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to follow manly and rational amusements, only, and possess resolution to indulge only in pleasures that are sober and innocent. May my whole deportment be virtuous, and amiable; my words those of truth and kind. ness ; my mind meek and humble, and my heart benevolent,compassionate and generous. Endue me with fortitude to resist every temptation. Warm my breast, in the enjoyment of every blessing, with devout gratitude; and assist me to bear affliction with patience and submission. Suffer not my heart to indulge any sinful passion, or to entertain any evil thoughts. : Help me to look forward to the end of life, and to prepare for it. Assist me to sow the seeds of divine knowledge, of religious wisdom, of increasing virtue now; that having sown to the spirit, of the spirit I may reap life everlasting.

Through all future scenes may thy power be my defence ; may thy counsels guide me ; tly presence surround me with favour ; thy providence be my refuge ; thy acceptance iny

animation motive to perseverance in welldoing ; and may the days of my mostal life be succeeded and crowned with thy everlast- ing mercy in Jesus Christ, for whom I praise thee, as thy greatest and best gift ; and through whom I would ascribe unto thee, the most High, all glory and praise. Let the people praise, thee, O Lord ; let all the people praise thee, through Jesus Christ for ever and ever. Amer.


O Tuou everlasting God, the creator of the world and of all things tberein; who faintest not, neither art weary. I would extol thee, O God! my Maker, Guardian and Benefactor, my Father and Friend ; and bless thy name for ever and ever Every day would I bless thee and praise thy name through all the stages of my life, for thou art great and thy

greatness is unsearchable : thou art slow to anger, and, upspeakable is thy goodness. The eyes of all wait, upon thee, and thou givest them their meat in due season.' Thou openest thy hand and satisfiest the desires of every living thing. Thou art righteous in all thy ways and boly in all thy works. Thou art nigh to all that call upon thee, to all that call upon thee in truth. . My mouth shall speak thy praise, and all my powers shall bless thy holy name.

To thee, O Almighty God, who by wisdom hast made the heavens ; to thee who didst appoint the sun to rule the day, the moon and stars to rule the night; to thee, who gavest me being and hast redeemed my life from destruction ; to thee, whose bounties have supplied my wants, and whose goodness hath abundantly ministered to my enjoyments; to theę, O God of my life, who hast conducted me through the past day, and brought me to this evening surrounded with various mercies ; to thee, who hast given to me the true bread from heaven, and blessed me with all spiritual blessings in heavenly things, in Jesus Christ, and hast encouraged me to hope for the forgiveness of my sins' and 'eternal life': to thee, O Father of mercies, be glory and praise, the most thankful acknowledgments of my heart and lips now and for ever...?

It becometh me, O holy God, the witness of my conduct, to look upon the many instances of forgetfulness of thee and of thy goodness, and of disobedience to thy 'precepts, with grief and shame ; with grief and remorse' may I think upon my sins, and with unfeigned' penitence humble myself before thee. My hope is-in thy mercy. I rejoice in thee, as the Lord God, merciful and gracious : merciful is thy' nature, and a covenant of grace and forgiveness hast thou established with us by Jesus Christ. Fulfil unto me, according to the sincerity of my repentance and future obedience, the promises of thy word; and be merciful to my past failings and trangressions. ***

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Enablo me, for the time to come, to acta wise part, and to live a holy, righteous life, in all godliness and virtue. "Let not my heart be hardened througla the deceitfulness of sia;"> but melt it by the goodness, and subdue it to the authority of thy law. Give me a taste for the pleasures af dexotion and goodness. “Let my thoughts be employed on the best "things: refine and spiritualize my affections: “elevate and ennoble my pursuits : quicken “my desires after thee; and help me with "purpose of heart to cleave unto thee the “ Lord." Possess me with all kind dispositions to my fellow-men and fellow-christians: may my charity be fervent, and universal ; and ever may I be ready to do every good office in my power. On rational and scriptural groupds may I be able to look forwards to the end of my days, and the night of death, with composure and good hope, and on the morning of the resurrectionawake to life and glory. May thy watchful previdence guand the slumhers of the ensuing night from evil, and thy goodness render my sleep calm and undisturb

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