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As thou hast assigned to me my station in society, and placed me in different relations, with regard to my brethren of the human race, . may I be careful to discharge the duties resulting from my character and situation. For this purpose, enable me to love my neighbour as myself, to abstain from whatever would injure him, to do all I can to promote his welfare, however his circumstances or opinions may differ from my own. Assist me likewise, I beseech thee, in the just government of my thoughts, my passions, and my words; and clothe me with the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.

Thus may I pass the time of my sojourning on earth in thy fear. Continuing patient in well doing, may I commit all my personal and social interests unto thee, as unto a faithful and merciful Creator; and when thy wisdom shall call me hence, may I be able, knowing in whom I have believed, to depart with the composure and the hopes of a real Christian.

Graciously accept my thanksgivings, O thou my constant preserver and benefactor! for the protection and the mercies, which I have en

joyed through another day of life. Pardon, O Lord, the sins and follies, of which in the course of it I may have been guilty. Grant me the refreshment of undisturbed slumbers, and enable me to arise in the morning with a heart disposed to acknowledge thy goodness, which alone enableth me to dwell in peace and happiness.

These, my praises and requests, I offer to thy divine Majesty, in the name and as the disciple of Jesus Christ; and unto Thee, the God and Father of all mankind, I ascribe immortal glory. Amen.


INFINITELY blessed and adorable Majesty of heaven and earth, the gracious and beneficent, power, who upholdest me in life, the giver of every good and perfect gift! I would call upon my soul and all that is within ne to praise thee. I praise thee for my rational powers, whereby I am made capable of knowing, loving, and serving thee here, and of

enjoying thy favour for er. I praise thee, my preserver, who hast guaided the slumbers of the night from evil, that I see the returning light in health and comfort, rejoicing in new proofs of thy goodness, and surrounded with a rich variety of blessings. Thee I adore, O father of mercies, because the sun of righteousness has risen on our world to give light to those who sat in darkness, and in the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the ways of peace and life. Praised be thy name, that Jesus Christ has appeared to scatter the dark. ness of ignorance and error, to establish a kingdom of righteousness, and to purify to himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. For the counsels of mercy, which were accomplished by his ministry, death and resurrection ; for the holy and beneficial design of his gospel, to thee, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, be given the tribute of ever. lasting praise, I ss? Wong single day and night pot 20270 : Affect my heart with a lively sense of thy goodness. Give me a deep conviction of the nature and design of the Christian faith. Thou hast called me to righteousness and to virtue. To the practice of righteousness and of every

Christian virtue, may I be wholly devoted. May the precepts of the Gospel effectually teach me the supreme and fervent love of thee, my God; the unfeigned love of men; and the strict government of my own heart. May I be engaged to seek wisdom of thee, the only wise God; to stand in awe of thy presence ; to revere thy justice; to rejoice in thy goodness; and to become more and more like unto thee in holiness and mercy. May I ever cherish such a firm persuasion that thy providence is over all thy works, as will lead me to trust thy care; to submit to thy disposals, expecting from thy paternal goodness all needful blessings. Adoring thy mercy in the scheme of salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, may I bow to the authority of his laws, accept the ministry of reconciliation with gratitude, carefully conform my temper to what it requires, and be stedfast and unmoveable in the work of the Lord. May the truths of the gospel purify my heart, as well as enlighten my understanding. Whenever I consider the character, the words and actions of Jesus, my divine Master, may I endeavour to resemble his virtues, and to obey his laws. May the consideration of his miracles establish my conviction of his di. vine authority, and raise in my bosom a holy emulation to improve my feeble powers to the like kind and benevolent purposes, for which he did his great works. May the great and precious promises he published animate me to cleanse myself from all impurity, and to perfect holiness in thy fear. May the awful threaten. ings he denounced awaken my pious caution, deter me from all sin, and excite me to pass the time of my sojourning here, in all holy conversation and godliness. May the example of the holy Jesus be ever before my eyes, that I may become in like manner meek and humble, active to do good, and devoted to thy service.

In all cases and under all circumstances, in private and in public, may I live and act as a disciple of Jesus Christ. May the Christian spirit, the spirit of love and discretion, pervade all my conduct. May the Christian principles govern me. May the Christian hopes and assurances comfort and elevate my heart.

It becomes me, O holy God, to lament, that my temper and life have been, in many inistances, unworthy of the gospel. I have,

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