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esq. barrister-at-law, and M. P. for the city of Worcester, 63. – Oct. At Kuckin, rev. G. Hancox.— 27. In Shrewsbury House of Industry, where he had resided for nearly twenty years, Richard Chester. Two days after his death, a person went from London, and stated that the deceased was beir to a property worth some thonsands, left him twelve or fourteen years ago, which now goes to his children. — Noo. 8. At Shrewsbury, rev. W. Smith, formerly pastor of the Baptist church, Eagle Street, Holborn, 73.

Ordinations.-Aug. 8. Rev. T. Williams Jenkyn, late a student in the Old College, Homerton, over the Independent church, assembling in Noble Street, Wem.

Philanthropic Intelligence. The earl of Bridgewater has intimated his intention of employing all the poor on and about his estates in Slıropshire, during the approaching winter, and has offered to the public as inuch land and pecuniary advance as would be deemed necessary for improving the Curnpike and other roads in the same district.

SOMERSETSHIRE. Deaths.-March 6. At Bath, lieuto-general R. Donkin.-July. At Styles Hill, near Frome, rev. J. Lewis Sheppard, A.M., F.A.S., curate of Pershore, 27.-Sept. 1. At Bristol Howells, rev. M. Deere.-4. Rev. G. Jaques, V. of Battesford, Suffolk.-At Ellicome, rev. G. H. Leigh, 85, V. of Dunston and Mairhead, 72.- Oct. At Bath, Sig. Cherubini, 71.-Nov. At Plaistree House, near Taunton, rev. Dr. Ambrose, of Mount Ambrose, county of Dublin.

Ecclesiastical Preferments.-Rev. Edward Combe, Earnshill and Dougett, R.R., rev. R. Surtees, R. of Barham, a prebend of Bristol.

Ordinutions, July 21. Rev. Joseph Baynes, late of Bristol academy, over the Baptist church at Wellington.-Aug. 30. Rev. Herbert Herbert, late a student at Lanfyllin, over the Welch congregational church meeting, at Baker's Hall, Bristol.

New Churches, &c.- Sept. 20. A new Ivdependent chapel, built for re J. Ingram, was opened at Bath: preachers, rev. Messrs. Tidman, of Frome; Daviš, of Bath; and Thorpe, of Bristol.--Oct. 9. A new chapel, in the Wesleyan Methodist connexion, was opened at High Littleton : preachers, rev. Messrs. Reece, Hopwood, and Aver.

STAFFORDSHIRE. Ordinations.---June 13. Rev. William Burdekin, late a student in Blackburn academy, over the Independent church at Stone. - July 13. Rev, H. Jones, late of Birmingham, over the Baptist church at Tamworth. — 18, Messrs. M. Hill, J. Hill, and J. B. Warden, were ordained as missionaries to the heathens at Hebe and Rottresda chapels, in Hanley. The charge was delivered by the rev. J. A. Jones, of Birmingham. Their destination is Calcutta, whither they proceed, under the patronage of the London Missionary Society.



Deatks.--Aug. 23. At Stretton, rev. C. Cole, rector.

Ecclesiastical Preferments.--Rev. T. Mills, B.A., Stretton, R.-Rev. J. Latey, Bede, R.-Rev. James Royle, Islington, V.- Rev. R. Crutwell, LL.B., Spexhall

, R.-Rev. L. R. Brown, Thorington, R.-Rev. Edward Baske, M.A., Battsford, V.-Rev. D. Fitzpatrick Pryce, D.D., Ashfield with Thorpe, P.C.-Hon. and Rev. H. Townsend, Broome and Oakley, R.R.

Ordinations.-April 10. Rev. W. Reynolds, late of Ipswich, over the particular Baptist church at Wattisham.- Aug. 1. Rev. R. Robinson, late of Blackburn academy, over the Independent church at Cratfield.


Deaths.-Aug. 10. At his seat, Ashley Park, Sir Henry Fletcher, bart., of Clare Hall, Cumberland, 49. He is succeeded in his title and estates by his eldest son, Henry, a youth of 13.- Sept. 2. At Battersea, Richard Budd, M.D., Fellow of the R. C. of Physicians, 75.-16. At Peckham, Rev. George Gibson, A.M., of Carlisle-house school, Lambeth; of Magdalenhall, Oxford; and late minister of Carlisle-chapel, 60.--20. At Ashied rectory, Rev. W. Carter, formerly student of Christchurch.

