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Job xix, 25.

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Know that my Redeemer lives,

He lives, and on the Earth shall stand, And tho' to Worms my Flesh he gives,

My Duft lies number'd in His Hand.

In This Reanimated Clay

I surely Ahall behold Him near;. Shall see Him at the Latter Day

In all His Majesty appear: 3. I feel what then shall raise me up,

Th'Eternal Spirit lives in me, This is my Confidence of Hope

That God I Face to Face Thall see.

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Mine own and not Another's Eyes

The King shall in his Beauty view, I shall from Him receive the Prize

The Starry Crown to Victors due.

A Funeral HYMN. (Used forft for Mrs. ELIZABETH HOOPER.) Nome, to the House of Mourning come,

The House of serious, solemn Joy, Let us, till all are taken home,

Our Lives in Songs of Praise employ.


2. Accomplish'd is our Sister's Strife,

Her happier Soul is gone before, Her struggle for Eternal Life,

Her Glorious Agony is o'er.

3. The Captive Exile is releas'd,

Is with her Lord in Paradise, Of perfect Paradise poffeft,

And waiting for the Heavenly Prize : 4. In her no Spot of Sin remain'd,

To shake her Confidence in Gop, The Victory here she more than gain'd,

Triumphant thro' her Saviour's Blood. 5. She now the fight of Faith hath fought,

Finish'd and won the Christian Race, She found on Earth the LORD she fought,

And now beholds Him Face to Face.

6. She died in sure and stedfast Hope,

By Jesus whoily fanctified, Her perfect Spirit she gave up,

And funk into His Arms, and died.

7. Thus may we All our Parting Breath

Into the Saviour's Hands resign
Jesu ! let me die Her Death,
And let Her Latter End be Mine !





Raw near, ye Strangers to our God,

And taste with Us the Heavenly Powers, O that His Lové were shed abroad !

O that your Hearts were all like Ours ! 2. Come see, how Christians wail their Dead!

Come share in our mysterious Bliss ; On Satan, Sin, and Death to tread,

O! what an Happiness is This !

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3. Though once Ye intermeddied not

With the strange Madness of our Joys, Ye All may be to Edex brought,

And heighten our Triumphant Noise.

4. With Tears of Joy our Eyes o'reflow

At parting with our dearest Friend, From Us we gladly let her go

To Pleasures that shall never end.

5. We know in whom we have believ'd,

Our Faith in Jesus is not vain ; To All who have their Lord receiv'd

To-live is CHRIST, to die is Gain. 6. Our Sister's Flesh shall turn to Dust,

Her Sacred Duft in Hope shall fleep, The Temple of the Holy Ghost

The ftill-indwelling God shall keep. 7. Triumphantly she laid it down

For Time to waste, and Worms devour ; In Weakness and Diskonour sown,

Till rais'd in Glory and in Power.

8. A Body natural it lies,

A lifeless Lump of mouldring Clay, But Spiritual it soon shall raise,

No more to perish or decay. 9. This Corruptible Body foon

Shall all incorruptible be,
This Mortal quickly shall put on

Its Robes of Immortality,

no. The terrible, All-conquering King

Shall then a final Period have:
Say then, O Death, where is thy Sting,

Where is thy Victory, O Grave?

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11. The Sting of Death, our Sin is gone,

Scatter'd are all our guilty Fears ; Thanks be to God, thro' CHRIST alone,

Who makes us more than Conquerors. 12. God only doth the Vi&ory give,

He shall our Glorious Flesh restore, His

many Sons to Heaven receive,.. Where Time and Death shall be no more.


Thel. iv. 13. &c

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ET the World lainent their Dead,

As forrowing without Hope, When a Friend of Ours is freed,

We chearfully look up, Cannot murmur or complain,

For our Dead we cannot grieve, Death to Them, to Us is Gain;

In JESUS We believe. 2. We believe, that Christ our Head

For Us resign d His Breath, He was numbred, with the Dead,

And dying conquer'd Death ; Burft the Barriers of the Tomb:

Death could Him no longer keeps He is the First-fruits become

Of Those in Him that sleep. 3. GOD, who Him to Life restor'd,

Shall all His Members raise, Bring them quicken'd with their LORD,

The Children of His Grace. We who then on Earth remain,

Shall not sooner be brought home, All the Dead fhall rise again

To meet the General Doom.

4. JESUS, faithful to His Word,

Shall with a Shout descend,
All Heaven's Host their Glorious Lord

Shall pompously attend:
Christ shall come with dreadful Noise,

Lightnings swift, and Thunders loud,
With the great Archangel's Voice,

And with the Tramp of God. 5. First the Dead in Chrift shall rise,

Then We who yet remain Shall be caught up to the Skies,

And see our LORD again ;
We shall meet Him in the Air,

AN rapt up to Heaven shall be,
Şee, and love, and praise Him there,

To all Eternity.

6. Who can tell the Happiness

This Glorious Hope affords, Joy unutter'd we possess

In these reviving Words ; Happy while on Earth we breathe,

Mightier Bliss ordain'd to know, Trampling upon Sin and Death

To the Third Heaven we go.



LESSING, Honour, Thanks, and Praise,

Pay we, gracious God, to Thee,
Thou in Thine, abundant Grace

Gives us the Victory:
True and faithful to Thy Word

Thou hast glorified Thy Son,
Jesus Christ our dying LORD

He for Us the Fight hath won.

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