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ź. Complete Satisfaction of our enlarg'd

and perfect Desires, Psal. xvii. 15. 3. The eternal Fruition of God, Joh.

xvii. 24;

3. All other Ways lead to Ruin, S. Matt.

vii. 14.

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1. Temporal, Mal. ii. 2.
2. Eternal, S. Matt. XXV.41.
1. As leading from God.

to Satan. 2. It is difficult to get to Heaven.

[For the Reason hereof, see the Explication be fore, under the third Head ; or, why Holiness and Vertue is call?d the strait Gate.]

3. Therefore many miss of it, or fer there be that find it, as in the Text. 1. Many never heard of this Way of Life

by Jesus Christ, but those we are to leave to the Mercy of God, who, we are sure, can do Nothing contrary to infinite Goodness and Justice, however He is pleas’d at last to deal with them,

Gen. xviii. 25
2. Of those who have heard, How few know

it ?
1. Ignorant Protestants,

2, Even learned Papists.
3. Of them that know it, How few believe it?

Ifa. liii. 1. S. Luk. xviii. 8. 4. Of them that believe it, How few labour

after it? S. Joh. v. 40.

1. The glozing Hypocrite.
2. The covetous Worldling, Pfal.xvii

. 148
3. The brutish Sensualist, 2 Tim. iii. 4:
4. The proud Prodigal.

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5. Of them that pretend to look after

How few find it? S. Luk. xiii. 23, 24. As proceeding either, 1. Upon a wrong Principle, as the Light of Nature or humane Reason only

2. Or by a wrong Rule, Fancy, Opinion;
3. Or in a wrong Manner. As,
1. Not principally, S. Matt. vi. 33.

S. Luk. X. 42.
2. Not fincerely
3. Not humbly.
4. Not constantly, S. Luk. viii. 13.

5. Not universally.
4. Or at a wrong Time , Ifa. lv. 6. S. Luk.

xix. 41, 42. and xiii. 24, 25. Prov. j. 28. III. USE S.

1. See how many will be deceiv'd, S. Matt. xxv. 1 1. and vii. 22. wherefore, depend upon Nothing for Salvation, but the infinite Goodness of God, the Merits and Satisfaction of our Saviour, and universal Obedience to all His Commands, or true and sincere Piety, here call'd the Strait Gate.

2. And therefore, ftrive to enter in, Luk. xiii. 24. ayavisente, strive, as Those who contend for the Victory in a Combat.

1. Earnestly, Ecclef. ix. 10. 2. Resolutely, Fosh. xxiv. 15. 3. Constantly, Luk. i. 75. 1 Cor. xv. ult. 4. Willingly and upon Choice rationally. 3. Strive more for this than for any Thing else, and do not delay and trifle away your time, 1 Pet. iv. 18. 1. This is our chief End and our Business

here. 2. There is Nothing else worth the looking after, i.


İv, I.

IV. MOTIVE SI 1. We are all capable of it. 2. We are all invited to it, Rom. xii. 12. Ifa.

3. It is our own Faults, .if we enter not in, Ezek. xxxiii. II,

4. Tho' it be strait at first, it is easy after, wards, S. Matt. xi. 30. Prov. iii. 17.

5. Tho' it be ftrait, yet it is honourable, Prov. iii. 13, 14, 15.

6. There is no other way, either to present or future Happiness, S. Matt. xix. 16, 17.

7. Enter now, or hereafter you may not be as ble, S. Matt. vii. 21, and xxv. II.


1. Search the Scriptures to find out the right Way, S. Joh. v. 39. 2. Beg of God to draw you into it, 44. 1. By giving you a clear Judgment to distin,

guish, Psal. cxix. 34, 18.
1. Betwixt Truth and Falfhood,

Good and Evil.
2. By turning your Hearts against your Sin,

Jer. xxxi. 18. 3. By inclining your Hearts to Vertue, Pfal.

cxix. 36. 4. By directing you in each Action,Phil. ii. 13:

Ifa. lxi. 8. 2 Theff. iii. 5. 5. By enabling you to persevere, Hebr, xiii. 9; 3. Hear the Word, Rom. x. 17. 4. Often meditate. 1. Upon Vice.

1. The Nature.
2. The Effects of it, Rom. vi. 23.
H 2

2. Upon


2. Upon Vertue.

1. The Nature.
2. The Reward of it, Rom. vi. 23. here

and hereafter.
3. The Misery of loft Man.

4.. The Folly and Vanity of the World.
5. Endeavour continually to confirm and
strengthen your Faith in Chrift, S. Joh. xv. 5.
6. Frequent the Lord's Supper.
1. Examine yourfelves in order to it, 1.Cor.

xi. 28.
2. Partake of it.

1. With Reverence.
2. With Penitence.
3. With Love.

4. With Faith.
7. Live always as under the Eye of an All-
seeing GOD.


Farther MOTIV I S.

1. How miserable you will be, unless you enter
in at this strait Gate; for then you will have,

1. God your Enemy.
2. Christ your Judge.
3. Your own Conscience your Accuser, Mar.

ix. 44•

4. Satan your Tormenter for ever.
2. But how happy, if you do.

1. God the Father your Friend, Cant. V. 16.
2. God the Son your Saviour.
3. God the Holy Ghost your Comforter,

S. Joh. xvi. 7.
4. Angels and Saints your Companions,

S. Matt. viii. II. 5. All Happiąess your Portion, Psal. xvi. 17.



S. MATT. vii, 21.

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord,

Lord, Shall enter into the Kingdom of
Heaven, but he that doth the Will of

Father which is in Heaven,



Every one that professeth the Name of Christ here, shall not possess the Glory of Christ hereafter,

1. How far may a Man profess the Name of Christ, and yet come short of Heaven?

So far as,
1. To acknowledge Him to be,

1. The Son of God, S. Matt. yiii. 29.
2. Very God, S. Joh. XX. 28.
3. The only Saviour of the World, with

out whom no Happiness can be ex

pected, S. Joh. i. 29.
2. To be baptized into His Name.
3. To pray often to Him.
4. To hear often of Him, Ezek. xxxiii. 31.
$. To speak, write, yea and fight for Him

6. So as to receive the Sacraments often for

7. To prophesy in His Name, S. Matt. vii. 22.
8. To cast out Devils by His Name, ibid.

S. Mar. ix. 38.
2. Why so?
Because a Man may profess, and yet
1. Not truly repent.

H 3

2. Not

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