Ordinations, &c.—June 13.- Rev. W. Low, late a student in Hoxton academy, over the Independent church and congregation at New chapel, Norwood.-Aug. 15. A new Baptist church was formed at Prince's Road chapel, Lambeth,

New Churches, &c.—June 30.-A neat and spacious chapel was opened at Ewburst, under the patronage of the Surrey Mission Society: preachers, rev. Messrs. Herin, of Horsham; Whitehouse, of Dorking; and Jackson, of Stockwell.-Sept. 27. A small chapel at Chertsey, built and formerly occupied by the Baptists, was opened for the use of the Wesleyan Methodists.

SUSSEX Deaths.--Aug. 8. At Seaford, Rev. Thomas Williams, 84.—Sept. 6. At Horsham, Mr. Peter Griffin, 72. He was the largest donor to the British and Foreign Bible Society in the county of Sussex; and a few weeks before his death, had presented its Central Auxiliary Society with £100. He caused a great number of children to be educated at his own expense; besides giving liberally to public institutions for that purpose.--Oct. 29. At Horsham, Rev. William Jameson, rector of Clapham, and vicar of Horsham (both in Sussex), 78.- Nod. 23. At the house of the rev. Jobn Hunt, Chichester, in the 24th year of his age, Mr. John Walker, a native of that city, and late a county student at the Theological college, at Gosport. His decided piety and popular talents rendered him an object of no common interest to those who appreciate the union of moral and intellectual worth. His remains were on Thursday conveyed to the grave in the cathedral church-yard, by six of his fellow students, six others supporting the pall, and the rev. J. Hunt, (his pastor) who improved his death on Sabbath evening, Dec. 2d, from Numb. xxiii. 10, “Let my last end be like his," at the Independent chapel, Chichester, to a crowded and affected congregation.

Ecclesiustical Preferments. Rev. J. Scobell, A.M., of Balioł college, Oxford, All-Saints, Lewes, R.-Rev. J. Rose, M.A., Horsham, R.

Ordinations.- Aug. 14. Rev. Andrew Smith, over the particular Baptist church at Rye.

WARWICKSHIRE. Deaths.-Aug. At Acton, J. Jones, 103. Sept. At Handsworth, Mrs. Elizabeth Leach, 100.--At Weston Warren, Rev. Jer. Ellis, D.D., R. of Ledenham.-Nov. At Warwick, Rev. J. Hall.

New Churches, &c.-- Feb. 6. A plain neat chapel, in the Baptist denomination, was opened at Attlebury: preachers, Rev. Messrs. Franklin and Sibree, of Coventry.- July 16. A new chapel at Rugby school, a foe correctly Gothic building, was consecrated by the Bishop of Oxford, who was educated at the school.

Miscellaneous Intelligence. The trustees of Rugby school bave raised the exhibitions from £40. to £60. per annum.-Two dreadful accidents Jately happened in the coal-pits of this county. The first was at Ebenezer's colliery, near Bromwich, when about thirty tons of coal and iron-stone gave way, and killed six men, four of them instantaneously, whilst the others

survived the blow but a few minutes. The second occurred at Grove Land colliery, in the parish of Rowley Regis, where upwards of a ton weight of coal fell upon one man, and killed him almost instantaneously.


Deaths.Oct. 3. At Menal, Rev. Charles Francis, A.M., R. of that parish, and of Collingbourne Ducis, and one of the prebendaries of Sarum. He has bequeathed £4,000. for the establishment of a free school at Menal, and a variety of smaller suns in legacies to the poor of his parishes, and other charitable purposes. To the Bodleyan library at Oxford, of which university he was a member, he has also bequeathed such of the Oriental MSS. and works purchased by him from the descendants of professor Pococke, as are not already in that collection. — Nov. 3. At Mildenball rectory, rev. C. Francis.-12. At Pickwick, rev. James Pidding, 58 years, R. and patron of the freehold advowson of YattorKeynell, near Chippenhamn, 86.

New Churches, 8c.-July 17. A new Independent chapel was opened at Maiden Bradley : preachers, Rev. Messrs. Thorpe, of Bristol, and Saunders, of Frome.--Aug. 30. A new Baptist meeting-house was opened at Chipping. Sodbury: preachers, rev. Messrs. Jay, Crisp, and Winterbotham.


Deaths.-- Sept. Rev. John Sbarp, minister of the Baptist chapel, Bradford.—At Gladstone House, rev. J. Roundle, 79:-Ai Halifax, rev. W. Thompson.—In the Lunatic Asylum, . Wakefield, William Lawson, an eccentric but harmless madman, who often delivered very cutting sermons.

