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5. Sin in me, the Inbred Foe,

A while subfifts in Chains, 1
But Thou all Thy Power shalt Thew,

And say its Last Remains ;
Thou shalt conquer my Défire,

Thou shalt quench it with Thy Blood, Fill me with a Purer Fire,

And change me into God.



1. 'IS of Thy Mercies, LORD,

That I am not consum d,
By God and Men abhor'd,

To endless Torments doom'da
Thy tender Mercies never fail,
And therefore I am not in Hell.


In vain was Tophet moy'd

To meet me from beneath,
For Jesu s's fake-belov'd

I 'scape the Second Death:
Thy tender Mercies never fail,
And therefore I am not in Hell.


Within its Mouth I was,

And there I lay asleep,
Its Mouth it could not close,

My Soul it could not sleep:
Thy tender Mercies never fail, de
And therefore I am not in Hell.


Thy Mercies found out me,

To me they first did stoop,
From Depths of Misery
· Thy Mercies brought me up,:.


Thy tender Mercies never fail,
And therefore I am not in Hell.

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5, Thy dear Preserving Grace

Each Moment I receive,
And trust to see Thy Face,

And without Sin to live :
Thy tender Mercies never fail,
And I shall never be in Hell.

He that loseth his Life for my Sake

fhall find it.

Be !


This Moment let it be,
O that I now, my deareft Lord,
Might lose


Life for Thee!

2. Now, Jesu, let Thy powerful Death

Into my Being come,
Slay the Old Adam with Thy Breath,

The Man of Sin consume.

3. Whate’er I have, or Can, or Am,

I now would fain refign,
And lose my Nature, and my Name,

O God, to purchase Thine.
4. Withhold whate'er iny Flesh requires,

Poison my Pleasant Food,
Spoil my Delights, my vain Desires,
My All of Creature-Good.

5. My Old Affections mortify,

Nail to the Cross my Will, Daily, and hourly bid me die,

Or altogether kill. 6. Passion, and Appetite destroy,

Tear, tear this Pride away, And all my Boast, and idle Joy,

And all my Nature flay. 7. Jesu, my Life, appear within,

And bruise the Serpent's Head, Enter my Soul, extirpate Sin,

Calt out the Carsed Seed.
8. Thou wilt, I know, Thou wilt appear,

And end this inward Strife,
Thy Harbinger proclaims Thee near,

And Death makes Way for Life.
9. Haft Thou not made me willing, LORD?

Would I not die this Hour?
Then speak the Killing, Quickening Word,

Slay, raise me by Thy Power.
10. Slay me, and I in Thee shall trust,

With Thy Dead Men asile,
Awake, and sing from out the Duft,

Soon as this Nature dies.

11. Q det it now. make Haste to die,

The Mortal Wound receive, So shall I live ; and yet not I,

But'CHRIST in 'me fhall live.

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12. Be it according to Thy Word,

This Moment let it be,
The Life I lose for Thee my LORD,

I find again in Thee.


Watch in all Things.


Esu, my Saviour, Brother, Friend,
On whom I cant

my eyery Care, On whom for all Things I depend,

Inspire, and then accept my Prayer. 2. If I have tasted of Thy Grace,

The Grace that sure Salvation brings, If with me now Thy Spirit stays,

And hovering hides me in His Wings. 3. Still let Him with my Weakness stay,

Nor for a Moment's Space depart,
Evil, and Danger turn away,
And keep, till He renews my

Heart. 4. When to the Left or Right I ftray,

His Voice behind me may I hear, “ Return, and walk in CHRIST thy Way,

Fly back to CHRIST, for Sin is near.

5. His Sacred Unction from above

Be still my Comforter, and Guide, Till all the Story He remove, 1

And in my Loving Heart reside. 6. Jesu, I fain would walk in Theeg From Nature's every


retreat, Thou art my Way ; my Leader be, And set


the Rock my Feet.

7. Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall,

O reach me out Thy gracious Hand, Only on Thee for Help I call,

Only by Faith in Thee I ftand.

8. Pierce,

8. Pierce, fill me with an humble Fear,

My utter Helplesness reveal; Satan, and Sin are always near,

Thee may I always nearer feel.


O that to Thee my constant Mind, Might with an eyen Flame aspire! Pride in its earliest Motions find,

And mark the Risings of Desire,

10. O that my tender Soul might fly

The firft abhor'd Approach of Ill,
Quick, as the Apple of an Eye,
The Slightest Touch of Sin to feel.

11. Till Thou anew my Soul create,

Still may I strive, and watch, and pray, Humbly, and confidently wait,

And long to see Thy Perfect Day.

12. My whole Regard till may I place

On the faint Ray of opening Light, (The fure Prophetick Word of Grace

That glimmers thro' my Nature's Night. 13. Here let my Soul's "sure Anchor be,

Here let me fix my wishful Eyes, And wait till I exult to see

The Day-Star in my Heart arise. 14. My LORD, Thou wilt not long delay,

This Inward Calm proclaims Thee near, Sorrow, and Doubt are fled away,

My LORD shall in my Heart appear. 15. Jesu, my Saviour, Brother, Friend,

As I believe, so let it be ;
O make me patient to the End,
And then reveal Thyself in Me.


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