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Daniel, the Coming of the Meffab in a vie fible Appearance attended with Power and great Glory, will not be till about seventyfive Years after the Overthrow of the Popedom; during the first thirty Years of which Period * many Mall be purified, and made white and tried, as the Prophet Daniel exprefseth it. Who says, that from the Time when the daily Sacrifice bath been taken away, and the Abomination of Astonishment is set up, that is, from the Time that the Abomination of Astonishment, or the Popedom, is set up, after the daily Sacrifice hath been taken away, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety Days, which are thirty Days, or prophetic Years, more than the one thousand two hundred fixty Days which are allotted for the Destruction of the Poper dom. And from thence to the Completion of seventy five Years, the remaining forty: five Years will be spent in the further Restoration of the Jews, and the Calling in of the Gentiles : For, says Daniel, Blessed is be that waiteth, and cometh to the Thousand, Three Hundred, and five and thirty Days,

which Dan. xii, 9, 10, 11, 12


which are seventy five Days, or Years, more than there are in a Time, Times, and Half a

Time, or in forty and two Months of Years, Which therefore will probably be the precise Time of the glorious Manifestation of the Mesah. However when we speak of these Events in general, and in round Numbers, we may suppose they will come to pass about the 600oth Year of the Age of the World. Which wonderfully coincides with an ancient Tradition that prevailed among the Jews above 1700 Years ago. Which Tradition is to be found in the Talmud, under the Head Rosch Haschana, and in the Section that begins Yom Tob, and is to this Purpose: That * this World is to last 6000 Years, in its present Statę, and after one millinary more, it shall be destroyed; as it is said, and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that Day, that is, in the seventh Millinary. According to which Tradition the Jews then asserted that the Meffah was to come at the End of 6ooo Years from the Creation of the


* שיתא אלפי שנה הוי העולם וחד חרום

שן ונשגב יהוה לבדו ביום ההוא.

i. e. Sex millibus Annorum erit Mundus, & in uno scilicet Millenario, erit destru£tus ; ficut di&tum eft, & elevabitur Dominus folus ipfe in Die illo. Ifa, ii. 11.

World, that the Manner in which God is faid by Moses to have created the World, by making it in fix Days, and appointing the feventh to be a Sabbath of Rest to Man and Beast; as also his appointing every feventh Year to be a Sabbath of Rest unto the Land, in which they should neither plow nor low; and every seventh Sabbath of Years, to be a *Jubilee, in which Liberty should be proclaimed throughout all the Land, unto all all the Inhabitants thereof, was a Type of this seventh Millinary. Which of Tradition the Jews then made use of in Argument against the Christians, when these last upon the Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, by Titus, and the actual ceasing of the Oba lation and Sacrifice, insisted upon it, that according to the Prophecies contained in the Hebrew Bible, the Meffab must be come : To which the Jews thought it sufficient to reply, that the World was not yet 6000 Years old.

Whence it appears that the Jews had a Tradition of the Coming of the Mesiah at


*Lev. xxv. 8.9, 10.

+ See Pezron's Antiq. retab. C. iv. p. 37, 38. and E. xvi. p. 291. as also Cotcler. Pat. Apoft. in his Notes on the Epift. of Sect: 15.

the End of 6000 Years. But if we consi der how they disposed of these fix thousand Years, we shall then find that they had also a Tradition that the Meffab was to come at the End of four thousand Years. Which Tradition is to be found in the Talmud, under the Head Shanedrim, Section Helec ; as also in Havoda Zara, Section Lipbne Eden hen, to this Purpose, that * this World is to last fix thousand Years, two thousand Years of which may be reckoned as the Age of Vanity or rather of Inanity; two thoufand the Age of the Law; and two thousand the Age of the Meffiah.

Whence it is plain that according to this Tradition the Mesab ought to have been come above 1700 Years ago, or even according to the Calculations of the Jews themselves above f-1500 Years ago. And therefore in order to reconcile these two Traditions, we are not to suppose there are to be two Mej


* תנא דבי אליהו-ששת אלפים שנה הוי

העולם: שני אלפים תהו : שני אלפים

. . :niwan n10 b'278 09:07710 Sententia Domus Eliæ. fex millia Annorum erit Mundus; duo millia Inanitatis ; duo millia Legis; & duo millia Dierum Meffie.

+ According to the computation of the Jews the present Year 1750 is the 5511th Year of the Age of the World.

fiab's, as some of the Jews have vainly imas gined, for the Scriptures positively declare that there shall be but one Messiah; for thus faith the Prophet Ezekiel, when speaking in the Name of God, || I will set up ONE Shepherd over them; and he mall feed them, even my Servant David, be Mall feed them, and he hall be their Shepherd.

And therefore since it is manifest that the Prophet * Isaiah speaks of the Meab as in a State of Affliction and Distress, we may suppose these two thousand Years of the Days of the Messiah, which the Tradition reckons as part of the fix thousand Years, to be his State of Humiliation; since it is allowed on all Hands both by Jews and Christians, that the Mefiah hath not yet ap- . peared in his State of Exaltation. * And correspondent hereto is the Tradition of Rabbi Abija, in that part of the Talmud before quoted, viz. in Rosch-Haschana, in the Section that begins Jom Tob. Wherein he asserts that after two Milliniaries then thall come one of Refreshing, in Proof of which he quotes the Prophet Hofea, where he says, +After two Days be will revive us, in the


| Ezek. xxxiv. 23. Ifa. lii. lüi t Hofea vi. 2.

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