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iv. 13.

3. Cares of the World, S. Luk. viii. 14. and xvi. 13. 1 S. Joh. ii. 15.

4. Love of Sin, Ijá. i. 4. 2 Theff. ii. 12. s. Self-conceit, Prov. iii. 5, 6. and xxvi. 12. . 6. Hope of long Life, Ames vi. 3. S. Fam.

7. Prefumption upon God's Mercy, S, Jude 4: fer. vii. 4, 9, 10, 11.

8. Obstinacy and Self-will, Fer. v. 3. and vii. 26. Hof. xi. 7.

FOURTHLY. Means to be used in order to Repentance.

i. Study the Scriptures, S. Feb. v, 39. Pfal. xix. 7, 8, 9. 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17.

1. The Commands of the Law, Psal. cxix. 105. Ifa. vii. 20.

2. The Promises of the Gospel, S. Matt. vii. 21. and xix. 29. S. Joh. iii. 16.

2. Consideration, Deut. xxxii. 29. Ezek. xviii. 28. Lament. iii. 40. Consider what you know, as well as endeavour to know what you are to confider, Ya. i. 3. Ecclef. vii. 14. Consider,

1. How miserable you are before Repentance, Deut. xxviii. 15. Ephef. ii. 3. 2. How happy you will be after it.

1. In Honour, 1 Sam. ii. 30. Prov. jii. 16.

2. In Riches, Prov. iii. 16. 1 Tim. iv. 8. and vi. 6.

3. In Pleasures, Prov. iii. 17. 1 S. Per. iii. to, 11.

4: In Safety from Evil and Danger, Pfal. xxxiv. 8. I S. Pet. iii. 13;

s. In Peace and Quiet of Mind, Prov.ili. 17.

6. In Support under, and Deliverance out of Afflictions, Psal. xxxiii. 18, 19. and xxxiv. 42 $, 5, 7. and xxvii. 5. and lxii. I, 2.

7. In a Title to a Blessed Eternity, S. Matt. XXV. 34. Phil. iii. 20, 21. S. Jam. ii.

5. 3. Prayer, S. Jam. i. 5. Psal. li. 10. Pray to God for his Grace and Allistance, S. Luk. xi. 13. S. Joh. xvi. 24. S. Jam. j. 5.

1. In Sincerity, Ifa. xxix. 13. S. Jam. iv. 3, 2. In Faith, S. Matt. xxi. 22. S. Jam. i. 6.

3. Through the Mediation of our Blefled Saviour, S. Joh. xv. 7. and xvi. 24.

4. With Zeal and Devotion, S. Fam. V. 16. Rom. viii. 26.

s. With Constancy and Perseverance, S.Luk. xi. 8. and xviii. I.

4. To your Prayer, join serious and folemn Fasting, Foel ii. 12. S. Matt. xvii. 21. and vi. 17, 18. i Cor. ix. 27.

5. Make a right Use of what Allistances he affords you, 2 Cor. vi. 1. Gal. ii. 21. i Thell. v. 19. 6. Hear the Word, A&t. ii. 37. Rom. x. 17.

1. Believingly, Hebr. iv. 2. Rom. X. 14.

2. Attentively, S. Luk. viii. 18. S. Matt. xv. 10. S. Jam. i. 21.

3. Obediently, Ezek. xxxiii. 31, 32. 2 Cor. v. 20. S. Mar. iv. 20. S. Jam. i. 22, &c.

4. Diligently, S. Luk. xxi. 38. At. xiii. 44. 7. Trust on Christ to enable you to repent, S. Matt. xi. 28. At. v. 31.

FIFTHLY. Some farther Directions in order to a right Performance of this Duty.

1. Take not up with a counterfeit, instead of a true Repentance, S. Fam. iii. 17. When true,

it is,

1. From a right Principle, Pfal. xvi. 8. Ger. -xxxix. 9.

2. In a right Manner, Dan. iv. 27. A&t. xxiv. 16. Ephef.iv. 22.

3. To a right End, 1 Cor. X. 31. 2. Never think you have repented enough; or that you can be too much humbled for your Sins, fo long as you do not despair of God's Mercy, Job xlii. 6.

