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run, - prevent them with thy humble ode; And lay it lowly at his blessed feet; Have thou the honor first, thy Lord to greet,

And join thy voice unto the Angel quire, From out his secret altar touch'd with hallow'd fire.


T was the winter wild,

While the Heav'n-born child
1. All meanly wrapt in the rude manger lies;
Nature in awe to him
Had dofft her gawdy trim,
. With her great Master fo to sympathize:
It was no season then for her

35 To wanton with the sun her-lusty paramour.

Only with speeches fair
She woo's the gentle air


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28. From out his fecret altar touch'd and thine iniquity is taken awayy and

with hallow'd fire. ] Alluding thy fin purged. In his Reason of to Isaiah VI. 6, 7. Then flew one of Church Government our author the Seraphims unto me, having a live has another beautiful allusion to mal i# his hand, which he had taken the same passage, which we quoted with the tongs from off the altar. in a note upon the Paradise Loft And he laid it upon my mouth, and, I. 17.

" that eternal Spirit Said, Lo, this bath touched thy lips, “ who can enrich with all uiter.



To hide her guilty front with innocent fnow,
And on her naked shame,
Pollute with sinful blame,

The faintly veil of maiden white to throw,
Confounded, that her Maker's eyes
Should look so near' upon her foul deformities.

But he her fears to cease,

45 Sent down the meek-ey'd Peace;

She crown'd' with olive green, came softly sliding Down through the turning sphere His ready harbinger,

With turtle wing the amorous clouds dividing; 50
And waving wide her myrtle wand,
She strikes an universal peace through sea and land.

No war, or battel's found
Was heard the world around:


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“ ance and knowledge, and sends - Othou my voice inspire, "out his Seraphim, with the hal- Who touch'd Isaiah's hallow'd " low'd fire of his altar, to touch lips with fire. *" and purify the lips of whom he

pleases." As Mr. Pope's Mes- 52. She strikes an universal peace] fiah is formed upon passages taken The expression is a litle inaccurate, from the prophet Isaiah, he very Peace to ftrike a peace but other. properly invocates the same divine wise it is classical, fædus ferire. Spirit.

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64. The

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The idle spear and shield were high up hung 55 The hooked chariot stood, Unstain'd with hostile blood,

The trumpet spake not to the armed throng, And kings sat still with awful eye, As if they surely knew their sovran Lord was by. 60


DE REHA But peaceful was the night,

Biogia 5.1 Wherein the Prince of light

His reign of peace upon the earth began; The winds with wonder whift

ins Smoothly the waters kist,

65 Whisp'ring new joys to the mild ocean,

[[ i *?? & ;r? off Who now hath quite forgot to rave,

I calT While birds of calm sit brooding on the charmed wave.

VI. The stars with deep amaze

19;IT Stand fix'd in stedfast gaze,

70 Bending one way their precious influence,


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64. The winds with wonder whis] and in Shakespear, Tempeft, A& 1. Wbij, glenc'd, as in Spenser, Faery Sc. 5. Ariel's song. Queen B. 7. Cant. 7. St. 59.

The wild waves whi. So was the Titaness put down. It is commonly used as an interand wbit :

jection commanding filence. And


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12 n3 Ind will not take their flight, for all the morning light,

Or Lucifer that often warn'd them thence;
But in their glimmering orbs did glow,
Until their Lord himself bespake, and bid them go.

And though the shady gloom

10101 Had given day her room,

The sun himself withheld his wonted speed, And hid his head for Thame,

W As his inferior flame

The new inlighten'd world no more Mould need;
He saw a greater sun appear
Than his bright throne, or burning axletree could

The shepherds on the lawn,
Or e'er the point of dawa,
Sat fimply chatting in a rustic row;


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hence, I suppose, the game of Whip changed into or; and there are hath its name, as it requires filence frequent instances of it not only and attention.

in all our old writers, but like.

wise in the Englith translation of 86. Or in the point of dawn,) the Bible. Ere with i'er or ever following is

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103. - the

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Full little thought they then,
That the mighty Pan

Was kindly come to live with them below; 90
Perhaps their loves, or else their sheep,
Was all
, that did their silly thoughts so busy keep,

When such music sweet
Their hearts and ears did greet,

As never was by mortal finger strook, 95
Divinely-warbled voice
Answering the stringed noise,
: - As all their souls in blissful rapture took:
The air fuch pleasure loath to lose,

99 With thousand echo's still prolongs each heay'nly close.

X. Nature that heard such sound, Beneath the hollow round

Of Cynthia's seat, the aery region thrilling, Now was almost won



the aery region thril. With thrilling point of deadly ling,] Piercing the air. So in iron brand : Spenser, Faery Queen B. 1. Cant. and Cant. 6. St. 6. thrilling shrieks: 3. St. 42.


and in other places.

116. With

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