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Time of the COMING


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LONDON: Printed for J. BRINDLEV, Bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, in New-BondStreet. 1751.


OCT 19 1944

Jackin Fearned : AN ENQUIRY

Into the TIME of the COMING of the MESSIAH,

SIR, Paig70THING surprizes me more

than that A , which I IGASI find many people shew both

vel in their Words and Actions, to

20 those who differ in Opinion from them; especially when they differ fo widely as the Jews and Christians are generally thought to do; which Difference however is not so great as those who are ignorant of the truc Chriftian Doctrines generally imagine.

. A 2 .. But

But as I find that you are not of that unmanly Bent of Mind, and that you can bear the Conversation of those, who do not think as you do, even in Matters of Religion; I have ventured to set Pen to Paper in order to fulfill my-Promise of giving you' my Opinion, about the Time of the Coming of the Messah, which you think is no where fpecified in the sacred Writings. tonn

By the Coming of the Messiah, I do not mean that Coming of his, which we Christians think to have been fulfilled about 1750 Years ago, a little before the Destruction of the second Temple ; and which we imagine to have been expressly foretold in the Books of Moses and the Prophets, and Hagiographa, and to have been accordingly accomplished by the Birth, and Sufferings and Death of Christ, or the Meffab, who then came in a State of Humiliation : But I mean the Coming of the Mesab in his State of Exaltation and Glory; when the Jews are to be restored to their own Land; and the Mesah shall make a triumphant and a personal Appearance on Mount Zion; at which Time the Jews and Gentiles shall be united into one People under Mesa fah, their Shepherd and King; and all Pcom


ple, and Nations, and Languages thall serve and obey him. - Which is an Event that we Christians agree with the Jews in the Expectation of, and verily believe it must come to pass some Time or other, if the Scriptures of the Holy Bible have any Truth in them: And of which we look upon the present continued and tedious Dispersion of the Jews, which was foretold by the Prophets * to be antecedent thereto, as a living Proof, and an Earnest of its Veracity.

As it may therefore be some Satisfaction to the Jews in general, and to you, Sir, in particular, to be informed of the Time when their present Dispersion is to have an End; I shall, as far as lieth in my Power, endeavour to do it, by explaining those Prophecies which relate thereto; and which I have in some Measure already performed, by the Publication of a Treatise entitled t A Disfera tation on Prophecy,&c, wherein I have thewed from a joint Comparison of the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Revelations of St. John, that this great Event is to take Place about 250 Years hence. .

But * See Ira.xi. 11, &c. and Multitudes of other places.

+ Printed first in Dublin, and afterwards in Lonâan, 1749.

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