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truth about with me through all the hours of the day. Wherever I am, and whatever I am about, may I remember that thou seest me.

.. May I live under a constant sense of my - 'necessary dependence upon thee, and of my

numberless, obligations to thee; obligations renewed by every breath I draw, and by every .blessing I receive from thy liberal hands. My days and iny hours as they return and follow one another in quick succession, afford new occasions to meditate on thy unwearied tenderness and care. I would review the past instances of thy goodness, O my almighty guardian and ever present friend, with gratitude ; I would anticipate the future manifestations of thy presence, which is the presence of unfailing and universal love, with hope and gladness. I rejoice in it as in the presence of that gracious and merciful Being, who is the God and Father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ; and who has invited us to draw near to thy throne in full assurance of faith, that thou art ever nigh to hear our prayers and to assist our weaknesses.

· May this faith encourage me to every duty, and fortify me to ineet every trial. May I recollect, under all circumstances, with the mingled emotions of reverence, confidence and joy, that thou art nigh to bestow that wisdom which is profitable to direct ; to make perfect thy strength in my weakness ; to lead me in a plain path; to prosper my

lawful and useful undertakings ; and to pre, - serve me from temptation. May I see thy hand in every event; acknowledge thy provi. dence acting every where, and in all that taketh place; set thee, the Lord, always before me, and be in thy fear through all the day. When I am allured by temptation, may I remember that thou, who art of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, and who art my judge, seest me... In the hour of solitude, may I consider that I am not alone; that thou, my Father and my God, art with me. Amidst the busy croud, in the active scenes of life, may my heart frequently withdraw its attention from the objects about me, and Converse with thee, who knowest my inward

thoughts. Through every moment of the ensuing day may thy precepts guide me, thy fear controul me, thy love fill me with joy, and thy providence' be my' refuge and trust. Though every day may I'be' with thee ; and when flesh and heart shall fail me, be thou, my God, the strength of my heart and my portion for ever in that world, where thy presence' will create fulness of joy and pleasures for evermore, to all who shall obtain thy mercy unto eternal life, thy gift in Christ Jesus. Amen. '

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"ALL-SEEING and ever present God, all nature lieth open to thy inspection. All times and all places feel thy energy. The days of my life are cheered by thy favour, and brightened by the light of thy countenance. Be. fore thine eye I appear in all the scenes and transactions of life, and my secret thoughts

are not concealed from thy view. It becometh me to bow, with holy awe and fear, before thee, the witness of my conduct and my final Judge.

• In thy sight have I offended, in whatever instances I have transgressed the laws of virtue, or the obligations of piety. On the review of the actions, pursuits and circumstances of every day, I am ashamed to look up unto thee, who hast been present with me through them all. Thou knowest the irregularity and evil of my thoughts. The words spoken unadvisedly by my lips have been heard by thee. To the evil passions that have misled me hast thou been a witness ; and none of my transgressions, or omissions of duty, have been hidden from thine inspection. How can I appear before thee? How can I look up unto thee, against whose laws, unmindful of whose goodness, I have sinned? May I think on my ways, in whatever instances they have heen contrary to thy laws, to my own purposes, and to my Christian

profession and hopes, with godly sorrow, mingled with hope.

* Thou art merciful and gracious, forgiving iniquity, transgression and sin. Thou knowest our frame and rememberest that we are dust. I hear the name declared, by which thou hast proclaimed thyself the Lord God, merciful and gracious, with devout gladness. I receive it as a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, and that through him is preached forgiveness of sins. I confess my sins, and my transgressions are ever before me. Every day affords new proof of thy care and bounty, and of the extent and riches of that benevolence which is displayed in the course of tby providence and manifested in the gospel of Jesus Christ, through whom thou art reconciling guilty sinners to thyself. Every day, as it closeth, bringeth up to my painful recollection many failings, many defects in true goodness, many deviations from the purity and consistency of my christian cha

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