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strikingly inconsistent with what the Apostle afterwards declares, that God had highly exalted Christ Jesus. And farther, how could a Being truly God, set a pattern of humility, disinterestedness, and pious obedience ? How could an eternal, immortal, unchangeable Being, be made in the likeness of men, and be obedient unto death?

The excellent and upright Whitby, in his Commentary, has proved that the expression translated to be equal with God, means, to be as God:-The word translated robbery may sig nify either the act of seizing or the thing seized. If the former rendering be preferred, then the 6th verse may be thus represented, " Who being in the form of God, did not consider it as an unjust assumption to act as God," (i. e. as one to whom the word of God came, as his representative). But this active signification does not, on the whole, so well suit the structure of the original, as the other sense, prey or booty; and accordingly this latter is preferred by most recent commentators, Trini. tarian as well as Unitarian. Archbishop Newcome renders the 6th verse thus, “ Who being in the form of God, did not esteem it a prey to be like God.” On this rendering, the following is a close representation of the original :

“ Who though in the form of God," (or, of a God;) invested by his heavenly Father with a dignified and important com mission, and clothed with his authority,“ did not esteem it a prey to be as God," (or as a God,) did not regard his high prerogatives and powers, as if acquired by himself for his own advantage, did not use them for the purposes of interest, amibition and pride ; “but made himself of no account,” divested himself of all splendour' and majesty, " taking upon him the form of a servant,* and becoming like common men;t and having been found in condition as a common man," (or man of mean rank,)“ he submitted to abject abasement, becoming obedient unto death, the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him," &c.

* Matt. xx. 28 : “ Even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many."-Luke xxii. 27 : “I an amoug you as he that serveth.”_See also John xiii. 1-17.

+ The original in Phil. ii. 7, 8, is a word which signifies man in general; but it is also used in the Greek Translation of the Old Testament to denote a common man, a man in mean or low circumstances.-See Isa. ii. 9, “ The mean man bowed down." So also chap. v. 15; xxxi. 8. In Psalm lxxxii. 7, “ Ye shall die like men," means like common men.

ness, yet HE LIVETI BY THE POWER of God.

Isa. liii. 2, 3. He hath no form nor comeliness, he is despised and rejected of men; a MAN OF SORROWS, AND AC

QUAINTED WITH GRIEF. (23) Col. i. 12—20. Giving (23) Gen.i.l. In the bethanks unto the Father which ginning God created the beahath made us meet to be par ven and the earth. takers of the inheritance of the Exod. xx. 11. In six days saints in light; (13) wbo hath JEHOVAH made heaven and delivered us from the power of earth, the sea and all that in darkness, and hath translated them is. us into the kingdom of his Ps. viii. 1, 3. O Jehovah dear Son : (14) in whom we | our Lord, when I consider have redemption through his the heavens the work of thy blood, even the forgiveness of fingers, the moon and stars sins ; (15) who is the image which thou hast ordained. of the INVISIBLE God, the Ps. cii. 25. Of old hast thou first-born of every creature : 1 (Jehovah, see ver. 1.) laid the (16) for by (or in) him were foundation of the earth, and all things created, that are in the heavens are the work of heaven, and that are in earth, thy hands. visible and invisible, whether Isa. xlviii. 13. MINE HAND they be thrones, or dominions, also (saith Jehovah) hath laid or principalities, or powers; the foundation of the earth. all things were created by Jer. xxxii, 17. Ah Lord (through) him, and for him : God, behold Thou hast made (17) and he is before all things, the heaven and the earth and by (in) him all things con | by THY GREAT POWER and sist : (18) and he is the head STRETCHED OUT ARM;-- the of the body the church; who great, the mighty God, JE. is the beginning, the first-born Hovah of hosts is his name. from the dead ; that in all Acts xiv. 15. The LIVING things he might have the pre- | God, which made heaven and eminence. (19) For it pleased earth, and the sea, and all the Father that in him should things that are therein. This all fulness dwell ; (20) and is the testimony of Parl and having made peace through Barnabas ; that of the other the blood of his cross, by him Apostles is seen in Acts iv. 24, to reconcile all things unto | already quoted in No. 10. himself; by him, I say, when I Acts xyii. 24, 31. God

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