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Š. Joh. vi. 38.
I came down from Heaven, not to do my
own Will

, but the Will of Him that
fent me.
HRIST came down from Heaven.

1. How does it appear, that Christ was in
Heaven, before He was on Earth? S. Joh. vi.

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i. It is plain, that Christ had a real Exi-
stence long before He was born, S. Jóh:

and viii. 58.
for He made the World, Hebr. i. 2, 8,

10. Colol. i. 14, 15, 16. S. fobii. 1, 2.
gi The Existence He had before, was pure

ly Divine; Phil. ii, 6,7. AĞt. XX. 28.
4: The Divine Nature that Christ had, was

communicated to Him from the Fa:
ther, S. Joh. vii. 29. v. 26. and xvi. 15:

Hebr. i. 3.
5. Hence He is faid to have been in Heaven,

by Reason of this His Divine Effence,
which He always had from, and with

the Father, S. Fob. vi. 62.
2. What are we to understand by His coming
down from Heaven?. His assuming our humane
Nature, and in it conversing upon Earth, S. Joh. i:
14: I Tim. iii. 16.
II. As Chrift

. came from Heaven, fo' He came
Not to do His Own Will, bút His that fent Him.


ti Chiriet's


1. Christ's Will, as He is GOD, is no way different from the Father's

2. As Man, His Will was distinct from the Father's, but still fubordinate to it, S. Luk. xxii. 42. and therefore, though He had a Will of His Own, as Man, yet He came not to fulfil that.

3. But our Saviour speaks not bere of Himself, either as GOD, or Man, but as God-Man, as Mediator, as One sent from the Father, and therefore was oblig'd to do His Will, where

he faith, not the Will of my Father, but the Will of Him that fent me.

From hence it follows,
1. That GOD's Will only, is the Fountain

of Man's Happiness and Salvation.


1.GOD made Man upright and happy, li

Eccles. vii. 29. 2. Man made himself sinful and miserable,


. xiii. 9. 3. But he cannot make himself happy a

gain, fer. X. 23 4 4. And as Man cannot, fo none but GOD

can. i. None else could find out a Way to

fave Man. 2. None else effect it, when found out,

S. Joh. vi. 38. 5.' GOD had no other Motive, but His

Own Will and Pleasure, to save Man,

Ephef.i. 5. 1. Man himself could be no Motive,

Deut. vii. 7,8 2. Neither could the Hope of Glory

be so, GOD receiving notbing thereby,fob. xxi. 2, 3. Psal. xvi. 2.

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2. That Chrift came to accomplish this Will of GOD; which He did, 1. By acquainting us with what is necessary

to be known or done, in order to our

being saved, S. Joh. xiv. 2. 2. By giving as, in His Own Person, a per:

fect Example of Piety and Vertue,

1 S. Pet. ii. 21. S. Matt. xi. 30. Ist Ž. By enabling us fincerely to perform what

foever is enjoin'd us, s: Foh. xy. š. Phil.


iv. 13.

4. By dying for us, S. Matt. xx. 28. 1 Tim.

ii. 6. 5. By continuing still to make Intercession

for us, Hebr. vii. 25. 1 S. Joh. ii. 1.

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i. Give GOD the Glory of your Salvas

2. Bless Him for all the Means of it.

1. For sending Christ to die for as, S. Luki

ii. 14.

2. His Spirit to live within us.
3. For vouchsafing us the Means of

3. Look up to Him, and trust in Him only

for the accomplishing of your Salva

tion. 1. By the Pardon of your Sins. 2. The Strengthening of your Graces

Phil. ii. 13. 105 3. And Power to persevere in your

Duty to your Lives End, S. Matt. 4. Hence learn also of your Saviour,

S 2

1. To

X. 22.

1. To fubmit your Wills to GOD's, 1 Sam.

iii. 18. 2. To do the Will of Him that sent you

And it is His Will,

1. That you repent, A&t. xvii. 30.
2. That you turn from your Sins, Ezek.

xviii. 30. and xxxiii. 11. 3. That

you love the Lord, with all

your Hearts, S. Matt. xxii. 37.
4. That you earnestly endeavour to

work out your Salvation, Phil. ij.
12. depending and trusting up-
on Christ, for His Divine Alli-

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S. Jo H. vi. 39. And this is the Father's Wil which hätb fent me, that of all which he hath given men

I should lose nothing, but Jhould raise it up again at the last Day.

C given to Him,

HRIST will lose none of those that are

given to Him, S. Joh. xvii. 12.
1. How doth GOD give us to Christ ?
1. By making us sensible of our Sins and Mi-

sery, Jer. viii. 6. S. Joh. xvi. 7, 8. 2. Humble and lowly in our own Eyes, Ifa.

Ixiv. 6. S. Matt. v. 3. and xi. 28. 3. Inclining our Hearts to the ways of true

Piety and Vertue, by His preventing

Grace, S. fam. iv. 6. 4. Convincing as, that Christ Jesus was sent

by Him to be the Saviour of the World. 1. By the Miracles which He wrought,

S. Job. v. 20, 36. x. 37, 38. and 2. By the Purity and Innocency of His

Life, A&t. X. 38. 3. By the Excellency and Holiness of .

His Doctrine, S. Joh. vi. 36. and

vii. 46. Hebr. iv, 12. S.Luk.xi. 27. 2. How shall those not be loft ?

They shall all have,
1. Their Sins pardon'd, 1 S. Joh. ii. 1, 2.

2. Their

vi. 140

S 3

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