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to send them upon wicked Men, Ezra ix. 13. Joly

1. GOD's Goodness to us, 1/4. lvii. 11,

Hebr. ii. 1. 2. Our Sins against Him, Ezek. xx. 43, 7. Formality in our Dutįes, not perform

ing them, 1. With that Feryency, Rom. xii. 11.

that Sincerity, Isa. 29. 13. 3.

that Faith, S. Jam. i. 6.

that Delight, Ifa.lviii. 13. 5.

that Constancy, as we should. 8. Imperfections in all our Graceș, 2 S.Pet.

iii. 18. VSE SI Hence we may learn, 1. The fad Effects of the first Sin, Rom. v. 19.

2. That we have no Reason to complain of any of GOD's Judgments to us, Lam. iii. 39.

3. That no Salvation can be expected from qurselves, Gal. ii. 16. and iii. 10.

4. That it highly concerns us to search our pwn Hearts, and view our Lives, to find out our Sins. 5.

and endeavour to be trựly sensible of them.

and to pass Şentence upon, and condemn ourselves for them. For,

II. Sin is the Cause of GOD's Judgments, 1. What are Judgments ?

The Effe&ts of GOD's Anger, in Soul, Body, Estate, Name, Relations.

2. How are Sins the Cause of GOD's Judg:

They are the meritorious, the procuring Cause of Judgments, which move and occasion GOD xi. 6. Pfal. cvii, 17. Lam 1. 5, 8. and v. 16.


ments ?

3. How does it appear, that Sins are thus the Caufe of judgments ? 1. Sin brought Misery in general upon Man

kind, at first, Gen. iii. 16,17,18,19. for,
1. Man at first was made as Upright, so
happy, Gen. i. 26. Ecclef. vii

. 29.
2. Tho' he was made perfect and upright,

yet was He mutable, and liable to
fall from that State of Perfection

He was created in.
3. Hence, GOD, to awe Him to Obe-

dience, threaten'd him with Death,

if he finned, Gen. ii. 17.
4. But Man, notwithstanding this Threat-
5. Man having finned, GOD could not

but in Justice infli&t the Punishment

threaten'd, Gen. xviii. 25.
6. Hence all Mankind became liable to

all the Judgments of GOD.
2. Sin is the Cause also of all the parti-

cular Judgments; as appears,
1. From Scripture, Psal.cvii. 17. Ezra ix.

ning, fins

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13, etc.

2. From Reason; for,
1. All Judgments come from an of.

fended GOD, Lam. i. 12.
2. Nothing offends. GOD but Sin.
3. From Experience, the old World, So-

dom, &c. being remarkable Instances

hereof. U SÉS.

Į. Wherefore, in time of Adversity consider,
Ecclef. 'vii. 14.

1. Our Sinfulness against GOD.
2. His Sovereignty and Power over us, Ifa.
xlv. 7. Amos iii. 6.

Xxiii, 13, 14.

3. The Danger of incurring His Displea

4. Tbe sad Effects of Sin in the World. 2. Rent your Hearts, and turn unto the Lord, Focl ii. 12; 13.

1. Rent your Hearts.

1. For Sin, 1 S. Pet. V. 6.

2. From Sin.
2. Turn unto the Lord,

1. By Prayer.
2. By Repentance.

3. By Obedience and a Holy Life. III. How we are to behave ourselves, when we are deliver'd from any Judgment.

1. We are presently to refort to the publick Ordinances.

1. To make públick Confession,
1. Of our Sins in offending GOD, 2 Chron.

vii. 13, 14
2. Of GOD's justice in afflicting us, Psal.
2. To make publick Acknowledgment of our

Thankfulness to GOD; 1, For His Power,

2. For His Mercy, in delivering us, Lam. ģ. To make our publick Prayers to GOD; 1. For the Pardon of those Sins, whereby

we have deserv'd His Judgments. 2. For a Blessing upon His Judgments to

wards us. 3. For Grace to live like those who have

been under the Rod. 2. It must be our greatest Study and Endeavour to fou no more.

li. 4.

iii. 22.

1. How sin no more? 1. Not with Love to fin, nor Delight in

it, Psal. cxix. 113. Rom. vii. 22. 2. Nor with Allowance of it. 3. But do our utmost to avoid the Com

million of it. 2. What must we do to keep ourselves from

1. Search the Scriptures, S. Joh. v. 39.
2. Frequent the publick Ordinances, Rom.

X. 17
3. Avoid the Occasions of Sin; as,

1. Vain Thoughts.
2. Idle Words, i Cor. xv. 33.
3. Loose Company.
4. Have a particular Care of leading

Sins, that seldom go alone ; as,
1. Desire of Applause, S. Joh. V. 44.-

and xii. 42, 43
2. Earthly-mindedness, 1 Tim. vi.

3. Idleness.
5. Be much in Prayer, S. Jam. i. s.
6. Examine thyself often.
7. Frequently meditate upon Death,

Fudgment, Heaven and Hell, and the fad 'Effects and Consequences of Sin.

MOTIVES against Sin. 1. The odious Nature of it. 2. The dreadful Consequences of it. 3. The Obligations we have against it. 1. GOD hath affrighted us with Judge

ments. .

allur'd us with Mercies. I. In laying temporal, and noţeternal Judg. ments upon us.

2. In affording us longer time to repent

in, Isa. V. 3, 4. 4. It is not long, but we must answer for every Sin, 2 Cor. V. 10.

5. We have finned too long already. 6. Sin no more, lest a worse Thing come. For,

IV. GOD hath yet worse Judgments in store for us, if we still go on in Sinning, Levit. xxvi. 15, 16. 1. Temporal ; and those either

National; as,
1. A worse Plague, Numb. xvi. 49. 2 San.

xxiv. 15.


2. A worse Fire, Gen, xix. 24.
3. A worse Sword.

1. A Civil-War, Levit. xxvi. 37. Judg. vii,
2. An Invasion by a foreign Enemy,Lam.i.

1, 2, 3
4. A worse Famine, 2 Reg. vi 25.
5. Overflowing Floods, etc.

Or else Personal ; for,
1. He can curse our remaining Blessings,

Mal. ii, 2.

mm or deprive us of them. 3.

or send a languishing, tormente

ing Disease upon us, Fob ii. 7, 8. At. 2. Spiritual Judgments. 1. He can remove His Ordinances, s.

Or withdraw His Blessings, Matt. xxi. 19. 3. Or blind our Eyes, Ifa. vi. 9, 10, 4. Or suffer us to be led into Heresies,

2 Theff. ii. 11. 5. Or with-hold His reftraining Grace, Rom. i. 24, 25, 26, 27,

xii. 23.

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