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jii. 5:

1. His Heart-piercing Eye, i Sam. xvi. 7.

Psal. vii. 9. Jer. xvii. 10. 2. His avenging Hand, Zach. v. 3, 4. Mal.

5. The Saints of God, even in the Gospel, have sworn, 2 Cor. i. 23. Gal. i. 20. Phil. i. 8.

6. The Apostle to the Hebreros is clear for it, Hebr. vi. 16.

7. The End of an Oath is lawful. Ibid. So then it is lawful for Subjects to take, and for Magistrates to administer, an Oath. Quamvis di&tum fit, ne juremus, nusquam tamen in Scripturis fan&tis legi meminerim, ne ab alio jurationem ac sipiamus. S. Auguft. Epist. 154.

III. How are our Saviour's Words to be uns derstood, Thou shalt not Swear?

Answ. i. Not to swear by any Creature, v. 35. 2. Not customarily, and in common Discourse. 3. Not rashly or vainly, Jer. iv. 2.

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S. MAR. vi. 12.
And they went out, and preached that

Men should repent.

T is the Duty of all Men, every where, to

repent. FIRST. The Neceffity of this great Duty of Repentance.

1. Necessitas precepti; As over and over enjoined in Scripture, Ezek. xiv. 6. and xviii. 30. S. Matt. iii. 2. and iv. 17. and ix. 13. Mar. i. 25. A&t. xvii. 3o, and xx. 21. 2 S. Pet. iii. 9. Rev. ii. 5, 16, 21, 22. and iii. 3, 19.

II. Necefsitas medii ; In order,

1. To Pardon of Sins, Ifa. Iv. 7. A&t. ii. 38. and iii. 19. and v. 31. Pfal. vii. 11.

2. To the Favour of God, Jer. xxxi. 18, 19, 20. Jon. iii. 9. Deut. iv. 30, 31. Rom. xiv. 18.

3. To an Interest in Christ, S. Luk. xxiv. 47. Gal. v. 24. Ephef. v. 14.

4. To the Comforts of the Holy Ghost, A&t. ix. 31. Rom. xiv. 17.

5. To the preventing of Judgments, or averting them, Jer. xxvi. 3. Isa. xxxviii. 1, &c. Dan. iv. 27. 2 Chron. xxxiji. 12, 13.

6. To the obtaining a Blessing upon Mercies, Mal. ii. 2. Rom. viii. 28.

7. To Peace of Conscience, and an inward Quiet and Satisfaction, 2 Cor. i. 12. Pfal. cxix. 165

8. To Communion with God, Ifa. i. 16, 17, 18.

2. To an Interest in the Promises, Pfal. 1. 16, 17, 23. Dent, vi. 3. Hebr. x. 36.

10. To



1Ộ. To the Avoidiog of Helly Ezek. xxxiii. 14, is. S. Luk. xiii. 3. Rev. xxi. 8.

11. To the Fitting us for Heaven, 1 Cor. XV; ŝo. Coloff. i. 12.

12. To the Bringing us thither, Rev. xxii. 141 15. Rom. vi. 22. To save an impenitent Signer is not consistent

with, i. The Justice of God, Gen. xviü. 25. Pfal. 2. The Mercy of God, E.xod. xxxiv. 6; 7. 3. The Faithfulness of God, i Thel v. 23, 24,

4. The Defign of our Saviour's. Incarnation, S. Matt. I. 21. Act. iii. 26.

5. The Nature of that Heaven, whereinto we hope to be translated, Rev. xxi. 27.

1. Its Company, Hebr. xii. 23.
2. Its Objects, 2 $. Per. iii. 13. Hebr. xii. 22,

23, 24. 2 Tim. iv. 8.
3. Its Employment, Rev. xxii. 3. and vii. 103

xi. 7.

11, 12.

SECONDLY. The Nature of a true and saving Repentance.

1. Negatively.

i. A Man may acknowledge his Sins, and yet not truly repent of them. Pharaoh, Exod. ix. 27. Balaam, Numb. xxii. 34. Saul, 1 Sam. xv. 24. Ju dab, S. Matt. xxvii. 4.

