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and when flesh and heart fail, be thou, O heavenly Father, the strength of our hearts, and our portion for evermore. Amen.


GREAT God! enthroned in unchangeable majesty, whose goodness gave the mighty frame of nature birth! Blessed be thy fatherly love, thou has clothed us with bodies fearfully and marvellously made---and informed our minds with reason ; placed us in a state of society; and taught us to look up to thee as the friend and guardian of the truly good. Thanks, eternal thanks be

unto thee, O Father, for thou hast created man to be immortal, and made him an image of thine own eternity!

What shall we render unto thee, O God, for all thy benefits? Alas! what have we rendered ? Though thou hast nourished and brought us up as children, we have sinned against thee. Every day of our lives bears witness to thy loving kindness and to our unthankfulness. O that the unfeigned penitence of our hearts may find favour in thy sight, and that we may become, in heart and

life, more and more worthy of thine approbation and acceptance. Let the same mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus. Laying aside all malice and guile, may we exercise meekness, long-suffering, humbleness of mind; be kind, tender-hearted, and disposed to all the offices of love and charity. Guide us to our éverlasting happiness through whatsoever path thou seest to be best. We ask not for the gratification of bur own ignorant desires, but vouchsafe us thy grace, humbly. to acquiesce in all the allotments of thy

paternal wisdom; in prosperity grateful, in adversity resigned, in every state chiefly solicitous to do thy will. Let thy blessing aid our sincere endeavours to act right, and to advance in goodness, and give us that peace which the world cannot give; and finally receive us with all thy dutiful offspring on earth to thy family above, where shall be no more pain, sorrow, nor death, but all tears shall be wiped from our eyes for ever. Amen.

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