given us to do, S. Joh. xvii

. 4. which is, 1. Repentance, Act. xvii. 30, 31.

1. By Mourning för, Joel ii. 12, 13.

2. By Turning from our Sins.
2. Making it our Endeavour and Business

to obey the Laws of GOD!
1. Sincerely, 2 Cor. i. 12.
2. Universally, S. Luk. i. 6.

3. Constantly, S. Luk. i. 75.
3. Believing in Christ, A£t. xvi. 31.

í. For the Pardon of our Sins, i s. Foh.
2. For the Justification of our Perfons,

2 Cor. V. 21. 3. For the Cleansing of our Hearts, A&t.

iii. 26. For che eternal Salvation of our Souls,

S. Joh. iii. 16. REASON's for our being thus in a Readiness. 1. Christ will certainly one Day come, Alt.

2. He will then pass a final Sentence upon every Perfon.

3. Nonë; lave GOD only, knows when this Day will be, S. Mar. xiü. 32.

ii. 2.

i. II.

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S. MATT. XXV. 31. When the Son of Man shall come in

His Glory:


N Prosecution of what was but lightly touch'd

upon concerning Christ's second. Coming to Judgment, in Explaining the former Text; I Thall take Occasion from this Place of Scripture to observe farther;

I. That Christ shall come again from Heaven to Earth.

He is now in Heaven, and will be to the End of the World, A&t. iii. 21.

But that He will one. Day come from thence again, is attested,

1. By the Apostles, i Theff. iv. 16; 2.Theff. i: 7 Hebr. ix. 28.

2.' By the Holy Angels, A&t. i. 10, 11.

3. By Chrift Himself, S. Job. xiv, 2, 3. S. Matt: XXVI. 64 and xxv. 31.

II. That His Coming shall be with great Glory.

The Archangels shall be His Herald, i Thej. iv. 16.

All the Holy Angels Thall attend Him, S. Matt. XXV. 31. 2 Theff. i. 7. S. Mar. viii. 38.

This was long ago foretold by Enoch, Epist: S. Jude 14, 15. Dan. vii. 13, 14.

So He is often said to come in the Clouds, S. Matt. xxvi. 64. Rev. i. 7.



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ענני השמים הם מלאכי צבא השמים

The Clouds of Heaven, they are the Angels of the Host of Heaven. R. Gaon.

III. Being thus come with His Angels, He shall fit upon a Throne, that is, Judgment-Seat, S. Matt. xix, 28. and then will come on the General-Judgment, concerniug which we may observe,

1. That there is such a Judgment to come, which appears, 1. From the Testimony of Conscience, At.

xxiv. 25. Rom. ii. 15. 2. From the Justice of GOD, Gen. xviii.

OD, 25. 3. From the Visions of it, Dan. vii. 10. Rev. 4. From GOD's express Affertions of it,

Ecclef. xii. 14. Rom. ii. 5. Ecclef. xi.

XX. I 2.

9, IO.

2. Who will be the Judge? and that is Christ, S. Joh. V.-22, 27. Rom. xiv. 10. 2 Cor. y. 10. Ait. xvii. 31. and x. 42. 1. Because it is but Reason, that He who

was judg’d of Men, thould afterwards judge them, S. Matt. xxvi. 64. Phil. ii.

9, 10, II. 2. That so we may see our Judge, S. Joh. v.

27. Job xix. 25, 26, 27, 3. Who shall then be judg’d? All Nations and People whatsoever, S. Matt. XXV. 32. 2 Cor. v. 10. 1. All that are dead shall be rais'd again to

Life, i Cor. XV. 52. Rev. XX. 12, 13. 2. Those that are then alive shall be sum

mon'd too, i Cor. xv.51. i Thesliv.

What Law will He judge by ?
i. The Gospel, S. Jam. ii. 12.


2. The

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