2. A Man may mourn for his Sins, and yet not be a true Penitent; Prov. v. 11. and i King. xxi. 27.

3. A Man may resolve against Sin, and yet not be said to repent of it, 2 S. Pet: ii. 22.

4. A Man may forsake fome Sins, and yet not deserve the Name of a Penitent, Ezek. xviii. 30, 31. S. Mar. X. 17,66.

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Si A Man may forsake all his former gross Sins, and yet come short of a true Repentance, 1 Theff. v. 22. 2 Cor. vil. 1. S. fam. ii. io.

6. A Man may outwardly perform all the Duties of Religion, and yet be no true Penitent in the Sight of God, who searches the Heart and Reins, and passes Judgment accordingly, Isa. i. 11, 15. Jer. ix. 26. Ezek. xviii. 31. S. Matt. v. 8.

II. Positively. These things are requisite in order to a true and saving Repentance.

1. Conviction, S. Joh. xvi. 8. Conviction is a clear, constant, and Evangelical Sight and Sense of Sin. 'Tis not only the work of the Head, but of the Heart. 'Tis not only a Sight, but a Sense. 'Tis not only the clear Apprehension of the Understanding, but the full Persuafion of the Will, that Sin is Sin; that it is dangerous to us, and we guilty of it, Rom. vil. 13. 1 King. viii. 46. I S. Job. i. 8, 9, 10. so that there be three things in Sin, that we are to be thus convinced of.

1. Its Sinfulness, 2 Sam. xxiv. 10. Habak. i. 13: Isa. i. 16, 17. Psal. v. 5. Rom. vi. 12, 13. 1 S. Joh. lii. 8.

2. Its Dangerousness, Prov. xxiv. 16, 20. Ifa. iii. 11. Zach. vii. 12. Hebr. X. 31.

1. To our Souls, Psal. xxxii. 10. Isa. lvii. 20, 21.

2. To our Bodies, S. Jam. i. 15. Numb.xi. 33,

3. To our Estates, Deut. xxviii. 15, 6c. and $*¥. 15, 20. Psal. cvii. 34. Jer. xviii. 7, 8, 9, 10. and li. 5. Hof. iv. 1, 2, 3.

4. To our whole Man, making us liable to the Wrath of God, both Temporal and Eternal, Prov. xi. 5,6,7,8. and xxj. i2, 15. Rom. i. 18. Ephef. v. 6. 2 Chron, XXV. 4. Rom. V. 1 2. and vi. 23. Rom. ij.s.

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3. Our own Guiltiness of it ; that Sin is not only sinful, but that we are so too, Job ix. 2, 3.

1. Originally; as the Guilt of Adam's Sin is imputed to us, Rom. v. 18, 19.

And as the Guilt of it is inherent in us, and we have a Fountain of Sin in our Hearts, which flows forth in our Lives, S. Fam. iii. 2. Prov. xx. 9.

2. Actually. As Sin acts us, so we have acted Sin. As Sin lives in us, so we have lived in Șin. Pfal. xiv. 3. Rom. iii. 23.

1. And so we must be convinced of all the Sorts of our Sins, against the First and Second Table, against the Law, and against the Gospel, against God's Justice and his Mercy, his Judgments and his Patience, openly and secretly, our own, and our other Mens Sins; our Sins of Ignorance and of Wilfulness, of our Hearts, our Tongues, and our Hands.

2. Of the numberless Number of our Sins, the manifold vain Thoughts that spring up in our Hearts, the idle and wicked Words that flow forth from our Mouths, and the sinful Actions that overflow our Lives, Fob xiii. 23.

3. Of the several Aggravations of them. Their being,

1. Against the Light of Nature, Rom. i. 21. 2. Against the Law of God, 1 S. Fob. iii. 4.

3. Against the Gospel of Christ, S. Joh. iii. 19. 2 Tim. ii. 19.

4. Against the frequent Admonitions of the Wiri, isa. xxviii. 10. Prov. i. 24, &c. Jer. vii. 25, 26, 27, 28.

$. Against the Love of God in sending our Saviour into the World to assume our Nature, and fuffer and die for us, Rom. v. 8. Jude 4.

6. Against the Patience and Long-suffering of God, Eccl. viii. 11. Rom. ii. 4. Rev. ii. 21.

7. Against


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