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With the Fetters of the Law,

'Twixt the Serpent's Seed and me

Prevalently interpose,
Break the fatal Amity,

Make us everlasting Foes.
2. Sin hath poison'd All my Soul,

Sin the Serpent's Curfed Seed :
No one part in me is whole ;

Yet will I the Promisa plead,
Promise of All-faving Grace,

Promise of an Inward Power,
Able to redeem the Race,

Me, and all Men to restore.
3. Breath the Breath of Simple Life,

Oh! be Abeb born in me
Previous to the Legal Strife,

Innocent Simplicity :
Give me Childishnels t'oppose

To the Subtle Serpent's Art;
Childishness nó Evil knows,

Give me, LORD, a Simple Fieart.
4. Or if Pride hath This destroy'd

Turn'd into Self-Righteousness,
Let the Law supply the Void,

Seth (a) succeed in Abel's Place.
Deeply root Thy Law within

arent of the Wretched Man : (b)
Check my Forwardness to Sin,

Forcibly by Fear restrain.
5. Bind in me the Strong-Man bind

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Curb, and thwart the Carnal Mind,

Keep the Man of Sin in Awe,
Enemy to all that's Good,

Never will He quite give place ;


(a) nu A Positive Lau; (b) NYX E nos. i. e. Miserable.

He can only be fubdu'd,

By the Sense of Pard’ning Grace. 6. Tell me, Jesus died for Me,

Shew some Token of His Love; Love and Sin can ne'er agree,

Love shall Atill the stronger prove : Love in the First Measure give,

Sin shall then no longer sway; Flesh may for a Season strive,

I the Spirit fhall obey.
7. Patiently I then shall wait

For the Woman's Nobleft Seed,

Bruiser of the Serpent's Head ;
O reveal Thy Son in me,

Bring the Perfect Nature in, Now destroy the Enmity,

Now consume the Man of Sint.

8. Adam, Flesh, and Self, and Pride,

Antichrift, Perdition's Son, Let him not in me abide,

Caft him out, and reign alone ; Slay the Dragon in the Sea,

Make my Soul Thy pure Abode, Fill'd with all the Deity,

Swallow'd up, and loft in God:

Moriar ut Te videam!

Let me die that I may fee Theel:

'Othao, who know't what is in Man,

Who searchelt out the Reins and Heart, Me, Jesu, to Myself explain, A Ray of Heavenly Light impart;

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Impart Thyself, Thou Real Light,
And manifest my Nature's Night.
2. Cause me, O GOD, Myself to know,

The Depth of Wickednels within,
Shew me, my inmost Sabftance shew,

Th' exceeding Sinfulness of Sin ; Such Power belongs to Thee alone; Shew me, that Sin and I are One. 3. Senseless alike of Sin and Thee,

My unawakend Soul remains,
Faft bound in Sin, and Misery

I slumber nor feel my Chains,
Nor taste nor feč how Good Thou'art,
For still the Veil is on my Heart.
4. Oh! might my Heart at least relent,

And feel the Guilty Mountain-Load. 2.1 Oh! thit Thy powerful Word might rent

The Veil, and let me into God;
The Glories of Thy Face display,
The Brightness of Eternal Day!
5. I know the Terms: I cannot see

Thy blissful Face, and live - in Sin : A Flaming Sword preserves the Tree

Of Life, leaft Self should enter in ;
It keeps out Self, and every Way
It turns, the Man of Sin to say.
6. Be it according to Thy Word,

Ready to meet my Doom I am.
Oh! let me rush upon that Sword,

And feel the Sin confuming Flame;
Live only Christ in me, not I;
O let me see Thy Face and die!
7. Die All of Self to live no more,

Die the Old Man no more to rise ;

Me to Thine Image here reftore,

Receive me to Thy Paradice, (Whence I may never more remove); The Paradice of Perfect Love..


A Pasion-Hymn.

E that pass by, behold the Man!

The Man of Griefs condemnd for You! The Lamb of God for Sinners flain

Weeping to Calvary pursue.

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2. See how His Back the Scourges tear,

While to the bloody Pillar bound'!
The Ploughers make long Furrows there,

Till all His · Body' is one Wound. 3. The Abjects fpit upon That Face

Which Prophets wifh'd in vain to see, On which the Angels lov'd to gaze,

Pleas'd with His Milder Majesty. 4. Adord by Angels, mockd by Men,

Speechless the Form of Guilt He wears, Revil'd He answers not again,

But meekly all their Inhults bears. 5. Nor can He thus their Hate afswage,

His Innocence to Death pursud, Muft fully glue their utmoft Rage

Harket, how they alamour for His Blood ! 6. To us our own 'Barabbas give,

Away with Him (they loudly cry) Away with Him, not fit to live,

The vile Seducer crucify.

7. Against

7. Against his God the Creature calls:

Accus’d and fentenc'd by the Breath Himself inspir’d, their Maker falls ;

The LORD. of Life is doom'd to Death.

8. His facred Limbs they stretch, they tear,

With Nails. they faften to the Wood His sacred Limbs expos'd, and bare,

Or only cover'd with his Blood. 9. See there ! His Temples crown'd with Thorns.!

His bleeding Hands extended wide, His streaming Feet, transfixt and torn!

The Fountain gushing from His Side?!

10. Where is the King of Glory now!
The Everlasting Son of God!
Th’ Immortal hangs His languid Brow,

Th’ Almighty faints beneatla His Load!

11. Beneath my Load He faints, and dies :

I fill'd His Soul with Pangs unknown; I caus'd those Mortal Groans, and Cries,

I killd the Father's Only Son. 12. Oh! Thou dear fuffering Son of GOD,

How doth Thy Heart to Sinners move! Help me to catch Thy precious Blood,

Help me to tafte Thy Dying Love. 13. Give me to feel Thy Agonies,

One Drop of Thy fad Cup afford: I fain 'with Thee wou'd fimpathise,

And Thare the Sufferings of my LORD.

14. The Earth could, to 'her Centre quake,

Convuls’d, while her Creator died ; O let my inmoft Nature fhake,

And bow with Jesus Crucified.

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