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3. If they were not from GOD, then ei

ther from Satan or Men. 1. Not from Satan, for they destroy

his Kingdom, S. Jam. iv. 7. 2. Not from Men. 1.. Not good Men, because they would

not fo cheat the World. 2. Not from bad Men, because then

they would condemn them

selves. Are the Scriptures the Word of GOD?

then, i. Here is Terror to the Wicked, Ifa.

xlviii. 22.

Comfort to the Godly, S. Matt.
V. 2, 3,4

Counsel to All...)
1. Reverence the Scriptures.
Believe them, for there can be no

Ground of Faith so certain as

GOD's Word. 3. Prizė themi above all earthly Trea

sures, Pfalo xix. 10. Prov. iii. 147

IS 4. Be thankful to GOD for them,

S. Matt. xi. 25 5. Conform your Lives to them. 6. Delight in Reading and Searching

of them, Pfal. i. 2. and xix. 10. 2. We are to search the Scriptures, because they contain all Things necessary to be known ; that is, all Things absolutely necessary to be known and believ'd, not iutorięc, but either explicitly or implicitly; and this appears, 1. From Scripture.


1. GOD Himself was the Author of

them, and therefore they are like

Himself, perfect, 2 Tim. iii. 16. Scripture sunt perfe&, quippè d verbo Dei,

e spiritu ejus diēta, S. Iren. 2. They furnish the Man of GOD unto all

good Works, 2 Tim.iii. 17. Pfal.xix.7. 3. They contain the whole Counsel of

GOD, A&t. XX. 26, 27. 4. Nothing is to be added, Deut. iv. 2.

and xii. 32. Rev. xxii. 18, 19. 5. Nothing else is to be preached, Gal. i.

8, 9.

Και εκ άπεν, εαν εναλλία καταγγέλλωσιν, ή

αναθρέπωσι το παν, αλλά καν μικρών τι ευαγγελίζων]αι παρ' ό ευαγγελισάμεθα,

S. Chryfoft. 6. Christ and His Apostles taught no

thing but Scripture, S. Luk. xxiv. 27.

A&t. xvii. 2. and xxvi. 22. 7. The Apostles argue negatively from

Scripture, Hebr. i. 5. and vií. 3. 8. Our Saviour rejects Traditions, S. Matt.

XV. 3, 4, 8, 9. 2. From Reason; for, 1. If all Things necessary are not in Scri

pture, then there is something so,

which I have no Certainty of. 2. The Scriptures would be in vain, S.Foh.

XX, 21. 3. From the Fathers. Δ 8 ei / θείων και αγίων η πίςεως μυςηρίων,

μηδε το τυχόν άνευ Ι. θείων αρgίδος regõv, S. Cyril

. Hierosol. Αυτάρκες γάρ εισιν αι αγίαι και θεόπνευσοι γραφα

mess tiv dantebes etag Teníay, S. Athanas, Adoro plenitudinem Scriptura, S. Hier.


III. Are

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III. Are All bound to search the Scriptures ? Yes.

1. GOD commands all, Deut. xxxi. 11, 12. Coloff. iij. 16.

commends it, A&t. xvii. 11. 2 Cor. i. 13. 2 Tim. iii. 15.

3. They were written to be read of all, Rom. xv. 4. and were therefore first written in the vul. gar Tongües.

4. The Knowledge of the Scriptures keeps from Errour, S. Matt. xxii. 29.

5. All are bound to mind their Salvation.
6. The Fathers assert this.
"Iya ev xowvý fux@vialgeim úravles åv3w7ol to

i que rð oixeir nátrs enasgabuesa, S. Bafil.
*Ακέσανε παρακαλώ πάντες οι βιωικοί, και κάθε βι»

βλία, φάρμακα ψυχής, S. Chryfof. Τετο πάν. των αιτιών και κακών η μη αδέναι τας γραφα, , Ibid.

IV. How must we read the Scriptures ? 1. With Reverence and Devotion. 2. With Attention and Understanding, AE.

viii. 30.

3. With Affection, A&t. ii. 37.
4. With Fear, 2 King. xxii. 11, 13.
g. With Faith, Hebr. iv. 2.
6. With Delight, Psal. i. 2. and cxix. 103.
7. To a right and good End.
8. Constantly, Psal. i. 2.

USES. 1. Reproof to such as neglect to search the Scriptures.

2. The highest Encouragement and Motive thereunto.


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For consider,
1. There is none so Ignorant, but this will
make him Wise, 2 Tim. iii. 15. Pfal.


xix. 70

To know,
1. All Truth necessary.

2. All Duties, 2 Tim. iii. 17.
2. There is no Heart fo finful, but this will

cleanse it, Psal. xix. 7.
3. No Soul so dejected, but here it


Comfort, Psal. xciv. 19.
4. It is horrible Ingratitude, not to read

what GOD hath written,
5. We thall answer for this Sin.

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S. JOH. V, 42. I know you, that you have not the Love

of God in you.


It is a great Sin not to love GOD.

1. What is it to love GOD? Hereunto is required,

1. Knowing of Him.

2. Our choosing Him as our Portion and sovereign Good, Deut. xxvi. 17. Pfal. xvi. 5. and lxxiii. 26.

3. Our exerting all the Acts of Love towards Him; as,

I. Benevolence.
2. Desire of Union.

3. Complacency. II. How are we to love GOD? 1. With all our Hearts, Deut. vi. 5. S. Matt.

xxii. 37

2. Above all Things, S. Matt. X. 37. S. Luk. xiv. 26. 3. At all Times.

Because, 1. Of the infinite Perfections of Goodness

in Himself. 2o Of His infinite Expressions of Goodness

to us.

III. How does it appear to be Şin not to love GOD?


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