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1. GOD hath commanded us to love Him,
Deut. vi. 5.

2. It is a great Sin, because we have so many
Obligations to love Him.

3. The Want of Love to GOD, turös every
Thing else to Sin.

IV. Who are guilty of this Sin?
1. They that acknowledge Him not.

that think not of Him, Pfake cxix. 97.
3. that long not after Him, Pfal. lxxiii,

that rejoice not in Him.
5. that love any thing as much, or more
than Hin, S. Luk. xiv. 26.

6. that love not His; 1 S. Joh. iv. 12. and

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v. i.

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7. that do not constantly endeavour to be reconcil'd to Him.

8. They do not love GOD, who do not obey Him, S. Fob. xiv. 15.

MOTIVE S to love GOD.

1. It is the first and great Command, S. Matt. xxii. 38.

2. We can perform no Duty aright without it, I Cor. xiii. 1.

3. This will make all other Duties easy and

4. Consider how infinitely GOD deserves our
Love for what He is in Himself.
5 As also for what He is to us.
I He made us.

maintains us.
3. protects us.

-redeem'd us.

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5. It is He alone that sanctifies us.
6. He hath laid up endless Happiness in

Heaven for us. 6. If we love GOD, all Things shall work together for Good unto us, Rom. viii. 28.

5. It is our Interest, as well as Duty.
8. Whatsoever Glory GOD bath laid


in I Heaven, it is for them that love Him, i Cor. ii. 9.

9. This therefore will be a fure and infallible Evidence of our Title to the Crown of Glory, S. Joh. xxi. 15, 16, 17.

io. Consider that you have not heard, that it is your Duty to love GOD; He hath sent me on purpose to tell you it.

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S. JOH. vi. 27.
Labour not for the Meat which perisheth,

but for that Meat which endureth unto
everlasting Life.

First, a Prohibition; the Second, an affirmative Command.

1. The Prohibition ; Labour not for the Meat sohich perisheth. In Explaining which, obserye

1. What is here understood by Meat and that is, all temporal Enjoyments ; as,

1. Carnal Pleasures.
2. Popular Applause.
3. Especially, earthly Riches.

Call'd here Meat,
1. Because it was Meat that the Jetos then

fought for, ver. 26. 2. Because all Things of this World as

mount really to nothing else. 3. To persuade them, by this Notion of

earthly Things, not to labour fo

much for them, Ecclef. v. 11.
2. Why call'd the Meat that perisheth?

1. Because we can enjoy it but a while.
2. It perisheth while we use it, S. Matti
3. It ferves but a perishing Life, 1 Cor. vi.

3. In what Sense must we not labour for this


XV. 17.

Not but that we ought to take a moderate

Care about earthly Things; because, 1. It is commanded, Gen. iii. 19. 2 Thess. iii.

10, 12. 2. Otherwise we should be worse than Infi

dels, 1 Tim. v. 8. 3. We have Bodies to look after. 4. To take no Care, is to presume upon

g. We are to endeavour to help others,

I Cor. xvi. 2.
We must not labour for much of the

World, fer. xlv. 5. Isa. v. 8.
2. Not by unlawful Means, Levit. xix. 13.

i Thell. iv. 6. 3. Not with carking Care, and Mistrust of

GOD's Providence, Psal. xxxvii. 5,6,

S. Matt. vi. 25. 4. Not for earthly Things, only for them

selves, but for the Glory of GOD,

Prov. iii. 9. 5. Nor for them more than heavenly ,

S. Matt. vi. 33. 6. Not so as to set our Affections on them;

not as for Things really good in themselves, or such as can make us happy,

Colof. iii. 2. 3. Why are we not thus to labour for these Things?

1. Because they perish.
2. If we labour too much for them, GOD

may justly deny them to us, Prov. X. 22. 3. Or curse them to us, when we have them,

Mal. ii. 2.

4. GOD will give them without this fin

ful Labouring for them, S. Matt. vi. 33. 5. By Labouring too much for these Things,

we lose better.
Let us not labour too much for these Things;
for consider,

1. How uncertain they are, 1 Tim. vi. 17.
1. In the getting them, before we have

them, S. Matt. vi. 27.
2. In keeping them, when we have got

them, Prov. xxiii. 5.
3. In enjoying them while we keep them,

Psal. cvi. 15. and lxxviii. 30, 31.
4. In improving them, while we do enjoy

5. In continuing with them, whilst we do

improve them, S. Luk. xii. 20.
2. How unsatisfying.

1. As to the Senses, Ecclef. i. 8. and ív.8.

2. Much more to the Soul, Eccles. v. 10.
3. How dangerous, i Tim. vi. 10. Ecclef. v.

1. They are apt to draw us into Sin

I Tim. vi. 9.
2. and off from our Duty, Prov.

XXX. 9.
3. To divert our Care for our Souls,

S. Luk. xxi. 34
4. And to keep us from Heaven, Pfal.

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xvii. 14.

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5. And throw us into Hell, S. Mait. xix.

23, 24, 25, 26.

II. The affirmative Command : But labour for that Meat which endureth unto everlasting Life. Whereia consider,

1. What

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