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Shout in the midst of us, o King

Of Saints, and let our Joys abound,
Let us rejoice, give Thanks, and fing,

And triumph in Redemption found:
We ask in Faith for every Soul;
O let our glorious Joy be full.

6. O may we All triumphant rise,

With Joy upon our Heads return, And far above these nether Skies

By Thee on Eagle's Wings upborn, Thro all


radiant Circles move, And gain the Highest Heaven of LOVE.

LORD, what is Man!


Fountain of Life, and Source of Power, We tremble at Thy Glory's Height,

And lost in silent Praise adore.

"FA Fountain of life, and Source of Power,

2. Truly Thou art a Secret GOD,

That hid'f Thee in the deepest Shade, Thy inaccessible Abode

Thou hast in Clouds and Darkness made.

3. Darkness and Clouds surround Thy Thronc,

And veil the Brightness of Thy Face, Still we revere a God unknown,

A Bottomless Abyss of Grace.

4. Who, who can all Thy Counsel fee,

Thine Uttermoft Perfection prove, Fathom the Depths of Deity,

The Mystery of Redeeming Love !

5. Yet haft Thou in the Gospel-Glass

The Beamings of Thy Glory shewn, Before ns made

Thy Goodness pafs, And strongly ftamp'd it on Thy Son. 6. Thy Judgments all our Thoughts transcend,

Thy Love is written on our Hearts, Thy Love in part we comprehend,

Love, only Love we know Thou art. 7. Angels, behold the Bleeding Lamb,

Your God for guilty Sinners flain, : Confess the Power of JE SU's Name,

Angels, bow down, and worship Man. & See, where enthron'd in CHRIST we fit,

We who the. Ransom'd Nature Phare ! Hell, . Earth, and Heaven to Man fubmit,

To Me, for I in CHRIST am there!

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9. Amazing Height of Jesu's Love !

LOR:D, what is Man's diftinguith'd Race, Exalted in Thy Flesh above

The Angels that behold Thy Face.

10. O when Máll All Thy Members rise

To perfect Life in Thee restor'd, Caught up to meet Thee in the Skieś,

And be forever with the LORD.

H. Who now our scanty Offerings bring

And praise Thee with a stammering Tongue, We foon triumphantly shall fing

The New, the Everlasting Song.

1-2. Come, LORD, we groan to fee: Thy Day,

Come, Son of Man, with Glory crown'd! The Banner of Thy Cross display, Descend, and bid the Trumpet sound !


I have a Baptism to be baptized with

all; and bow am I straitned till it be accomplished. Luke. xii. 50.

. A be ;

N Inward Baptism of Fire LORD, 'Tis all my longing Soul's Defire,

This, only. This my Soul can save. 2. Straitned I am till this be done:

Kindle in me the Living Flame, Father, in me reveal Thy Son,

Baptize me into Jesu's Name.

3. Transform my Nature into Thine,

Let all my Powers Thine Impress feel, Let all my Soul become Divine,

And stamp me with Thy Spirit's Seal.

4. Defer'd my. Hope, and fick my Heart';.

O when shall I Thy Promise prove, Set to my Seal that true Thou art,

Thy Nature, and Thy Name is Love!

5. Love, mighty Love, my Heart oʻrepower ;

Ah! why doft I hou so long delay? Cut short the Work, bring near the Hour,

And let me see Thy Perfect Day.

6. Behold for Thee I' ever wait,

Now let in me Thy Image shine,
Now the New Heavens and Earth create,

And plant with Righteousness Divine.. 7. If with the wretched Sons of Men,

It ftill be Thy Delight to live, Come, LORD, beget my Soul again,

Thyself, Thy Quick’ning Spirit give.

8. With me He dwells, and bids Thee come ;

Answer thine own effe&tual Prayer, Enter my Heart, and fix Thy Throne,

Thy Everlasting Presence there.

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The Good FIGHT.

[King, MNIPOTENT LORD, My Saviour and Thy Succour afford, Thy Righteousnefs


Thy Promises bind Thee Compassion to have,
Now, now let me find Thee Almighty to save.

2. Rejoicing in Hope, And patient in Grief,
To Thee I look up For certain Relief,
I fear no Denial, No Danger I fear,
Nor start from the Tryal, White Jesus is near.
3. I every Hour In Jeopardy ftand;
But Thou art my Power, And holdest my Hand,

yet I am calling, Thy Succour. I feel,
It saves me froin falling, Or plucks me from Hell.
4. O who can explain This Struggle for Life!
This Travel and Pain, This Trembling and Strife!
Plagne, Earthquake, and Famine, And Tumulo

and War, The wonderful Coming Of Jesus declare. 5. For every Fight Is dreadful and loud, The Warriers Delight Is Slaughter and Blood, His Foes overturning, Till all shall expire ; But this is with Burning, And Fewel of Fire. 6. Yet God is above Men, Devils, and Sin, My Jesus his Love, The Battle shall win, So terribly G'o'ious His Coming Mallte, His Love all victorious Shall conquer for Me.

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7. He

(Grace 7. He all shall break thro', His Truth and His Shall bring me into The Plentiful Place: Thro' much Tribulation, Thro Water and Fire, Thro' Floods of Temptation, And Flames of Defire. 8. On Jesus my Power Till then I rely, All Evil before His Presence shall fly, When I have my Saviour, My Sin fhall depart, And Jesus forever Shall reign in my Heart.

Habakkuk iii. 17, 18, 19.


Way my Unbelieving Fear!

Fear shall in me no more have place; My Saviour doth not yet appear,

He hides the Brightness of His Face: But Thall I therefore let Him

And bafely to the Tempter yield ? No, in the Strength of Jesus, no !

I never will give up my Shield. 2. Altho' the Vine it's Fruit deny,

Altho’the Olive yield no Oil,
The withering Fig-tree droop and die,

The Field illude the Tiller's Toil,
The empty Stall no Herd afford,

And perith all the Bleating Race, Yet will I triumph in the LORD,

The God of my Salvation praise.

3. Barren altho'my Soul remain,

And no one Bud of Grace appear, No Fruit of all my Toil and Pain,

But Sin, and only Sin is here; Altho' my Gifts, and comforts loft,

My blooming Hopes cut off I fee, Yet will I in my Saviour trust,

And Glory, that He died for Me:

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