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That our Perfons might be justify'd be.

fore GOD, Rom. iv. 25. otherwise,
tho' He had suffer'd for us, He could
not have apply'd His Sufferings to us,

Rom. viji. 33, 34.
So That He might demonstrate to as His

full and final subduing of all His and

: our Enemies, Ephef. 1. 20, 21. 6. That we might be afur'd, that our Bo

dies Ahall be rais'd at the last, 1 Cor. XV. 12. for all our Bodies are as fo many Members of that Body, whereof Christ is the Head; and if the Head be rais'd, be fure He will raise His

Members with Him. 7. To'aflure us, that Chrift fhall judge the

Quick and the Dead, A&t. xvii. 30, 31. Uses of this Doctrine of Christ's Refurre. dion.

1. It brings Comfort to belicving Saints, a, gainst,

1. Amictions.
2. Death.

3. Sin. 4. Hell.

2. Terror to prophane Sinners, S. Mat. xxi.

3. It ought to have a particular lafluente apa on our Lives. 1. To induce as steadfastly to believe in

Christ, and to be ready to give a Rea.

fon of our Hope, i S. Pet. i. 3. and 2. Excite us to live unto Him; if thou hold

eft the Christian Faith, live a Christian Life ; if thou believ'it the Creed, fec


iij. 15

chou practise the Commandments; to
see the Light, and yet to walk in Dark-
nefs, is the highest Madness iniagina-
ble, S. Job. iii. 19. What ? See Hell,
and yet leap into it ? See Heaven, and
yet care pot for it? See Christ, and
yet contemn Him? See GOD, and
yet not obey Him? 'Tis the Depth of
Bolly, the Height of Impiety; worse
than Balaam's going against the An
gel, whom He did not fec. Christ died
and rose again for us; let that en-
courage us to rise again, and live to
Him in the Exercise of all Graces, and
in the Performance of all Duties, how
difficult foever, as considering it will
not be in vain, 1 Cor. XV. 17. 1. S. Pet.

i. 3. i Cor. xv. 58.
3. Engage us to imitate Chrift's Resurre.

dion from the Grave, by our Ridag
from Sin to Newness of Life, Rom. vi.
4. and ii. s. and by raising our Hearts
from Earth, where Christ is not, to
Heaven where He is. He is not here, he
is rifen; He is not upon Earth, He is
gone to Heaven. Let us therefore bem
have ourselves like those who ate risen
with Him, by feeking thofe Things
which are above. Coloff. ii. 1,2,

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S. LUK. xxiv. 49
And behold, I send the Promise of my

Father upon you.
WHAT is the Promise of the Father ?

The Holy Ghost, A&t. ii. 33. Ezek. xxxvi. 27. concerning Whom, confider,

1. His Person.
1. He is a Person, not an Energy or Quality.

Τών και καθ' ημάς σοφών δε μ' ενέργειαν τύτο πανεύμα urinabov, Greg. Naz. Orat. 37. Ephef. iv. 30. Rom. viii. 26, 27. S. Job. xvi. 7, 8, 9.

2. No created Person, S. Matt. xii. 32. S. Luk. 1. 35. Quomodo igitur inter creaturas audet quispiam Spiritum S. caraputare? Ambros. de Spiritu S. lib. i. cap. 3. Hence Macedonius was condemn'd in the Sýnod at Conftantinople, for saying, aveữluce xlions an. and therefore in the first Canon, among other Heresies, they condemn sfissiplagesavav, ägs aveu, uchoucxmve and add to the Nicene Creed those Words, και εις πανεύμα το άγιον, το κύριον, ζωοποιόν, το οι & παρος εκπορευόμενον, ός.

3. One of the Three Perfons in the Sacred Tripity, S. Mati, xxviii. 19. : S. Jah, v. 7. A. xix, 2, 3. this was confirm'd by the Council at Ale και andria, ένθα ο άγιον πνεύμα θεολογήσανlες τη ομοεσία terdd ouravendulávelo, Socrat.

4 Truly. GOD, of the fame Substance with the other Persons, 1 S. Fob. v. 7. A&t. v. 3, 4. Hence the ancient Synod at Rome determines the Three Persons to be usãs xoias, uiãs Osótulo, mas perpisan oto : Theodoret. lib. 24 cap. 22,


5. A Person proceeding from the Father and the Son: The first general Council thus worded it, &ς η πνεύμα το άγιον: The fecond Council at Constantinople added, si in to natpis is Topevó vkov. At Toledo, anno 653. was added, Ex Patre, Filioque ; but at Aquisgranum, now Aix-la-Chapelle in Germany, anno 809. this Addition of the Elioque, was referred to Pope Leo III. who expung'd it out of the Creed. Pope Nicolaus reinserted it, for which Photius condemn'd him ; and in a Council at Conftantinople, it was order'd to be taken out. Hence Cerularius, Theophylact, and all the Grecians, inveigh'd against it, for which the Popes of Rome condemn'd them for Hereticks, which caus'd the Schism betwixt the East and Western Churches. But that the Holy Ghost is a Person pro

ceeding from the Father and the Son,

appears, 1. From Scripture, S. Joh. xv. 26. xvi. 7. and

XX. 22. Gal. iv. 6. 2, From Reason. The Spirit proceeds not

from the Father as He is a Father, but as GOD; but the Son is the same

GOD with the Father. Si quicquid habet, de Patre habet Filius, utique de Patre habet ut ab illo procederet

. Spi-
ritus, S. Aug.
3. Testimony of the Latins ; Procedens al

Patre & Filio, Ambros. Communiter ab
utroque procedit, August. De Patre &
Filio auctoribus confitendus eft, Hilar, de
Trinit. lib. 2.

of the Greeks; én 11tles's 'uropeuórefwor, xj tš azubávov, Epiph. Heref. 62.

Sect. 4.

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II. His Office ; which is,

1. To di&tate the Gospel, S. Job. xiv. 26. and xvi, 13. 2 Tim. iii, 16.

2. To afast in the Propagation of it, S. Joh. xvi, 8. 3. To renew us, Tit. iii.

5. 4. To enlighten us, Ephes. i. 17. 1 Cor. ii. 10, Il, 12, 140

5. To dirc&t us, Rom. viii. 14, 26, 27.

6. To unite us to Christ, i Cor. xii. 12, 13. Ephes. iv. 1, 2, 3.

7. To assure us of our Adoption, Rom. viii. 8. To settle and ordain a Ministry in His Church, Alt. xiii. 2. and xx. 28.

9. To endow them with Variety of Gifts, 1 Cor. xii. 28. Ephef. iv. 11, 12.

10. To make the Ordinances effectual, A&t. ii. 2, 37. S. Mar. xiii. 11.

11. To comfort and support His Church under Troubles, S. Job. xiv. 16. A£t. xiv. 22.

15, 16.

III. When was this Promise fulfill'd? 1. Negatively

1. Not before Christ's Passion, S. Fab. xvi. 7. 2. Nor presently after His Resurrection,

and before His Ascension, S. Joh. vii.

39. 3. Nor just at His Ascension, S. Luk. xxiv:

49 Atvi. 4. 2. Positively, after His Ascension, and Sellion at the Right Hand of GOD, Alp. ii. 1, 2.

Why after His Ascension ? 1. To confirm His Exaltation by the Spirit,

as the Angels did His Ascension,

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