The Laws Relating to the Poor: Being a Supplement to the Sixth Edition of Bott's Poor Laws, as Well as to the Fourth Edition of Nolan's Treatise on the Same Subject : Including All the Cases and Statutes to the Day of Publication

Saunders and Benning, 1833 - 372 páginas

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this is not a review but i have a little info which will be of interest to those of us interested in genealogy. on page 296 marked 185 is a case about a removel order of a t woodmam. this t woodman was infact a THOMAS WOODMAN born around 29 jan 1801 that being his christening date which infact took place in upton grey. as was his father and grandfather both called john christenings. thomas wife was a MARTHA HOOKER they married in odiham on the 10 apr 1823. they had 10 children all of whom were christened in upton grey. it seems that the over sees of the parish mannaged to get they way in the end whether or not by a order or by presure or if thomas decided enough was enough i have not discovered. for as the 1861 census shows he had left upton at some time in the preceding 10 years after the 1851 census was taken when he was discribed as a shoe maker,and was living in ash kent and in 1871 he was still in ash but on the surrey side. thomas died in 1880 his wife martha died 3 years later.
the peter mention as his ggfather was infact my 6 x ggfather and thomas my 1st cousin 5 times removed. i was pleasently surprised when i found this artical in a book scand by google just goes to show that the genealogy paper trail can turn up anywhere. so a BIG THANKYOU google for this insite to my family members.

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Página 262 - Surrey, the Sessions quashed the order, subject to the opinion of this Court, on the following CASE. The...
Página 267 - ... lawfully to be begotten, and the heirs male of the body of such first son...
Página 342 - And be it further enacted, that this act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges, justices, and others, without being specially pleaded.
Página 165 - ... such house or building shall be held, and such land occupied, and the rent for the same actually paid, for the term of one whole year at the least...
Página 89 - ... and empowered to execute all such of the duties of the office of overseer of the poor as shall in the warrant for his appointment be expressed, in like manner and as fully, to all intents and purposes, as the same may be executed by any ordinary overseer of the poor...
Página 260 - Stourbridge, in the same county, the sessions confirmed the order, subject to the opinion of this Court on the following case : — The respondent parish established a derivative settlement of the pauper in the appellant township by relief given to his mother.
Página 332 - Act, made and passed in the twenty-second year of his late Majesty King George the Third, intituled "An Act for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor...
Página 152 - Huntshaiu in the same county, the sessions confirmed the order, subject to the opinion of this Court on the following case :— The pauper's birth settlement was in Huntsham.
Página 6 - CJ, now delivered the judgment of the court. After stating the facts, his lordship proceeded as follows...
Página 42 - That, however, is a question for the Sessions. PARKE, J. : I agree with the rest of the Court in thinking that the order of Sessions should be quashed. The question has been argued with much ability, and at last is reduced to a very simple point, namely, whether we can pronounce that these defendants are on this finding "occupiers of lands?

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