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“You may uproot me
From field and from lane,
Trample me, cut me,
Ispring up again.

“I never flinch, Sir,
Wherever I dwell;

Give me an inch, Sir,
I’ll soon take an ell.

“Drive me from garden
In anger and pride,

I’ll thrive and harden
By the road-side.

“Not a bit fearful,
Showing my face,

Always so cheerful
In every place.”

Said young Dandelion,
With a sweet air,

“I have my eye on
Miss Daisy fair.

“Though we may tarry
Till past the cold,

Her I will marry
Ere I grow old.

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O the green things growing, the green things growing,

The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!

I should like to live, whether I smile or grieve,

Just to watch the happy life of my green things growing.

O the fluttering and the pattering of those green
things growing!
How they talk each to each, when none of us are

knowing; In the wonderful white of the weird moonlight Or the dim dreamy dawn when the cocks are


I love, I love them so—my green things growing:

And I think that they love me, without false showing;

For by many a tender touch, they comfort me so much,

With the soft mute comfort of green things

And in the rich store of their blossoms glowing
Ten for one I take they’re on me bestowing:
Oh, I should like to see, if God's will it may be,
Many, many a summer of my green things

But if I must be gathered for the angels' sowing,
Sleep out of sight awhile, like the green things

growing, Though dust to dust return,

mourn, If I may change into green things growing:

I think I’ll scarcely

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I love, I love them so—my green things growing. —Page 16

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