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In anger and ye perish in the way,

If once his wrath take fire like fuel fere.

Happy all those who have in him their stay.


PSA L. III. Aug. 9. 1653.

When he fled from Abfalom.

ORD how many are my foes!
How many those

That in arms against me rise!
Many are they

That of my life diftruftfully thus fay,
No help for him in God there lies.

But thou Lord art my fhield, my glory,

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Unto Jehovah, he full soon reply'd And heard me from his holy mount. I lay and flept, I wak’d again,

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They pitch against me their pavilions.

Rife, Lord, fave me my God, for thou
Haft fmote ere now

On the cheek-bone all my foes,

Of men abhorr'd


Haft broke the teeth. This help was from the Lord; Thy bleffing on thy people flows.

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Things falfe and vain, and nothing else but lies?

Yet know the Lord hath chofe,

Chose to himself apart,




The good and meek of heart

(For whom to choose he knows)

Jehovah from on high

Will hear voice what time to him I cry.


Be aw'd, and do not fin,

Speak to your hearts alone,

Upon your beds, each one,

And be at peace within.

Offer the offerings just

Of righteousness, and in Jehovah trust,

Many there be that say

Who yet will show us good?

Talking like this world's brood;

But, Lord, thus let me pray,

On us lift up the light



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In peace at once will I

Both lay me down and sleep,

For thou alone doft keep

Me fafe where'er I lie;

As in a rocky cell


Thou Lord alone in fafety mak'ft me dwell.

PSAL. V. Aug. 12. 1653.

Ehovah to my words give ear,

My meditation weigh,

The voice of my complaining hear

My King and God; for unto thee I pray.

Jehovah thou my early voice

Shalt in the morning hear,

I'th' morning I to thee with choice

Will rank my pray'rs, and watch till thou appear.

For thou art not a God that takes

In wickedness delight,

Evil with thee no biding makes,

Fools or mad men stand not within thy fight.

All workers of iniquity

Thou hat'ft; and them unbleft

Thou wilt destroy that speak a ly;

The bloody' and guileful man God doth deteft.




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But I will in thy mercies dear

Thy numerous mercies go

Into thy houfe; I in thy fear

Will tow'rds thy holy temple worship low.

Lord lead me in thy righteousness,

Lead me because of those

That do observe if I tranfgrefs,

Set thy ways right before, where my step goes.

For in his faltring mouth unstable

No word is firm or footh;

Their infide, troubles miferable;



An open grave

their throat, their tongue they smooth.

God, find them guilty, let them fall

By their own counfels quell'd;

Push them in their rebellions all

Still on; for against thee they have rebell'd.
Then all who truft in thee fhall bring

Their joy, while thou from blame


Defend'ft them, they fhall ever fing


And shall triumph in thee, who love thy name.

For thou Jehovah wilt be found

To bless the just man still,

As with a shield thou wilt furround

Him with thy lasting favor and good will.



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