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2.I am the Man who long have known

The Strength and Rage of Inbred Sin,
My Soul is dead, my Heart is Stone,

A Cage of Birds, and Beasts unclean,
A Den of Thieves, a dire abode
Of Dragons, but no House of God.

3. I dare not speak, I cannot shew

The Depths of Satan harbour'd there, The Horrors of Infernal Woe,

The black and Blasphemous Despair ; Who can conceive but Those that feel Indwelling Sin, Indwelling Hell!

4. A Stranger intermedleth not

With our inexplicable Grief,
'Tis past the Reach of Human Thought

The Torture of this Unbelief,
The strugling Groan, the Passion load
The Heart that says, There is no God.

But will He not at last appear,

And make His Power and Godhead known ? Surely he shall the Mourner chear,

And make the Broken Heart His Throne,
Shall break it first, and then bind up:
In Hope believe ye against Hope.

6. Comfort, ye Minifters of Grace,

Comfort my People, faith our God!
Ye foon shall see His smiling Face,

His Golden Septre, not his Rod,
And own, when now the Cloud's remov'd,
He only chastend whom He lov'd.

7. Who sow in Tears in Joy shall reap,

The LORD shall comfort All that mourn,
Who now go on our Way and weep,
With Joy we doubtless shall return,



And bring our Sheaves with vast Increase,
And have our Fruit to Holiness.

8. Then let us patiently attend,

And wait the Leisure of our LORD, Surely we All fall in the End

Experience His Abiding Word, Shall All his Gracious Power declare, And Fruit unto Perfection bear.

My LORD and





Whom I would gladly die to know, This Veil of Unbelief remove,

And shew me, All Thy Goodness shew:
JESU, Thyself in me reveal,
Tell me Thy Name, Thy Nature tell.
2. Haft Thou been with me, LORD, so long,

Yet Thee my LORD, have I not known?
I claim Thee with a faultring Tongue,
I pray

Thee in a feeble Groan.
Tell me, O tell me who Thou art,
And speak Thy Name into my Heart.

3. If now Thou talkest by the Way

With such an Abject Worm as Me, Thy Mysteries of Grace display,

Open mine Eyes that I may fee, That I may understand Thy Word, And now. cry out, It is the Lord!


I know Him by those Prints of Love,

His bleeding Wounds are open wide, Thro' Faith I handle Him, and

prove, I thrust


Hand into His Side,
I feel the sprinkling of His Blood
Issu, Thou art my LORD my God!


The lii. Chapter of Isaiah. "AW ,

WAKE, Jerusalem, awake,

No longer in Thy Sins lie down, The Garment of Salvation take,,

Thy Beauty, and Thy Strength put on.

2. By impious Feet no longer trod,

Thy God shall cleanse thy every Stain, O Holy City of thy God;

Thou shalt not bear His Name in vain,

3. Shake off the Dust that blinds thy Sight,

And hides the Promise from thine Eyes, Arise, and struggle into Light,

Thy Great Deliverer calls, Arife! ; 4. Shake off the Bands of fad Despair,

Sion affert thy Liberty,
Look up, thy broken Heart prepare,

And God shall set the Captive free.

5. For thus the LORD your God hath faid,

Ye all have sold yourselves for Nought, A Ransom (not by you) is paid,

Receive your Liberty unbought.

6. My People have been long opprest;

No Glory thence redounds to me, Long have I seen them fore distreft,

Griev'd at my People's Misery.

7. They

7. They groan'd beneath the Tyrant's Chain,

Sin ruld them with an Iron Rod, The suffering Abjects howl'd for Pain,

They groan'd, but durft not groan to God.

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8. Th’ Oppressors with insulting Boast,

My Truth and Saving Power contenan'd, My Worship, and my Praise was lost,

My Name was every Day blasphem'd. 9. For This my Jealousy is ftir'd,

And shall a great Deliverance shew, My People shall confess their LORD,

My Faithfulness and Mercy know.

10. Surely they All shall know my Name,

They all my Attributes fhall prove : I am, what I am call'd; I am

Justice, and Truth, and Power, and LOVB.


Ow beautiful His Feet appear

"who brings

Glad Tidings of Salvation near,

Salvation from the King of Kings! 2. Whe publishes the joyful Sound,

Proclaims a Peace 'twixt Earth and Heaven, A Ransom for the Sinner found,

God reconcil'd, and Man forgiveni. 3. That says to Ifrael's Mournful Race,

Awake, arife, shake off thy Chains, Believe the Word of Gospel-Grace,

Thy Gop, thy great Redeemer reigns.

4. Thy Watchmen shall the Voice lift up,

Shall sing with gladsome Melody, Object of all their

Joy and Hope, When Eye to Eye their Lord they see. 5. Him, Eye to Eye, shall they behold,

Shall shout to see the Saviour come, To save a World redeem'd of old,

To bring the weary Captives home.

6. Break forth into Joy, Your Comforter fing,
Ye Sinners employ Your All for your King,
Rejoice ye waste Places, Your Saviour proclaim, .
Bestow all your Praises, And Lives on His Name.
7. For Jesus the Lord Hath comforted Man,
The Sinner restor'd; Nor suffer'd in vain,
To bring us to Heaven When rais'd from our Fall,
His Life he hath given A Ransom for All.

8. His Arm he hath bar'd, His Mercy and Grace
Hath Pardon prepar'd For all the Loft Race:
His Uttermoft Merit Display'd in our Sight,
We All may inherit, And claim as our Right.

49. The Gentiles shall hear The Life-giving Call,
His Grace shall appear, And visit them All :
The Common Salvation To, All doth belong,
To every Nation, And People, and Tongue.

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EPART ye Ransom'd Souls, depart,

The House of Bondage quit; be clean: Callid to be Saints, be pure in Heart,

Abhor the loathsome Touch of Sin.

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