3. Be continually presfing on towards Perfeaion in Holiness, S. Matt. Vi 48. Phil. iii. 12, 13, 14.

4. Do not depend upon that alone for Salva: tion, Isa. Ixiv. vi. S. Luk. xvii. 1c.

5. And Lastly; Depend entirely on the Merits of Christ, for Acceptance in the sight of God, I S. Joh. ii. 1. S. Fob. vi. 37.

SIXTHLY. Some farther Motives for recommending this Duty to our Practice. Consider,

1. What a Glorious God you have provoked by Sins, Fob xlii. 3,6.

2. What dreadful Punishments you have deserved, S. Matt. xiii. 42. infinitely beyond that of Nebuchadnezzar, Rev. xiv. 10.

2. How many Obligations you are under to it, Isa. V. 4. Rom. ii. 4:

4. What special Notice God takes when we repent, Mal. iii. 16, 17, 18.

5. How concerned he is, when People will not repent, Jer. viji. 6, 7, 12. and xiii. 27.

6. What Rejoicing there is above, in Heaven, at the Conversion of a Sinner, S. Luk. XV. 7,


7. No Sin, but, without Řepentance, is damnable, but pardonable with it, Ezek. xviii. 30.

8. Heaven is open for none but Penitents, Hebr. xii. 14. S. Matt. xxv. ult.

SEVENTHLY. Conclude all with these three Questions for the farther Explication of the Duty.

Queft. .

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Queft. I. Whether it is necessary to repent unknown Sins ?

Answ. l. It is necessary, so far as we can, to observe all our Failings, Pfal. li. 3, 4.

2. It is necessary to repent of all we can obferve, Pfal. li. 9. Ezek. xx. 43.

3. It is necessary to repent of the Root of ally Original Sin, Pfal. li. 6.

4. He that rightly repents of all known and Original Sin, virtually repents of all Sin, Pfal. xix. 12.

Quest. II. Whether it is necessary to repent more than Once ?

Answ. i. Repentance, as it consists in Hatred of Sin, and Conversion from it, should be exercised continually, At. xxiv. 16. 2 Tim. ii. 19.

2. So. oft as we remember any former Sin, we are to be sorry for it, Job xiii. 26. Psal. xxv. 7.

3. Every time we commit any Sin, we are immediately to repent of it, S. Luk. xxii. 62.

Queft. III. Whether we are to repent of all Sins alike?

Anfw. Repentance in its own Nature Tould be alike for all, so as to be forry for it, and turn from it. But besides,

Extraordinary Sins should have extraordinary Expressions of Repentance, Pfal. li. 14. I Cor.

XV. 9.


S. Matt.

vi. 29.

S. MATT. V. 44.
But I say unto you,


Enemies. 1. WA

HAT Enemies are the Objects of our

Love? Not the Common Enemy of Mankind, Satan. Non orandum eft pro Diabolis, quia Ecclefia novit eos extremo exitio à Deo devotos, d. mifericordiâ exclufos. Aug.

But, 1. Such Men as hate us, S. Matt. V. 44. 2. As strive to wrong, or injure us, Luk.

3. Or that bave wrong'd us already, Rom. xii. 17.

II. What Love is due unto them?
Of the Heart and Affections, Levit. xix. 17.


1. Forgiving their Injuries, S. Matt. xviii. 21, 22, 33. Luk. xvii. 4.

2. Not seeking Revenge, Rom. xii. 19.
3. Wishing them all real Good, Job xxxi. 30.

4. Praying for them, 1 Tim. ii. 1. S. Mats. V. 44. 1. That God would pardon their Sing S. Luk. xxiii

. 34. Act. vii. 60.
a. 2. Turn their Hearts to us.

3. Reconcile them to Himself.
5. Doing them all Good, Gal. vi. 10,

1. To their Souls, Levit, xix, 17.
2. Bodies, Prov. xxv. 21.

3. Estates, Exod. xxiii. 4, s.

6. Blessing and Speaking well of them, Jam. iv. 11. Rom. xii, 14.

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