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" Then shall be read distinctly, with an audible voice, the first Lesson, taken out of the Old Testament, as is appointed in the Calendar (except there be proper Lessons assigned for that day :) He that readeth so standing, and turning himself, as he may best be heard of all such as are present. And after that shall be said or sung in English, the Hymn called Te Deum Laudamus, daily throughout the year.

"I Note, that before every Lesson, the Minister shall say, Here beginneth such a Chapter, or Verse of

such a Chapter of such a Book; And after every Lesson, Here endeth the First, or the Second

Te Deum Laudamus.

We praise thee, O God: we acknowledge thee

to be the Lord. All the earth doth worship thee: the Father everlasting. To thee all angels cry aloud: the heavens, and all the powers therein.

To thee Cherubim and Seraphim : continually do

Holy, holy, holy: Lord God of Sabaoth :

Heaven and earth are full of the majesty: of thy glory.

The glorious company of the Apostles: praise thee.

The goodly fellowship of the Prophets: praise

The noble army of Martyrs: praise thee.

" Ethone me eakoewaweanaghmotouh eayoghroekadouh ne tyotyereaghtouh Teyoedaderaghteanitha eakaraguea ne Akayouh Kaghyadouhseradokeahtike.— Neoni tsioghnakea meanehe oneagh noewa nene koe

wayats Te Deum Laudamus, tsiniyadeweghniserake me oghseragwekouh.

Te Deum Laudamus.

Wagwaneadouh, O Niyoh : yagwadoederese iese ne Sayaner. Oughweatsyagwekouh yeseanideaghtase: Raniha netsiniyeaheave. Ne ieseke agwekouh ne karouhyakeronouhokouh radiweanote rodiweadet: ne karouhyakehokouh, neoni agwekouh tsinikashatsteaghserayea netho. Neieseke ne Cherubim neoni Seraphim : ok yekakouhte radiweanote. Sayadadokeaghty, sayadadokeaghty, Sayadadokeaghty : Sayaner Niyoh ne Keatyoghkowaneahokouh. Karouhyake neoni oughweatsyake thitkahere yotkoenyeaskowah : ne soeweseaghtshera. Ne oeweseaghtshera raodityoghgwake ne Rodiyadadokeaghtiokouh (Apostles:) yesaneadouhs ne Iese, Netsinibotityoghgwiyoh ne Oheadouh yehadiriwakeas: yesaneadouhs neiese. Netsiniyotkoenyeast tsitehodinearate ne karighwiyostak roewadiryoghtouh : yesaneadouhs neiese.

The holy Church throughout all the world: doth acknowledge thee;

The Father: of an infinite Majesty;

Thine honourable, true: and only Son;

Also the Holy Ghost: the Comforter.
Thou art the King of Glory: O Christ.

Thou art the everlasting Son: of the Father. When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man: thou didst not abhor the Virgin's womb.

When thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death: thou didst open the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers.

Thou sittest at the right hand of God: in the Glory of the Father.

We believe that thou shalt come : to be our Judge.

We therefore pray thee, help thy servants: whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood.

Make them to be numbered with thy Saints: in glory everlasting. O Lord, save thy people: and bless thine heritage.

Govern them: and lift them up for ever.

Day by day: we magnify thee:

And we worship thy Name: ever world without end.

Vouchsafe, O Lord: to keep us this day without SIII.

Ne Onouhsadokeaghtike teyaouhweatsyawerhouh : yesayeaderistha neiese; Ne Raniha: ne Rayadanorouhkowah; Saneadouhtshera, tokeaske: neonineok yekeaha Eghtsyeaha; Nokoni ne Onikouhradokeaghty; ne Roewesaghtha. Iese ne Koraghkowah ne Oeweaseaghtshera : O Christ; Iese ne tsiniyeaheave Yayeaah : ne Raniha. Neonea shadeghsadadegwase ne aoesaghsheyadakoh ne oegwe ; yagh tesasweaouh ne kawinouh kanegweadakouh : Neonea shaghsadeasheany ne keaheyatsheranoewakte: ethone shenhodoegweany ne kayanertshera ne karouhyake agwekouh ne tyakaweghtakouh. Iese yeseghsiterouh tsiraweyeadeghtahkouh rasnoeke ne Niyoh : raoeweseaghserakouh ne Raniha. Tyoegweghtahkouh nene teateghse: ne Easgwatsyeahayea. Ne wahoeny wagwadereanayeahase, sheyenawas ne shenhaseokouh : tsiniyakouh ne sheyadagwaghtouh ne sanegweaghsanorouh. Ne yadesheyest ne Rodiyadadokeaghtiokouh : ne tsiniyeaheave oeweseaghtsherakouh. O Sayanersheyadanouhsdat ne soegweda : neoni sheyadaderist ne saragweah. Sherighwakanoenyea : neoni sheyadakaradat ne tsiniyeaheave. Niyadeweghniserake ne niyadeweghniserake : gwakowanaghtha. Neoni yagwaneadouhs ne Saghseana : tsiniyeaheawe tsiyouhweatsyate yagh thiyaoedoktea. Takyouh, O Sayaner: tagwadeweyeadouh ne o weghniserate ne yagh thayagwarighwanerake.

O Lord, have mercy upon us: have mercy upon UIS

O Lord, let thy mercy lighten upon us: as our trust is in thee.

O Lord, in thee have I trusted: let me never be confounded.

* Then shall be read in like manner the Second Lesson, taken out of the New Testament. And after that the Hymn following ; eccept when that shall happen to be read in the Chapter for the Day, or for the Gospel on St. John Baptist's Day.

Benedictus, St. Luke I. 68, BLEssed be the Lord God of Israel: for he hath visited, and redeemed his people;

And hath raised up a mighty salvation for us: in the house of his servant David ;

As he spake by the mouth of his holy Prophets: which have been since the world began;

That we should be saved from our enemies: and from the hands of all that hate us:

To perform the mercy promised to our forefathers; and to remember his holy covenant;

To perform the oath which he sware to our forefather Abraham; that he would give us;

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