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Then hearken to Thy Spirit's Groan!
Speak, Father.; am I not Thy Son ?

10. If now the Bowels of Thy Love

Yearn over such a Worm as me, Send down Thy Spirit from above,

And make me clean, and set me free, The Promis'd Comforter send down ; Speak, Father; am I not Thy Son ?

11. If now Thou knockeft at my Heart,

Now open to Thyself the Door,
The Gift unspeakable impart;

The Kingdom to my Soul restore,
Call home, call home Thy Banish'd One;
Speak, Father ; am I not Thy Son ?

12. Haft Thou not made me willing, LORD!

Do I not now my Sins confess? Be just, and faithful to Thy Word,

Cleanse me from all Unrighteousness, Finilh the Work Thou hast begun ; Speak, Father ; am I not Thy Son?

13."Hath not my Saviour died to make

The Child of Wrath a Child of GOD?
Haft Thou not pardon'd for His Sake

The Soul, for which he shed His Blood ?
And died He not for me ratone ?
Speak, Father ; am I not Thy Son ?

14. I cannot rest'till


within; Tho' He hath wash'd away my Stains, Remov'd the Guilt and Power of Sin,

Yet while the Carnal Mind remains, I ftill must make my ceaseless Moan; Speak, Father ; am I not Thy Son?

15. Or if my endless Groans and Sghs

Thy kind Compassion cannot move,
Be deaf to all my Prayers and Cries,

But hear my Advocate above,
Hear him, who pleads before Thy Throne,

Speak, Father ; is He not Thy Son!"

And a Man shall be as an Hiding

Place from the Wind, and a covert from the Tempest : as Rivers of water in a dry Place, as the Shadow of a great Rock in a weary Land. Ifaiah xxxii. 2.

no the Haven of Thy Breaft, "T°

O Son of Man, I fly:.
Be my Refuse and my Reft,

For oh! the Storm is high :
Save me from the furious Blast,
A Covert from the Tempest be,
Hide me, Jesu, till oʻrepatt

The Storm of Sin I fee.

2. Welcome as the Water-spring

To a dry, barren Place,
O descend on me, and bring

Thy sweet refreshing Grace:
O're a parch'd and weary Land
As a Great Rock extends its Shade,
Hide me, Saviour, with Thy Hand,

And naked Head.

3. In the Time of my Distress

Thou haft my Succour been, In my utter Helplessness

Restraining me from Sin;

O how

O how swiftly didst Thou move To save me in the Trying Hour ! Still protect me with Thy Love,

And shield me with Thy Power.

4. First, and Laft in me perform

The Work Thou haft begun,

Shelter from the Storm,
My Shadow from the Sun;
Sprinkle still the Mercy-seat,
And bring Thy Father's Anger down,
Skreen me, Jesu, from the Heat,

And Terror of His Frown.

5. Let Thy Merit as a Cloud

Still interpose between,
Plead th’ Atonement of Thy Blood

Till I am cleans'd from Sin :
Weary, parch?d with Thirst and faint
Till Thou the Abiding Spirit breathe,
Every Moment, LORD, I want

The Merit of Thy Death.

6. Never shall I want it less

Till Thou the Gift haft given,
Fill'd me with Thy Righteousness,

And seal'd the Heir of Heaven;
I shall hang upon my God,
Till I Thy Perfect Glory see,

Till the sprinkling of Thy Blood

Shall speak me up to Thee,


Esu, my Strength, my Hope,

On Thee I caft my Care,
With humble Confidence look

up, And know Thou hearft my Prayer.


Give me on Thee to wait

Till I can all Things do,
On Thee Almighty to create; -

Almighty to renew.

2. I reft upon Thy Word,

The Promise is for Me,
My Succour, and Salvation, LORD,

Shall surely come from Thee.
But let me still abide

Nor from my Hope remove,
Till Thou my patient Spirit guide

Into Thy perfect Love.


I want a sober Mind,

A Self-renouncing Will
That tramples down and casts behind

The Baits of pleafing Ill ;
A Soul enur'd to Pain,

To Hardship, Grief, and Loss,
Bold to take up, firm to sustain :-

The Consecrated Cross:

4. I want a Godly Fear

A quick discerning Eye,
That looks to Thee, when Sin is near,

And sees the Tempter Ay;
A Spirit ftill prepard,
And arm'd with

jealous Care, Forever standing on it's guard,

And watching unto Prayer.

5. I want an Heart to pray,

To pray and never cease, Never to murmer at Thy stay,

Or with my Sufferings less.

6. This

This Blessing above All,

Always to pray I want,
Out of the Deep on Thee I call,

And never, never faint. ,


6. I want a true Regard,

A single steady Aim
(Unmov'd by Threat'ning or Reward)

To Thee and Thy great Name ;
A jealous, juft Concern

For Thy immortal Praise,

Desire that All may learn,
And glorify Thy Grace.

7. I want with all


Thy Pleasure to fulfil,
To know Myself, and what Thou art,

And what Thy perfect Will.
I want, I know not what,

I want my Wants to see,
I want, -alas! what want I not,

When Thou art not in metai


My Father, and my God,

Look upon Thy help!els Child! Thou hast laid afide Thy Ród,

Thou in CHRIST art reconcild: Hear me then, my Father, hear,

Good, and gracious as Thou art, bed, Fill me with an holy Fear,

Give me, LORD, an Finnble Heart.

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