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cessity, and to the setting forth of thy glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Here endeth the Order of the Holy Communion.




The people are to be admonished, that it is most convenient that Baptism should not be administered but upon Sundays, and other Holy-days, when the most number of people come together; as well for that the Congregation there present may testify the receiving of them that be newly baptized into the number of Christ's Church; as also because in the Baptism of Infants every Man present may be put in remembrance of his own profession made to God in his Baptism. For which cause also it is expedient that Baptism be ministered in the vulgar tongue. Nevertheless, (if ne. cessity so require,) Children may be baptized upon any other day,

And note, that there shall be for every Male-child to be baptized two Godfathers and one Godmother; and for every Female, one Godfather and two Godmothers.

When there ure Children to be baptized, the Parents shall give knowledge thereof over night, or in the morning before the begin.

hawe tsinisarihotea, ne ayottokatouh ayagwayena, ayoegwayeritshe tsinateyoegwadouhweatsyony, neoni nene aoederighwahdeady ne soeweseaghtshera ; ne raorihoenyat Jesus Christ Shoegwayaner. Amen.

Keatho yodokte ne Orighwadokeaghty Tekarighwakehadont.



Ne oegwehokouh ayoedadadeweanharhose, nene tsi egh noewe niwadesheaniyoh ne Adatnekosserhouh Yaweatatokeaghtoeke aoederighwahdeatyehtouh, neoni thikatennyouh Weghniseradokeahtise, tsinoewe nea esoh ne oegwehokouh uskahne yakotkeanissouh ; ne tsini. yoyanere neane Keatyoghgwake teyerighwakanere tsiwaoedatyena ne ase waontnekosseraghwe waeyadarane Christ Raonouhsadokeaghlike; nok oni ne wahoeny ne Tsiyoedatnekosseras ne Exhaokoeah Tsiniyateyoegwetake ne yeyadare eashaweghyahragwea ne raouhha tsinihoterihoete tsinikaghsouh ne Niyohne Tsirotnekosserhouh. Ikea egh oni nikarihoeny yotesheaniyoh nene Adatnekosserhouh ne eayoetsthake nene ok thikaweaniyoh tsiniyeweanotea. Etho sane neanehe, (tokat teawatouhweatsyoh) tsiok noewe nikeaweate eayoe

datnekosseraghwe ne Exhaokoeah. 1 Neoni eawadeaghnikoerarake, nene tsineayoghtouh tsinikouh ne

Ratsin ne raxaah ne eahoewaghnekosserahwe Teniyaghshe teaghni. tane ne eahoewatkaranoena neoni Skayadat ne Tyothoewisea; neoni tsinikouh ne Akonhetyea, Shayadat teahadane ne éashakotkaranoena neoni teakeniyaghshehake ne Tyonathoewisea. Neonea nea ne Exhaokoeah yoedatnekosserawe, ne Oedatyeaah eathoewanikoeradate eawataghsoetawetharho neteas oheadouh tsinea

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ning of Morning Prayer, to the Curate. And then the Godfathers and Godmothers, and the people with the Children, must be rea. dy at the Font, either immediately after the last Lesson at Morning Prayer, or else immediately after the last Lesson at Evening Prayer, as the Curate by his discretion shall appoint. And the Priest coming to the Font, (which is then to be filled with pure Water,) and standing there shall say,

Hath this Child been already baptized, or no?

1 If they answer No: then shall the Priest proceed as



EARLY beloved, forasmuch as all men are

conceived and born in sin; and that our Saviour Christ saith, None can enter into the kingdom of God, except he be regenerate and born anew of Water and of the Holy Ghost; I beseech you to call upon God the Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ, that of his bounteous mercy he will grant to this Child that thing which by nature he cannot have; that he may be baptized with Water and the holy Ghost, and received into Christ's holy Church, and be made a lively member of the same.

teridaghsawe ne Orhoekene Adereanayeant, ne Ratsihustatsy. Neoni ethone ne Teashakodidaghse, neoni ne oegwehokouh oni ne Exhaokoeah, eakaweyeaneataouh ne Yeghnek arahgwha, ok thika. weaniyoh kanikayea nene ok eawadoktea ne yetsyodoktaghkouh Teyoedaderaghdeanithi ne Orhoekere Adereanayeant, keateaskayea neneok eau doktea ne yetsyodoktaghkouh Tegoedaderaghdeanitha ne Yokaraskha Adereanayeant, ne Ratsihustatsy tsineathotesheaniyose tsinoewe neaharakoh. Neoni ne Ratsihustatsy untrete tsinoewe ne Yeghnekarahgwha, (ne eakananouh ne Kaghnekiyoh,) neoni egh teahadane eahearouh,

Nea keagh ne kea Exaah yakotnekosserhouh, kadouh yaghtea ?

Tokah eatyerighwaserakoh, Yaghtea: Ethone ne Ratsihustatsy nea yeahaghdetyehte keaiekea yodaghsawe. A

GWAGH Gwanorouhgwha, ikea tsinikouh oni yakonakeratouh karighwaneraaxherakouh; neoni ne Oegwayadakenhaghtshera Christ rawea, Yagh oughka thayoedaweyate raoyanertsherakouh ne Niyoh, ne yagh ase theatsyoedoenyane neoni ase aoesayoedadatewetouh ne Oghnekanogne neoni ne Onikouhradokeaghtike; Wagweanideaghtea ne yatshisewanatouh Niyoh ne Raniha, ne raorihoenyat Shoegwayaner Jesus Christ, nene tsinithoriwayery ronideareskouh ashakaouh keaiekea Exaah nene tsinahotea ne tsiniyakoenhotea ne ne yagh thayegweny ayakoyeadane ; nene ayontnekosseraghte ne Oghnekanos neoni ne Onikouhradokeaghty, neoni eayoedatyena ne Christ Raonouhsadokeaghtitsherakouh, neoni ne ayoenyatouh ayoenheghtsihouh ayeyadarake netho.

1 Then shall the Priest say, ,

Let us pray:

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, who of thy great mercy didst save Noah and his family in the ark from perishing by water; and also didst safely lead the children of Israel thy people through the Red Sea, figuring thereby thy holy Baptism ; and by the Baptism of thy well-beloved Son Jesus Christ, in the river Jordan, didst sanctify Water to the mystical washing away of sin; We beseech thee, for thine infinite mercies, that thou wilt mercifully look upon this Child ; wash him and sanctify him with the holy Ghost : that he, being delivered from thy wrath, may be received into the ark of Christ's Church; and being steadfast in faith, joyful through hope, and rooted in charity, may so pass the waves of this troublesome world, that finally he may come to the land of everlasting life, there to reign with thee world without end: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

ALMIGHTY and immortal God, the aid of all that need, the helper of all that flee to thee for succour, the life of them that believe, and the resurrection of the dead; We call upon thee for this Infant, that he coming to thy holy Baptism, may receive remission of his sins by spiritual regeneration. Receive him,

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