New Governments West of the Alleghenies Before 1780: (introductory to a Study of the Organization and Admission of New States)

University, 1897 - 74 páginas

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Página 22 - And, first, with regard to the policy, we take leave to remind your Lordships of that principle, which was adopted by this Board, and approved and confirmed by his Majesty, immediately after the treaty of Paris, viz. the confining the western extent of settlements to such a distance from the seacoast, as that those settlements should lie within the reach of the trade and commerce of this kingdom...
Página 54 - American colonies, without disturbing the repose of any society or community under heaven; if it is probable, nay, certain, that the laws may derive force and efficacy from our mutual consent, and that consent resulting from our own virtue, interest, and convenience, nothing remains but to set about the business immediately, and let the event determine the wisdom of the undertaking.
Página 48 - Beginning on the Ohio river, at the mouth of the Cantuckey Chenoee, or what by the English is called Louisa river ; from thence running up the said river, and the most northwardly fork of the same, to the head spring thereof; thence a south-east course, to the top...
Página 40 - Company, as also all the lands and territories lying to the westward of the sources of the rivers which fall into the sea from the west and northwest, as aforesaid; and we do hereby strictly forbid, on pain of our displeasure, all our loving subjects from making any purchases or settlements whatever or taking possession of any of the lands above reserved, without our special leave and license for that purpose first obtained.
Página 40 - Indians, all the Lands and Territories not included within the Limits of Our said Three new Governments or within the Limits of the Territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company, as also all the Lands and Territories lying to the Westward of the Sources of the Rivers which fall into the Sea from the West and North West as aforesaid.
Página 16 - The secretaries appeared finally to be fully convinced, and there remained no obstacle but the Board of Trade, which was to be brought over privately before the matter should be referred to them officially.
Página 56 - And, as we are anxious to concur in every respect with our brethren of the united Colonies, for our just rights and privileges, as far as our infant settlement and remote situation will admit of, we humbly expect and implore to be taken under the protection of the honorable Convention of the Colony of Virginia, of which we cannot help thinking ourselves still a part, and request your kind interposition in our behalf, that we may not suffer under the rigorous demands and impositions of the gentlemen...
Página 29 - We the Committee of the Purchasers of a Tract of Country for a new Province on the Ohio in America, do hereby admit the Ohio Company as a Company Purchaser with us, for two shares of the said Purchase in Consideration of the engagement of their Agent, Col.
Página 41 - I can never look upon that proclamation in any other light (but this I say between ourselves), than as a temporary expedient to quiet the minds of the Indians.
Página 1 - Ohio, &c. may at the same time they secure our present frontiers, serve to defend new colonies settled under their protection; and such colonies would also mutually defend and support such forts, and better secure the friendship of the far Indians.

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