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skill, to effect a complete recovery; and let the sufferer acquire, by the exercise of all passive virtues, that improvement in mind which may be more than equal to the injury he has sustained in his bodily frame. .


Under severe disappointments, ALMIGHTY Creator! who' alone knowest what is best suited to the condition and cireumstances of thy creatures in all cases, I desire to bow with the most humble reverence to what Thou hast appointed to befall më. Let the present experience of the inefficacy of my own endeavours teach me a useful lesson of humility and distrust of my own powers. May I never engage in any undertaking that I dare not beg of 'Thee to prosper, nor proceed in it without devoutly entreating thy blessing to bring it to its desired issue. Teach me to understand in what manner disappointments may be made instrumental to correct and reform in men what Thou seest to be wrong in their temper and conduct; and O! grant that I may so profit by the ill success of my attempts in the itistance that now afflicts me, that I may be more cautious and circumspect for the time to come. Let me never forget that success is not to be insured even by the most judicious exertions; and that it is my duty to trust unreservedly in Thee, and to prepare myself for the worst Thou mayest permit . to overtake me..

NINTH ADDRESS: . :: On reoovery from sickness.. . O Trou merciful preserver of thy creatures! who canst remove the most alarming diseases, and save from the power of death! I would most devoutly bless thy goodness for my recovery from the illness which Thou didst permit me to fall into. Impress upon me'a deep and lasting sense of this instance of thy mercy; and incline me to improve as I ought to do the health which Thou hast again enabled me enjoy. Endow me with wisdom to profit by the affliction which I have üridergone, that I may know and feel in whose hands I am, and become better fitted to sustain the infirmities, pains, and sorrow's which Thou mayest at any future time lay upon me. May I have prudence to guard against those liberties which are injurious to my health, and to live in such a temperate use of the good things Thou art


pleased to grant 'me, that I may not have to reproach myself as long as I exist, and that when death approaches I may possess the delightful consciousness of not having hastened it by any forbidden indulgence, or unwarranted gratification.

TENTH ADDRESS. On a safe and happy return from a journey. O God, holy Father ! Thou knowest thať in the midst of life, and in the full enjoyment of its comforts, I am in perpetual danger of bringing evil upon myself, and becoming the victim of disease and calamity. Teach me to be more especially upon my guard when I pass at any time through a greater variety than usual of circumstances and situations. Very great cause hast Thou given me to be thankful for the escapes which I have experienced during my journey, and the happy state in which I have returned to my home again. I would joyfully add this to the numerous instances of thy loving-kindness and compassion which Thou hast manifested towards me; and I humbly pray that my gratitude may display itself in a constant study to do that which is holy and acceptable in

thy sight, agreeably to the gospel of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. ELEVENTH ADDRESS.

On a new year. Most holy and merciful Father! I beseech Thee to accept my humble and unfeigned Thanks for bringing me to the be. ginning of this new period of time in the circumstances and situation in which I now am. Adored be thy goodness for the many mercies which the past year hath witnessed, both in respect to my personal comforts and social enjoyments—my temporal prosperity and spiritual privileges — the bounties of thy kind overruling providence, and the riches of thy grace and love in Christ Jesus.

Grant, O God! that all thy goodness and mercy may be sanctified to me, and produce their proper fruits in my future conduct. May I live under a lively sense of my obligations to Thee as the author and giver of every good, and more especially as the prolonger of my life. Forgive me the faults and follies, the sins and transgressions which I penitently lament. May

my gratitude for the time already granted lead me to improve that which is to come ; and the longer I live, may I become the more earnest to rise to the attainment of true virtue, and to answer all the ends and purposes of my earthly existence.


On a birth-day.

As Thou hast been pleased, gracious God! to add another year to my life, I desire to enter upon the one before me with the most cordial gratitude for thy continued goodness, and for the numerous proofs Thou hast afforded me of thy loving-kindness and favour. Open my, eyes to see wherein I have come short of the excellence to which Thou requirest me to advance, and aid my resolutions to act in a wiser manner for the time to come.

Give me wisdom to reflect how short the term of human life is, and upon what an uncertain tenure I hold my present existence, and all the comforts which conduce to render that existence a blessing. Dispose me to make it my first object to live to Thee and in dutiful obedience to thy

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