- Oct. 9. At Halstead, West Riding, rev. T. Hammond, Foxcroft, R. of Beauchamp; Roding, Essex.--Nov. At Halstead, near Trighton, rev. T. R. Foxcroft.-At Huddersfield, rev. W. Smith, of Almondbury.–At Richmond, T. Wycliffe, esq., the last male descendant of the ancient family, from which issued the reformer Wycliffe, and which had been settled in that neighbourhood since the reign of Edward I.-Dec. 3. At the advanced age of nearly 92 years, the rev. Thomas Faber, A.M., vicar of Calverly, and minister of the perpetual curacy of Bramley, in the parish of Leeds; he held the former preferment 51 years, the latter above 62, and was, for many years past, the oldest member living of St. James's College, Cambridge.—The widow Crooks, of Fineshade, near Doncaster. This poor woman was so impressed with what she considered an evil omen (an owl's flying three times across her on her way from churcb), that she actually became ill in consequence and died.

Ecclesiastical Preferments. Rev. James Robinson, Amderby Steeple, V. -Rev. J. Atkinson, Longtoff, V. and Cottam, P.C._Rev. W. Bulmer, St. Sampson, York, P. c.-Rev. Mr. Champney, Badsworth, R.-Rev. C. Graham, B. A, mastership of archbishop Holgate's Grammar School, York.

Ordinations.—Rev. C. Larom, late of Bradford Academy, over the Baptist church in Sheffield. June 6. Rev. W. Blackburn, late a student at Rotherham, over the Independent church at Whitby.-Sept 5. Rev. G. Nettleship, late of Rotherham academy, over the independent church and congregation at South Cave. Rev. Joseph Mather, over the Independent church and congregation assembling in the new chapel, Hecmondwike.

New Churches, &c.—May 20. A neat and commodious chapel, capable of containing 200 persons, was opened in the village of North Fredingham, in the East Riding, under the patronage of the Hull Evangelical Society; preachers, rev. Messrs. Ryan, of Bridlington ; Gilbert, of Hull; and Waterhouse, of Dewsbury. In the afternoon, when Mr. Gilbert preached; the attendance was so large, that Mr. Waterhouse addressed about 300 hearers in an adjoining field.-Mr. Barrett, of Carlton Hall, M.P. has given a piece of ground, and a quantity of stones, to build a Methodist chapel at Aldborough.

Philanthropic Intelligence.—A penitentiary, upon an extensive scale, is about to be erected at Leeds.

Miscellaneous Inteliigence.—The newly opened road between Sheffield and Glossop forins a level of twenty-three miles in length, cut through the rocks and hills, the ravines being filled up, which before intersected this part of England.

Literary Intelligence.— The Society of natives of Scotland, recently founded in Sheffield to celebrate the memory of Burns, have presented the poet's widow with a pair of silver candlesticks, tray, and snuffers of the neatest pattern and best workmanship. The tray is remarkably elegant, and considerably enhanced in value by being adorned with an inscription from the pen of Mr. Montgomery, himself a native of Ayrshire.


Deaths.July 29. At his residence near Landovery, rev. Peter Jenkins, pastor of the ludependent church at Brychgoed Brecon.—Aug. Rev. J. Jones, V, of Cardiff.—Sept. At Llanferaes, Denbigh, rev. E. Wynne.Oct. 13. Rev. Mr. Ruinsey, of Trelleck, having attended Monmouth races, he went to Bristol on Friday, and on Saturday morning, on his returning, had just entered the boat at the New Passage, when he exclaimed, “I am very sick !” and expired instantly.-Noo. Rev. F. Parry, of Llandreferiod, Merioneth.—di Holyhead, rev. Mr. Evans.

Ecclesiastial Preferments.-Rev. J. Warneford, living of Llanellen, Monmouth.—Rev. James Edwards, Llanmadock, R. Glamorgan, on the presentation of the Lord Chancellor.-Rev. D. H. Saunders, living of Ambleston.-—Rev. James Jenkins, of Blaenfon Capel, Newydd, P.Č.Rev. T. Jones, Llandian, R. Glamorganshire.

