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to those whom in the arrangements of thy providence Thou hast placed below them. Incline the hearts of masters to give unto their servants that which is just and equitable-to be willing to allow them every indulgence which reason and prudence can warrant-to rejoice in their comfort--and to provide the best means for securing their most important and lasting interests. In return for the kindness they experience, may servants be upright, faithful, and diligent; not chargeable with eyeservice, nor being actuated by any corrupt or mercenary motives. May the sincere love of Thee, and of Jesus their Lord, operate most effectually in their minds and in the hearts of all mankind.

To Thee, the most high and mighty God! may the tribute of unfeigned praise and thanksgiving be paid by all thy crea- tures, now and for evermore. Amen.


O Thou first great parent Mind! the source of all being, perfection, and happiness! Thou art the spring from which every movement in the whole universe originates; without whom nothing is, and nothing comes to pass. To Thee I am indebted for my existence, and for all the powers, faculties, and capacities which render that existence a blessing and a comfort to me.

I earnestly pray that Thou wouldst bless and prosper me in my desires and endeavours to gain instruction from the great truths which are clearly made known by the voice of nature. Grant me success in my anxious wishes to learn all that may be gathered from the works of creation, and to improve by such means in knowledge and virtue, truth and love. Enable me more especially to profit by the fuller and more distinct revelation of thy most holy and righteous will, given in the gospel of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

O that all the discoveries of thy infinite irresistible power, boundless wisdom, and

never-failing goodness, may have their full influence upon my mind, and upon the whole of my temper and conduct. May the conviction be deeply impressed upon my mind that thy authority cannot be controuled --that thy will cannot be evaded—and that thy government cannot be interrupted. Make me duly sensible that I am at all times and in all circumstances absolutely in thy hands, holding life itself and all that endears it to me entirely and wholly at thy pleasure, suffering only through thine appointment, and prolonging my days in joy or in sorrow according to thy will,

Give me wisdom to make thy favour the first anxiety of my mind, and the possession of it the first joy of my heart. May the qualifying myself for it be the highest ambition of all my future life, and the constant object of my zealous pursuits.

Most humbly would I commend and commit myself and all my interests to thy most gracious care and protection ; beseeching Thee to continue me under thy paternal guardianship - to secure me against all future dangers--to preserve me from falling by any future temptation-to keep me from every real evil —and to cause all things to work together for my final and everlasting good.


Inspire me with a temper of the most pure and lively gratitude, that I may not in any instance allow myself to be unmindful of the mercies Thou art pleased to bestow upon me, nor insensible of the obligations under which Thou hast laid me. Accept my hearty thanks for all the advantages and privileges I have at any time experienced or still continue to enjoy-for all my powers, faculties, and capacities both of mind and body—and for whatever has contributed to their preservation or improvement; for blessings of a public and private nature-for the pleasures that flow from social intercourse and friendly en. dearments, for the portion of health, ease, and cheerfulness with which I have been blessed—and for an exemption from numerous outward troubles and disasters which might have befallen me.

More especially would I most gratefully acknowledge thy benevolence and kindness in affording me the various gratifications which the exercise of my understanding and affections has occasioned-for all the useful knowledge which I have been able to acquire Land for the good I may have done to others by imparting a portion of it to them. With still warmer gratitude would I confess the obligations under which Thou hast laid me, by making me a partaker of the rich and precious blessings of the gospel dispensation

for the glorious promises and assurances which it contains--for the powerful encouragements it holds out to the practice of all holiness, piety, and virtue-and for the exalted hopes it enables us to entertain of the pardon of our sins upon sincere repentance, and of a better state of existence to succeed the present.

When I review the past years of life, I . cannot but discern many instances in which I have both done that which Thou hast forbidden, and neglected to perform what Thou hast commanded. My inferior appetites and passions have not always been under due controul, and outward circumstances have had more influence over me than they ought to have had over a rational being, and one who had received the glad tidings of salvation from the lips of Jesus Christ and his apostles.

I acknowledge my unworthiness unto Thee with a penitent concern that I have not been more upon my guard, nor walked with more circumspection before Thee. I beseech Thee of thy eternal mercy not to

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