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I Have endeavoured to re-tell some of the chief stories of the Old Testament in the hope that what I have written may, with God's blessing, help those who teach and those who learn. To account for and defend the omissions that I have made and the explanations that I have added is impossible within the limits of a preface. They must be left to the kind judgment of my readers, who will not fail to understand that a task which may at first sight seem easy is really very difficult. The language of Scripture has been commonly followed, sometimes imitated to the best of my power. Explanations which could not be so expressed have been put into the shape of notes.

I hope to follow this volume with a second in which others of the Old Testament Stories will be given.

I am under obligations which it is impossible to acknowledge in detail to the Speakers' Commentary, to the Old Testament Commentary for English Readers, edited by Bishop Ellicott, to Dean Stanley's Jewish Church, and to the admirable series of "Men of the Bible," published by Messrs. Nisbet and Co.

A. J. C.

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