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2. The Law of Nature, Rom. ii. 14.
By which He will judge,

1. The Thoughts, 1 Cor. iv. 5.
2. The Words, S. Matt. xii. 36.
3. The A&ions of every Man, 2 Cor. V.

10. Ecclef. xii. 14.
To this end the Books shall be opend,

Rev. XX. 12.
1. The Book of GOD's Word.

of His Omniscience, Mal. iii. 16.

of Mens Consciences, Jer.xvii. 1. 5. What will be the issue of this Judgment ?

1. Absolution to the Just.
2. Condemnation to the Wicked.


1. Make a Vertue of That now, which then you will be forc'd to do, even honour and reverence Christ, S. Joh. v. 22, 23.

2. Get Him to be your Friend before-hand.

3. Live now, as you will wish you had done, 2 S. Pet. iii. 10,11. S. Jam. ii. 12. S. Mart. XXV. 44.. S. Luk. xxi. 34

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S. MATT. xxviii. 19, 20. Ver. 19. Go ye therefore, and teach all Nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Ver. 20. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.

ERE is the Apostle's Commislion, consisting of four Commands.

1. Go.
1. Not stay in Judea.
2. But go over the World, S. Mar. xvi. 15.

II. Matnleucate, teach, i. e. Disciple or make Disciples to me, out of all Nations, bring them over to my Faith and Religion, and so the Word Nice Inleuw is always taken; as partnieunteis, S. Matt. xiii. 52. égcentúteuoE, S. Matt. xxvii. 57. Matn eco-VTES ixare's, or introduxerunt multos, and brought in many, A&t. xiv. 21. And this must be the Sense, because, not all that were taught, but such as were Disciples were to be baptized. Aidarxovles comes in after.

And these Disciples were to be gather'd out of all Nations, s. Luk. xxiv. 47. S. Mar. xvi. 15. Ifa. xlix. 6. A&t. x. 28. Ephef.

ii. 14.

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III. Baptizing bem, &c. wherein observe,

1. The way of making complete Disciples, or
how they were to be initiated by Baptism.
1. What is Baptism? an initiating Sacra-

2. Whether is this place against Infant-

Baptism? No, but for it ; for Chil

dren are Disciples.
1. Because they were circumcised.
2. They belong to the Kingdom of GOD,

S. Mar. X. 14.
3. are part of their parents.
2. How this Sacrament is to be administred :
In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft;
where obferve,
1. There is a Trinity in the Godhead; as

1. From the Old Testament, 2 Sam.xxiii.2.

Pfal. xxxiii. 6. Ifa. xlii. 1.
2. From the New, S. Matt. iii, 16. S. Luk.

i. 35. 2 Cor. xiii. 14.
2. Every person in this Trinity is truly

1. GOD the Father, this none denies.
2. GOD the Son, Hof. i. 7. Jer.xxiii. 6.

S. Job. i. 1. is. Joh. v. 20. Phil. ii.
6, 7, S. Joh. xx. 28. otherwise He

could not be our Saviour.
3. GOD the Holy Ghost, i Cori iii. 16.

A&t. v. 4. S. Matt. xii. 31, 32.
3. All Three are but One GOD, I S. Joh.

V. 7.
'Αδιαίρες και αν τρισίν σοφάσεσιν η σ μιάς εσίας

Osórns, Athanas. 'Eri Orb coas solas
ομολογής και μίαν εσίαν λίγο, μίαν φύσιν, μί-
αν μορφήν, εν γένα, μίαν δόξαν, μίαν άξίαν
sj xverbzila, Athanas.



Hec Trinitas unius eft, ejufdemque natura & 177 substantia, non minor in fingulis quam in

omnibus, nec major in omnibus quàm in fingulis, Aug. There is but one GOD,

Deut. vi. 4. I Cor. viii. 4.

The Order of these Persons.
1. The Father, Miar gevarnousy odleegi

állíusty rig pig ari rý ang hy o Osórnlo,

Concil. Florentin. 2. The Son, Joh. v. 26. 'Aulolasit sy duloc

gatòs, Bafil. 'Aulotériid, autotec, lulod uropees, Epiph. tho'.

Ozös én ☺ež, yet odds en eaula. ci 3. The Holy Ghost, Rom. viii. 9. S.Joh. xv.26.

ad in pa nadeòs exToggvópfov, Concil. Cone
Filioque, 8th Council at Toledo, Anno 653.

Si enim quicquid habet, de Patre babet
Filius, de Patre utique babet, ut de illo

procederet Spiritus. S. Aug. Hence it follows, that every Person is to be worshipp'd.

1. Believed on, S. Fob. xiv. I.
2. Loved, Deut. vi. Se,

3. Feared.
004. Prayed to, A&t. vii. 95.

5. Trusted on.

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Blefs GOD for revealing this Mystery, S. Matt. xi. 25. 2. Perform your Duty to each Person. 1. To the Father,

1. Thank Him for your Creation, Gen. i. 2. Depend on Him for Preservation, A&t.

xvii. 28.

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2. To the Son,
i. Adore His Condescension in becoming

Man, S. Joh. i. 14.
2. Believe on Him for Redemption, 1 Tim.

i. 5. 6.
3. To the Holy Ghoft. :3)

1. Pray for His Allistance.
2. Observe His Motions, 1 Thell. v. 19.

IV. Teaching them to observe, dc. Hence arise these Doctrines.

prio bir

I. DOCTRINE. . It is the Duty of the Ministers of Christ to teach the Commands of Christ. Or there are some appointed in the Church of Christ, to teach the Commands of Christ. ) gnil1. Who are appointed ?

1. Not only Apostles,

2. But all Ministers.
To the constituting a Minister, is requird,
1. That he be apt to teach, 1 Tim, iii. 2.

2 Tim. ii. 2.
2. Able to convince Gainsayers, Tit. i.9.
3. Approv’d, 1 Tim. iii. 8, 9, 10.
4. Ordained, fent, or calld by GOD,

Rom. x. 15. Hebr. v. 4. 2 Cloron. xxvi.

Vbi nulla eft miniftrorum ele&tio, manifeftum

cognoste collabentis Chriftianifmi indi

cium. Hier.
2. What is it to teach?

1. To explain the Word, Neh. viii. 8.
2. Apply it.

1. By Exhorting, 2 Cor. V. 20. 1 Tim.

vi. 2.

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