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The idle spear and shield were high up hung, 55 The hooked chariot stood,

Unftain'd with hostile blood,

The trumpet fpake not to the armed throng, And kings fat ftill with awful eye,

As if they furely knew their fovran Lord was by. 60

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Smoothly the waters kist, oothly the water

The winds with wonder whist

Whisp'ring new joys to the mild ocean,

now hath quite forgot to rave,

While birds of calm fit brooding on the charmed wave.


the earth began:


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So was the Titanefs put down. It is commonly used as an inter

and whift:

jection commanding filence. And hence


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And will not take their flight,

For all the morning light,


Or Lucifer that often warn'd them thence ; But in their glimmering orbs did glow,

Until their Lord himself befpake, and bid them go.


And though the shady gloom

Had given day her room,

The fun himself withheld his wonted speed,

And hid his head for fhame,

As his inferior flame


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The new inlighten'd world no more should need; He faw a greater fun appear

Than his bright throne, or burning axletree could



The shepherds on the lawn,

Or e'er the point of dawn,

Sat fimply chatting in a rustic row;

hence, I fuppofe, the game of Whift hath its name, as it requires filence and attention.

86. Or e'er the point of dawn,] Ere with e'er or ever following is



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Full little thought they then,

That the mighty Pan

Was kindly come to live with them below; Perhaps their loves, or else their sheep,

Was all, that did their filly thoughts fo bufy keep.

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When fuch mufic sweet


Their hearts and ears did greet,

As never was by mortal finger ftrook, Divinely-warbled voice

Answering the ftringed noise,

As all their fouls in blissful rapture took:

The air fuch pleasure loath to lose,

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With thousand echo's ftill prolongs each heav'nly



Nature that heard fuch found,

Beneath the hollow round

Of Cynthia's feat, the aery region thrilling,

Now was almost won

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And that her reign had here its laft fulfilling; T She knew fuch harmony alone

Could hold all Heav'n and Earth in happier union. XI.

At last surrounds their fight

A globe of circular light,

That with long beams the shame-fae'd night array'd;

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Are feen in glittering ranks with wings difplay'd, A Harping in loud and folemn quire,


With unexpreffive notes to Heav'n's new-born Heir,

Such mufic (as 'tis faid)

Before was never made,


But when of old the fons of morning fung,

While the Creator great

His conftellations set,

And the well-balanc'd world on hinges hung,

116. With unexpreffive notes] See Lycidas ver. 176.

119. But when of old the fons of morning fung,] As we read in



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And caft the dark foundations deep,

And bid the weltring waves their oozy channel keep. XIII, 1 of mulət awob 1977

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(If ye have pow'r to touch our senses so) box!T And let your filver chime at hoc sus ben dii'. Move in melodious time, Anal 26 vcзH bàA А And let the base of Heav'n's deep organ blow, 130 And with your ninefold harmony

Make up full confort to th' angelic fymphony.

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Time will run back, and fetch the age of gold,1435

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And leprous Sin will melt from earthly mold, Y

And Hell itfelf will pass away,


And leave her dolorous manfions to the peering day.

-0131. And with your minefold bar

mony] There being nine infolded fpheres, as in Arçades ver. 64.


where fee the note. Má 143. Orb'd in a rainbow; and like glories wearing


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