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There the weary be at rest. Job iii. 17. There is a calm for those that weep,

A rest for weary pilgrims found, They softly lie, and sweetly sleep,

Low in the ground.

The storm that shakes the winter sky,

No more disturbs their sweet repose; Than summer evening's latest sigh,

That shuts the rose.

The soul of origin divine,

God's glorious image, freed from clay, In heav'n's eternal sphere shall shine

A star of day.

The sun is but a spark of fire,

A transient meteor of the sky; The soul immortal as its Sire,

Shall never die.

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They shall hallow my Sabbaths. Ezek. xliv. 24. This is the day the Lord hath blest,

The day to us in mercy given, The holy sabbath of his rest,

The pledge and type of rest in heaven.

This day, within thy courts, O Lord,

Thy saints delight to seek thy face; To sing thy praises, hear thy word,

Unfold their wants, and taste thy grace.

May we the blest assembly join ;

To God devote this sacred day; Our earthly cares and thoughts resign,

Look up to heav'n and learn the way.

May we by ev'ry sabbath grow

In grace, humility, and love; Thus, by thy holy rest below,

Made fitter for thy rest above.

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The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven.

2 Thess. i. 7.

The Lord will come! the earth shall quake!
The hills their fixed seat forsake;
And with'ring from the vault of night,
The stars withdraw their feeble light.

The Lord will come! but not the same,
As once in lowly guise he came;
A silent Lamb to slaughter led,
The bruis’d, the suff'ring, and the dead.

The Lord will come! a dreadful form!
With wreath of flame, and robe of storm;
With angel guards, on wings of wind,
Appointed judge of human kind.

Th’ ungodly then shall quake, and call
To rocks and hills on them to fall;
But faith, victorious o'er the tomb,
Shall shout for joy—the Lord is come !

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The heavens declare. Ps. xix. 1. The heav'ns declare thy glory Lord,

In ev'ry star thy wisdom shines ; But when our eyes behold thy word,

We read thy name in fairer lines.

In nature's works, the changing light,

And nights and days, thy power we trace; But the blest volume thou hast writ,

Reveals thy justice and thy grace.

Ne'er shall thy spreading gospel rest,

Till through the world thy truth has run; Till Christ has all the nations blest,

That see the light, or feel the sun.

Great Sun of Righteousness, arise !

Bless the dark world with heav'nly light: Thy gospel makes the simple wise,

Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.


In all their affliction he was afflicted.

Is. liii. 9.

The Lord, who once on Calv'ry bled,
And rose triumphant from the dead,
Pursues in heav'n his plan of grace,
The friend of man's apostate race.

There as our advocate he reigns,
Touch'd with the feelings of our pains ;
And still remembers in the skies,
His tears, and groans, and agonies.

In ev'ry pang that rends the heart,
This man of sorrows bears a part;
In all our grief, our grief he shares,
And rescues us from Satan's snares.

O! let us then before his throne,
With boldness make our sorrows known;
And seek, from fears distrustful freed,
His grace to help in time of need.

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