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amount of general happiness. Dispose mie to contribute, to the extent of my abilities, to the improvement of mankind, in all that is virtuous, holy, amiable, and exemplary.

Finally, I would pray to Thee, my God! for my friends and relations, my patrons and benefactors. May all that are near and dear to me pass their days calmly and happily, and, by a wise and contented improvement of thy blessings upon earth, be gradually preparing for another and higher enjoyment of them hereafter.

May it please Thee to hear and accept ime in the prayers I have now offered up. May they contribute to increase my venera- tion, gratitude, and obedience to Thee, my heavenly Father; and my love, my charity, and benevolence to all around me. Thus may I be rendered worthy of my christian character, and act consistently with the precepts of Jesus Christ my ever honoured Lord and Saviour, for whom and for whose mission I desire to be for ever most truly and sincerely thankful, and agreeably to · whose gospel I would now, with all possible veneration and homage, devoutly. ascribe unto Thee, the only wise, everliving, and true God! immortal honours, and universal praises. - Amen.


O Lord God Almighty, the creator and preserver of all things visible and invisible! There is none supreme besides Thee, and to none but to Thee belongeth the greatness, the power, the glory, and the majesty for ever. Thou hast made me in thy own image, to contemplate thy works, and to show forth thy praise. · I desire to acknowledge, with all possible gratitude, the gift of life, and to adore thy goodness in placing me in this part of thy glorious works. Wise and useful is, the frame of my body; but much more noble the powers of my inind, by which I am enabled to discern and meditate upon the beauty of thy works, and the wonderful order of thy providence, and to attain to the knowledge and love of Thee, the maker of the world, and tlie author of all good.

I thank Thee that Thou hast implanted in me a sense of good and evil, together with the amiable affections of benevolence and compassion, leading me by these means to the admiration and love of goodness, and to the enjoyment of that

happiness which arises from the practice of virtue and true religion.

I thank Thee, O God, for the continued preservation of my life, for my food and raiment, and for all the blessings of friend. ship and society. I bless Thee that thy goodness to mankind is not confined to the present world; but that Thou hast awakened in me the pleasing hope of immortality, and, by various methods that seem good to thy unerring wisdom, art training me up for heaven and everlasting, life.

Above all I praise Thee for the rich display of thy goodness in the manifestation of thy Son Jesus Christ, whom Thou didst raise up to bless mankind, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of sin to the worship, love, and obedience of Thee the true and living God. .

I lament before Thee, my God! that I have ever been uninindful of thy good aess, and ungrateful to Thee, my continued benefactor,- that I have ever departed from the path of thy commandments, and exposed myself to thy righteous displeasure. Most earnestly do I implore pardon for every thing which thy pure and holy eyes have

seen amiss in my temper or conduct. 0 God! have mercy upon the work of thy' hand-forgive me every sin I have been guilty of-turn away thy face from my iniquities, and blot out from the book of thy remembrance the offences and transgressions of which my conscience accuses me.

Grant me strength and resolution care. fully to avoid, for the time to come, every evil and perverse way. Enable me to correct whatever is amiss in my temper and behaviour, and to delight in the practise of every thing virtuous and good. May my mind be enlightened with true wisdom. May I entertain just and worthy apprehensions of thy nature and providence, and possess a right understanding of that religion which is acceptable to Thee, and recommended to me in the gospel of thy Son Jesus Christ.

May I evermore discern, approve, and practise the things that are excellent: may my heart be endued with every good and pious disposition; so that all the great truths of religion may have a powerful and habitual influence in correcting and amending the irregularities of my life.

May I, at all times, reverence thy authority -look up to Thee with satisfaction and joy-love Thee with all my heart, and delight in thy testimonies. May I be truly thankful for thy numerous and undeserved mercies, confide in thy superintending and all-gracious providence, and yield an un. reserved and uniform obedience to all thy holy laws and commandments...

In solem testimony of my good-will to all my brethren of mankind, I desire to offer up my humble supplication for the whole human race, beseeching Thee, the great and glorious parent of the universe! to vouchsafe thy mercy and favour to all, according to their several situations and circumstances. May all the kingdoms and families of the earth be speedily brought to the knowledge and pure worship of Thee, the only true God!. May it please thee to put an end to all superstition and false notions of religion, and to enlarge the kingdom of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, that kingdom of truth and righteousness which shall never have an end. May the spirit of persecution and error cease ; and may truth and righteousness, peace and charity, every where abound.

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