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Hebr. i. 14.

2. Which is most Glorious and Honour

able, Isa. xliii. 4.
1. Wherein God is King. Isa. xxxiii. 22:
2. The Angels are his Ministers of State,
3. Every Subje&t is a Prince, Rev. i. 6.
4. The most Pleasant and Happy, Pfal.

xvi. 11.
5. The most powerful, i Cor. iv. 20.

Rev. xii. 10.
6. The most durable Kingdom, even for

ever and ever, S. Luk. i. 33.
VIII. Directions how to seek, that so we may
obtain the Kingdom of God, c.

1. Get thyself convinced of Sin, and the heinous Nature of it, Ašt. ii. 37.

and of thy Misery by it, not, withstanding all thy temporal Enjoyments.

3. Repent, Act. ii. 38.

4. Depend on Christ only for Pardon and Reconciliation, A&t. xvi. 30, 31,

5. Be constant in Prayer.

6. Be frequent in Reading, Hearing and Meditating

7. Live always as one that is seeking a Kingdom.

8. Endeavour to make all thy Thoughts, Words and Actions, subfervient to this thy great and truly Christian Design.


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S. MATT. vi. 34:
Take therefore no Thought for the


Μή, όν, μεριμνήσητε εις την αρμον:

1. W in this

cominand of our Saviour ?

in this Command of our Saviour ? 1. Negatively 1. Not that we should never think of future

Things. 2. Nor as if we should not have a prudent

Care of our Subsistence. For, 1. We are to follow our proper and law

ful Callings,. I Cor. vii. 20, 24. i Thes).

- to be diligent, in them, Prov.

iv. II.


xviiii. 9.


to provide by them for our selves and Dependents, 1 Tim. v. 8. S. Fab. xii. 6. and xiii. 29. Gen. xli.

35, 48. Prov. vi. 6. and xXx: 25. But here observe, 1. To follow your Calling from a right

Principle of Conscience, Col. iii. 23. 2. Pray to God for His Blessing, Prov.x.

22. Deut. viii. 18. Pfal.cxxvii. 1,2. 3. Trust only on Him for Success, Psal.

Xxxvii. 3, 5. 2. Positively. 1. That we should not have high Thoughts, Prov. xxvii. 1. S. Jam. iv. 13.


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Not knowing but a Day may bring forth

1. Sin, S. Jam. i. 15.
2. Fresh Temptations, i S. Pet. v. 8.
3. Loffes, Job i. 14, 16, 17, 18.
4. Sickness.

5. Death, S. Fam. iv. 14. 2. That we should not have carking, tormento ing Thoughts at what may happen, S. Luk. xxi. 34.

Such are, 1. Vain, S. Matt. vi. 27. 2. Foolish. For, 1. Hereby we anticipate our Sorrows, “ kao

ría, 1797. 2. Aggravate them. 3. Create new ones to ourselves. 4. Make ourselves more unable to bear 'em.

not diftruftful Thoughts. For, 1. This will hinder our Service of God,

S. Matt. vi. 24.
2. It is superfluous, for God will take Care

for us. For,
1. He hath given us Life, verf. 25.

Bodies, ibid.
3. He feeds the Birds, v. 26.
4. He cloaths the Lillies, v. 28, 29.

1. These do not work as we do, v. 28.

2. Nor last and continue as we do, v.30. 5. He gives us better Things, v. 33. Rom. 3. Our distrustful Thoughts may make us

miserable, but cannot help us, v. 27. 4. This is like the Heathens, V. 32. 5. God knows we need these Things, ibid. 6. If we seek His Kingdom and Righteousness, , these Things shall be added, v. 33.

7. Sufficient


viii. 32.

7. Sufficient unto the Day is the Evil theres

of, v. 34.
1. The Sin to be repented of.
2. The Griefs and Troubles to be born and

3. The Temptations to be refifted.
II. How may we obey this Command ?

1. Set not yoạr Hearts on this World, Color üi. 2.

1. It is empty, ffa. lv. 2.

-unconstant, Prov. xxiii. š.
3. troublesome, Ecclef. i. 14.
2. Mind your Duty, and trouble not yourselves
with future Events, Prov. xvi. 33.

3. Reft fully sacisfied with the Providence of God, i Sam. iii. 18. Fob i. 21, 22. and ii. 10. Lament. iii. 39.

4. Trust and depend only upon Him, even. for the Things of this World also. For,

1. He is Omniscient, S. Matt. vi. 32.
2. He is Omnipotent, Ifa. xliii. 1, 2.
3. He is AU-Gracious, Pfal. lv. 22. 1 Peto


V. 7:

5. Let your great Care be for your poor Souls.



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S. MATT. vii. 1.
Judge not, that ye be not judged.

Μη κρίνετε, ίνα μή κριθήη. .
OR the understanding these Words, we must

consider them,
1. Negatively .

1. Not as if the Civil or Ecclefiaftical Magia strate might not judge Malefactors and Offenders, as the Anabaptifts think, and wrest these Words to countenance their Error. For, 1. They receive Commission from God to

judge and punish Criminals and Delin

quents, 2 Chron. xix. 6. Rom. xiij. 1, 2. 2. Our Saviour Himself hath given His

Church the Keys or Power of Binding
and Loosing, S. Matt. xvi. 19. S. Fob.

XX. 23
Πώς και αυτούς και τας κλάς έδωκεν, ά δ μή μέλλεσι

relyes átér wo 'eoorlou ăxuesi, Chryfoft. Kad
μάτης και ξεσίαν το δεσμών και το χύεινελή.

0001, ibid.

3. Without this power of judging, all Things

would be brought into Confufion. Εί τατο κρατήσειεν, άπανία οιχήσέlαι και τα αν και όχι

κλησίας, και τα έν ή πόλεσι, και τα ν ξ οίο

xícus, Chryfoft. 2. Nor that we hould not reprozé others.

For, 1. It is absolutely commanded, Levit. xix. 17.

S. Matt. xviii, 15. 2: It is necessary for ourselves and others.


1. For

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