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For Sorrow and Sadness I Joy shall receive,
And share in the Gladness Of All that believe.




Heavenly King, Look down from above,

Aflift us to sing 'Thy Mercy and Love, So sweetly o'reflowing, So plenteous the Store, Thou still art bestowing, And giving us more. 2. O God of our Life, We hallow Thy Name; Our Business and Strife Is Thee to proclaim; Accept our Thanksgiving For Creating Grace, The Living the Living Shall fhewforth Thy Praise, 3. Our Father and LORD Almighty art Thou ; Preserv'd by Thy Word, We worship Thee now, The bountiful Donor of All we enjoy, Our Tongues to Thine Honour and Lives we em

[ploy. 4. But above All Thy Kindnefs we praise, From Sin and from Thrall Which saves the Loft

Race, Thy Son Thou hast given A World to redeem, And bring us to Heaven Whose Trust is in Him. 5. Wherefore of Thy Love We fing and rejoice With Angels above We lift up our Voice: Thy Love each Believer Shall gladly adore, For ever and ever When Time is no more.



GodI long Thy
O fhed it abroad, Send CHRIST from



above ;

My Heart ever fainting He only can chear,
And all Things are wanting Till Jesus is there.

2.0 when-fhall my Tongue Be filled with Thy

While all the Day long I publish Thy Grace,
Thy Honour and Glory To Sinners forth fhew,
Till Sinners adore Thee, And own Thou art


3. Thy Strength and Thy Power I now can pro

claim, Preserv'd every Hour Thro' Jesus His Names For Thou art ftill by me, And holdest my Hand, No III can come nigh me, By Faith while I stand!

4. My God is my Guide, Thy Mercies abound, On every Side They compass me round: Thou fav'st me from Sickness, From Sin doft re

trieve, And strengthen my Weakness, And bid me Be


5. Thou holdest my Soul In Spiritual Life,
My Foes doft controul, And quiet their Strife : 1
Thou ruleft my Paffion, my Pride, and Self-will,
To see 'Thy Salvation Thou bid'It me Stand


6. I stand and admire Thine outstretched' Arm,
I walk thru the Fire, and suffer no Harm,
Assaulted by Evil, I scorn to submit,
The World and the Devil Fall under my Feat.';

7. I wrestle not now, But trample on Sin,
For with me art Thou, And Mall be Within,
While stronger and stronger In Jesus His Power,
I go on to conquer, Till Sin is no more.





NOD of unexhausted Grace

Of everlasting Love,
Overpower'd before Thy Face

I fall, and dare not move :
What haft Thou for Sinners done!

For so poor a Worm as me!
Thou has given Thy only Sor,

To bring us back to Thee,

2. Suffering, Sin-atoning God,

Thy hallow'd Name I bless, Jesus, lavish of Thy Blood,

To buy the Sinner's Peace ! Gushing from Thy sacred Veins,

Let it now my Soul o’reflow, Purge out all my sinful Stains,

And wash me while as Snow.

3. HOLY GHOST, set to Thy Seal,

The Life of Jesus breathe, The deep Things of God revoal,

Apply my Saviour's Death: With the Father and the Son

Soon as One in Thee I am,

Nature shall make known
The Glories of the Lamb.


Thy Godhead we adore,
Join with the Triumphant Host

Who praise Thee evermore :
Live by Heaven and Earth ador'd,

Three in One, and One in Three,
Joly, Holy, Holy LORD,
All Glory be 'to Thee!




Fr have I curft my Natal Day,

While strugʻling in the Legal Strife, And wish'd for Wings to fly away,

And murmur'd to be held in Life:
But O! my Blasphemies are o'er,
I curse my Day, my God no more.
2. His Grace, which I abus'd so long,

Hath This, and all my Sins forgiven,
I now have learnt a better Song,

I chearfully look up to Heaven, With Joy upon my

Head return, And bless the Day that I was born. 3. How could I, LORD, Thy Goodness grieve,

How could I do Thee such Despight?
At last I thankfully receive

The Gift of Thy Continued Light,
No longer I Thy Favours spurn,
But bless the Day that I was born.
4. Fountain of Life, and all my Joy,

JESU, Thy Mercies I embrace,
The Breath Thougiv'ft, for Thee employ

And wait to taste Thy Perfect Grace,
No more forsaken, and forlorn,
I bless the Day that I was born.

5. Since first I felt by Grace remov'd

My Sin's intollerable Load,
Long in the Wilderness I rov'd,

And groan'd to live without my God;
I cannot now, as hopeless, mourn,
But bless the Day that I was born.


6. The Tyranny of Sin is paft,

And tho' che Carnal Mind remains,
My guiltless Soul on Thee is caft,

I neither hug, nor bite Chains,
Prisoner of Hope to Thee I turn,
And bless the Day that I was born..
7. Preserv'd thro' Faith by Power Diviné,

A Miracle of Grace I stand,
I prove the Strength of Jesus mine:
Jesus, upheld by Thy Right-Hand,
Tho' in my Flesh I feel the Thorn,
I bless the Day that I was born.
9. Weary of Life thro’ Inbred Sin

I was, but now defy its Power,
When as a Flood the Foe comes in,

My Soul is more than Conqueror,
I tread him down with holy Scorn,
And bless the Day that I was born.
9. Born from above, I foon shall praise

Thy Goodness with a thankful Tongue,
Record the Victory of Thy Grace,

And teach a liftening World the Song, While Many, whom to Thee I turn, Shall bless the Day that 10. Come, LORD, and make me Pure within,

O let me now be born of GoD
Live to declare I CANNOT SIN !!

Or, if I seal the Truth with Blood,
My Soul from out the Body torn,
Shall Bless the Day that I was born.

was born.


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