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be the great author of all being; the original of all happiness; the giver of all good gifts; and the disposer of all events; and, therefore, profess my dependence upon thee alone for every thing I ought to wish for or desire. I am sensible, O Lord, that to thee entirely I must owe every degree of happiness I can ever enjoy or hope for. I am sensible, that thou art the tenderest father and best friend to thy creatures ; disposed to lead them to their greatest good ; and ready to promote and assist their sincere endeavours after it. And, therefore, before thee and in thy presence, I willingly lay open the desires and wishes of my soul, which I think agreeable to reason and thy holy will.

Let the sense of my own many failings, and the imperfections of our nature, dispose me to be willing to put a candid and favourable interpretation upon all those actions of others, which can justly and reasonably demand it, or admit of it; as well as to be ever ready to forgive the offences of others towards myself. And let the sense of thy goodness, in allowing me still further time and opportunity for perfecting my soul in all that is praise-worthy, induce me to study more constantly and uniformly to please and imitate thee.

My outward condition with respect to the good things of this world, it is my happiness, as well as duty, to refer wholly to thy wise will and pleasure. And as, by thy appointment, I have already experienced in this world many evils and afflictions, and have been witness to many more around me, suffer me to implore the gracious regards of thy fatherly affection towards me, and to pray to thee, with respect to them, according to the pattern of thy son Jesus Christ, Father, if it be possible be consistent with, and agreeable to, thy wise and gracious purposes, secure me, and all those in whose happiness I am nost nearly eoncerned, from all sad accidents, and calamitous events; from all tormenting pains, and grievous diseases ; and from every thing inconsistent with such a happiness as may lawfully be desired in this transitory world. Nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt; remembering what a happiness it is to be under the government of a Being, who knows what is in all respects best, and who cannot afflict. his creatures but for wise and good ends. ..

· Let the consideration of the certainty of death, the last of all temporal evils, influence me to endeavour to make it happy by such a virtuous life, as may give me a well-grounded hope in thy mercy. Let the review of those uncertainties and troubles that I have met with in this world, render me the more ready and contented, at thy appointed time, to leave it. And let the prospect of glory and happiness here. after exalt my mind above any fond regards to this state of sin and imperfection, and enable me to act as becomes one, who truly believes life and immortality to be brought to light through the gospel.

Finally, O Lord, my great and chief request is, that, by the dispositions of thy good providence, I may obtain everlasting happiness hereafter; and that the state of this world, with respect to me, may be so ordered, and the trials, to be appointed for me in it, may be so proportioned to my condition and pow. ers, as most effectually to secure my eternal and greatest good, after the days of this life are passed away. Deny to me, therefore, out of thy great goodness, whatsoever is truly unfit for me, though I should be so weak as to de


sire and wish for it : and grant me every thing that is truly good for me, though I should be so blind, and so void of wisdom, as not to see or ask it.


Accept, gracious God, of my grateful acknowledgments for that instance of thy fatherly goodness, which has been manifested to me during the past night, in granting me the refreshment of sleep, and preserving my life from every fatal disaster. To thee do I offer the cheerful tribute of my praise also, for restoring to me the consciousness of my existence, and, with it, the delightful persuasion of thy universal providence ; for the renewed use of my reasoning and active powers, and for the prospect of receiving fresh enjoyments. To thee I desire to devote the new portion of time, which thou art pleased in thy great goodness to allot me, by spending it in a diligent and faithful performance of the duties of life. These prayers and praises I offer up to thee, in the name of thy son Jesus Christ, professing myself to be his disciple, and my expectation of being accepted on the mercifut terms of his gospel. Unto thee be immortal glory. Amen.


0 Thou greatest and best of all beings! I offer thee the indispensable tribute of the sincerest praises and thanksgivings, due to the glories of thy nature and to thy goodness to thy creatures. I know, O God, that thy perfections are far exalted above all that can be conceived or expressed by us; that thy mer. cies are above all our thanks; and that thy unalterable attributes stand not in need of any homage we can pay. But it becomes us to acknowledge and to celebrate them.

As it becomes us to celebrate the lovely perfections of thy nature, as it is in itself, so are we indispensably obliged to pay thee our inost grateful acknowledgments, for the display of those perfections in all thy dispensations towards thy creatures, and for every instance of thy tender regard to us. Accept, therefore, O gracious Lord and merciful Father, the poor tribute of my unfeigned thanks for the mani. fold experiences which I have had of thy. loving kindness. To thee I owe my existence; and, together with it, all the faculties and

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