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* But as I cannot expect that the Jews, while they continue unconverted to the Chri, ftian Religion, will give themselves the Trouble of perusing that Treatise ; or will give any Credence to those Revelations, which are the prophetical Declarations of the best beloved Disciple of that Jefus, whom wa Christians suppose to have been the Meffab, when he came in his State of Humiliation; I shall therefore at present confine myself to the Prophecies of the Prophet Daniel, whose Works the Jews themselves have placed among their Hagiographa, along with the Psalms of the holy David, and the Proverbs of the wise Solomon, and are acknowledged to have been divinely inspired by the Consent of the most learned Jewish Rabbins, and are by some of the Authors quoted in the fTalmud preferred even before the Prophecies of Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

And if we consult this Prophet, we shall find some Hints which may lead us to this Discovery. For, says he, when describing himself as seeing a Vision, || Then I Daniel looked, and behold there ftood other two,


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(Angels in the Appearance of Men) the one on this Side of the River, and the other on that Side of the Bank of the River ;; and one said to the Man cloatbed in Linnen, who was upon the Waters of the River, How LONG SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS? And I beard the Man cloathed in Linnen, who was upon the Waters of the River, when he held up bis Right Hand and bis Left Hand unto Heaven, and sware by him that livetb for ever, that it shall be FOR A TIME AND TIMES AND A HALF*, And when He shall have accomplished to scatter the Power of the Holy People, all these Things Mall be finished.

Here then it is plain that there is a Pem riod of Time fixed for the End of those Wonders of which Daniel had been speak ing; which was also to take Place, at the same Time, when the scattering of the Power of the Holy People was to be accomplished, or finished. Which Period of Time is here notified under the Expression of a Time, and Times and a Half.

In order therefore to arrive at the true Meaning of this Paffage, it will be proper

to * In the Hebrew it is a Part, but in another Place, viz. Dan. vii, 25. it is the dividing of Time, i, e. a Half,

to explain what is meant by this Period of a Time, Times, and a Half. In the fee cond Place to consider what those Wonders are, and what that End is, which Daniel alludes to. And then it will alfo be proper to find out when it is that this period of Time, which is here enigmatically couched under the Expreffion of a Time, Times and a Half is to date its Commencement. Which if we can do, it will neceffarily discover to us when it is, that the scattering of the Power of the Holy People is to be accomplished. ..

Now. the original Word which is here translated a Time*, properly signifies any ftated, fixed, or appointed Time, or Season.

It is therefore made use of Lev. xxiii. 4. to denote those annual Feasts, which were every Year fixed to one stated periodical Revolution. And therefore may in this place be understood to signify the Time of the periodical Revolutions of the annual Festivals, or a Year. ` And accordingly the Prophet Daniel makes use of the Expression of + feven Times to denote seven years.

inos . . . And + 7y10b

tynyy n Dan. iv. 13, 20, 22, in the Hebrew Bible ; but Dan. iv. 16, 23, 25, in the Englis.

And also in another Place, he, in order to explain this Expresfion more fully, fays, the King of the North shall come at the End of Times, Years; to fhew, that by the Word Times he meant Years. And # Puffin Martyr,' who lived about 1609, Years ago, remarks that the Rabbins understood the Word Time often to denote a Year, according to the Language of the Prophets, So that according to this Interpretation the Expression of a Time, Times, and Half a Time, or of one Year added to two Years and a Half will make three ** Years and a Half. And as a Jewish Year is according to common Computation suppof. ed to consist of twelve Months, and cach Month of thirty Days, these three Times and a Half will be equivalent to 1260 Days.


Having I Dan. xi. 13. Juft. Dial. cum Tryph. p. 52:

** To those who believe the Christian Religion this Interpretation can be proved to be true to a Deo monstration ; because this period of a Time, Times, and Half a Time, is in the Revelations of St. John ex pressly said to be equivalent to 42 Months, and to 1260 Days. Compare Rev. xii. 6. with Rev. xii. 14. and xüi. 5. And to those who do not believe Christianity, it is neverthelefs an uncontestable Proof, that above 1700 Years ago this Expression of a Time, Times, and Half a Time, was understood by some of the Jews themselves to be equivalent to 42 Months, or 1269


Having thus discovered what period of Time is probably denoted by the Expres fion of a Time, Times, and a Half, let us now proceed to find out what these Wonders areto which the Prophet Daniel alludes; the only Way to discover which is to have Recourse to the preceding Part of these. Vifions, that were revealed to Daniel; and in particular to enquire whether there are any which have a Reference to this remarkable Period of a Time, Times and a Half, from whence we may be enabled to date its Come mencement."

And if we look into the second Chapter of that Prophet we shall there find that Nebuchadnezzar the King had dreamed a Dream, which he had forgotten, of which Daniel did not only tell him the Interpregation, but also the Dream itself, as followeth. * Thou, O King, fawest and beheld a great Image : This great Image whose Brightnefs was excellent stood before thee, and the Form thereof was terrible. This Image's Head was of fine Gold; bis Breast and bis. Arnis of Silver ; bis Belly and his Thighs of Brass; bis Legs of Iron ; bis Feet part of Eren and Part of Clay. Thou sawejt till . .. Dan.ö. gr.



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