Ordinations.June 29. Rev. David Stephen over the Independent church at Rumsey:- July 29. Rev. Johns, late student at Abergavenny, over the Particular Baptist church at Caerwent. - New Chapels.- March 28. A new chapel was opened for the use of the Welsh Baptists at Cardiff, Glamorganshire; preachers, Rev. Messrs. Morris, of Newport; James, of Pontyryddhyn; Davis, of Arigoed; Jones, of Merthyr; T. R. Jones, of Bristol Academy; Thomas, of Aberdaur; Smith, of Penzance; and Evans, of Penygarn. -June 30. A new Independent chapel was opened at Rhydri, Glamorganshire; preachers, Rev. Messrs. Jones, of Lanbaran; Davies, of Swansea; Morris, of Tredegar; Byron, of Llangynwyd; Lewis, of Aber; Lewis, of Newport; Jones, of Pontypool; Williams, of Tynycoed ; and Evans, of Mynydliâch.-Aug. 22. A small neat chapel, capable of holding about 500 persons, was opened at Peltar Green, in the peninsula of Gower, Glamorganshire; preachers, rev. Messrs. Jenkin ; Lewis, of Newport; Mr. Luke, late of Swansea; and Williams, of Trewen. 24. The foundation of another chapel, to be called Mount Pisgah, was laid at Park Mill, by Master Willman, of Poundsford Park, Somersetshire, after which his venerable grandmother, Lady Barham, offered up a fervent prayer in the presence of a numerous congregation. The rev. J. Lewis, of Newport, preached on the occasion. This chapel will, when completed, be the sixth place of worship for which the inhabitants of Gower are indebted to her ladyship.

SCOTLAND. Deuths.-Aug. At Springwood Park, Roxburghshire, Sir George Douglas, bart. for seven successive parliaments representative in parliament for his

native county. He married Lady Betty Boyle, daughter to the earl of Glasgow, by whom he left issue a son and a daughter.—20. At Paisley, James Weir, aged 17 months. He was known by the name of the “ Wonderful Gigantic Child," having, at 13 months old, and he increased in size ever since, weighed five stone. His girth round the neck was, at that time, 14 inches, the breadth 31, the belly 39, the thigh 20 inches and a half, and round the arm 11 inches and a half. He was born in the parish of Canbrosnetham, co. of Lanark.-Sept. 5. John Hercy, esq. of Hawthorn, Berkshire, M. A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, a Member of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, and assistant to Dr. Hamilton, playsician of the Royal Infirmary. His death was occasioned by a puncture which he received when examining the morbid appearances of a dead body.—Oct.3. At Leith Walk, in his 102d year, Jaines Allison, sen. esq. He was a native of Gorgunnock, in Stirlingshire, and a gardener by trade. Although upwards of forty when he first married, be buried three wives, and lived to see the fourth generation of his descendants. He retained his faculties until within three days of his death'; but, for some time, had been unable to walk. His memory was remarkably strong, and of the revolutionary inovernents in 1745-6 he had a vivid recollection, and possessed a fund of anecdote.. 21. At Aberdeen, John Ewen, esq. who, with the exception of various sums left to the public charities of Aberdeen, bequeathed the bulk of his property(15 or £16,000.) to the magistrates and clergy of Montrose, for the purpose of founding, at Aberdeen, an institution similar to Gordon's Hospital.- Nov. 27. At the Rev. Dr. Wardlaw's, Glasgow, after an illness of five days, in his 19th year, William, only son of the Rev. T. Durant, of Poole. This surprising youth, equally admired for his talent, and beloved, for his character, has been taken from the highest literary distinctions in the University of Glasgow, to honours still more exalted, and to engagements still more pure and blissful. The disorder which has thus early terminated a brilliant career of learning and usefulness, was suffusion on, the brain, attended by paralysis on the right side. The pleasing anticipations of relatives and friends are, in a moment, blasted by this mysterious event, and a fond father is left in the dreary gloom of widowed and childless desolation,

University Intelligence.—Mr. D. K. Sandford, of Christ Church, Oxford, has been elected professor of Greek in the university of Glasynw.--Dr. Andrew Duncan has been elected professor of Materia Medica in the university of Edinburgh, in the room of Dr. James Home, proinoted to the chair of the practice of physic.-On the 1st of August, no less than 102 stndents in medicine took their doctors, degree in that faculty in this university.


Deaths.-July. At his seat, Charles, marquis of Drogheda, K.P., senior general in the British service, and for 43 years colonel of the 19th regiment of Light Dragoons, constable of Maryborough Fort, one of the governors of Queens and Meath counties, and custos rotolorum of King's county. In 1760, he married lady Anne Conway, daughter of Francis, earl of Hertford, who died in 1784, leaving him nine children, eight of whom survive him, He is succeeded by his eldest son, Charles, viscount Moor.--At Cross, co. of Clare, rev. Mr. Hennessy.-Aug. 6. At Castletown house, co. of Kildare, lady Louisa Conolly, relict of the late right hon. Thomas Conolly; a lady who spent the chief part of an incoine of £8000 per annum in works of benevolence. Her list of pensioners was extremely numerous, her occasional charities unceasing and extensive. She frequently sent considerable sums to persons in distressed circumstances, who were ashamed to

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