McZoot's Travels: A Journey to Zora Gora

Portada, 2006 M01 1 - 204 páginas
A bizarre mix of poignant hilarity, McZoot's Travels takes the reader from the comfy jail house in Filbert Grove, Oregon, to the secret Russian underground city of Zora Gora. The book reads briskly, leapfroging from religious fundamentalists bent on the twofold path of world destruction and saving their own skins, to the songs and stories of Stogey McZoot, a curmudgeonly minstrel following archaic vaudeville traditions, and smoking as fine a cigar as can be found at gas station convenience stores. It is a tale of bad, bad men, love, and even Rapture. In fact it could be said that it is a ?swift kick in the Left Behind.?

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An awesome farce. Not since Joseph Heller's "Catch-22" has a tome so aptly storied the absurdities of our trying to adapt to a crazy of our own making. McZoot's Travel's exposes our human follies with a loving and deft hand. Very funny.

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In which I discover Filbert Grove and meet some of
In which I enter Hosannaland and place my feet on the path
In which I enjoy the company of an Abyssinian of great
In which I first see the hoosegow make acquaintance with
In which we are shown the state secret beneath the mountain
In which the holy fool enters the realm of the high priests
In which I am reacquainted with Zakhar
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