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8. O might We thro' Thy Grace attain

The Faith Thou never wilt reprove, The Faith that purges Every Stain,

The Faith that always works by Love. 9. O might we see in this Our Day

The Things belonging to our Peace, And timely meet Thee in Thy Way

Of Judgments, and our Sins confess: 10. Thy Fatherly Chaftisements own,

With Filial Aw revere the Rod, And turn with zealous Háfte, and run

Into the Out-stretch'd Arms of God.

11. Behold Thou standest at the Door,

Thou knockest long at every Heart, Ready the Sinner to restore,

And lift the Fallen


Thou art.

12. Thou callest All Men to repent,

And All Men may obey Thy Call, They may the Stonieft may relent,

Thy Death hath bought the Grace for All. 13

What Thou hast lent we All may use,
We All our Talents may improve;
We need not, LORD, Thy Grace refuse,

Or stop our Ears againk Thy Love.


Thou haft obtain'd for Us a Power
Thy proffer'd Mercy to embrace,
And All may know their Gracious Hour,

And All may close with SAVING GRACE.



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1. Aviour of All, to Thee we bow,

And own Thee faithful to Thy Word; We hear Thy Voice, and open now

Our Hearts to entertain our Lord. 2. Come in, come in, Thou Heavenly Guest,

Delight in what Thyself haft given ; On Thy own Gifts and Graces feast,

And make the Contrite Heart Thy Heav'n. 3. Smell the sweet Odour of our Prayers,

Our Sacrifice of Praise approve, And treasure up our Gracious Tears,

And reft in Ihy Redeeming Love.

4. Beneath Thy Shadow let us fit,

Call us Thy Friend, and Love, and Bride, And bid us freely drink, and eat

Thy Dainties, and be satisfied.

5. O let us on Thy Fulness feed,

And eat Thy Flesh, and drink Thy Blood, Jesu, Thy Blood is Drink indeed,

Jesu, Thy Flesh is Angels Food.

6. The Heavenly Manna Faith imparts,

Faith makes Thy Fulness all' our own, We feed upon Thee in our Hearts,

And find that Heaven and Thou art One.

7. An Heaven begun on Earth we feel,

Who conquer in the Glorious Strife, And pass o'er Sin, and Earth, and Hell

Triumphant to Eternal Life.

8. The Fullness of Eternal Bliss,

We shall from Thee receive above, This the Reward of Conquests, This

The Crown of All victorious Love.

9. Conqueror of Sin, and Hell, and Death,

As Thou the dreadful Fight haft won, And weareft now th' Immortal Wreath,

And fittelt on Thy Father's Throne ;

10. So shalt thou grant to All that fight,

And conquer in Thy mighty Name, To claim the Kingdom as their Right,

Their Sufferings, and their Crown the fame.

II, Who bore Thy Cross shall wear Thy Crown,

Shall triumph in Thy Victory,
And in Thy Glorious Throne sit down,

And reign in endless Bliss with Thee.


The Spirit, and the Bride say, Come! Lord Perfeel itve

, Thy Work of Grace His Heart is pure, who sees Thy Face,

His Spirit is made whole.

2. From Every Sickness by Thy Word,

From Every fore Disease
Saved, and to Perfect Health restor’d,

To perfect Holiness.

3. He walks in Glorious Liberty,

To Sin Entirely dead,
The Truth, the Son hath made him free,

And he is free indeed.

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4. He lives, when Thou haft fully wrought

The Work of Faith with Power,
Upright in Deed, and Word, and Thought
He lives, and fins no more,

5. Throughout his Soul Thy Glories shine,

His Soul is all renew'd,
And deck'd in Righteousness Divine,

And cloath'd, and fill'd with God.

6. In Spirit join'd, and One with Thee,

And purg'd from all his Stains, No Wrinkle of Infirmity,

No Spot of Sin remains.

7. He knows Thee now, as he is known,

Thy Fulness he receives,
Flesh of Thy Flesh, Bone of Thy Bone,

In Thee he ever lives.

8. This is the Rest, the Life, the Peace,

Which all Thy People prove, Love is the Bond of Perfectness,

And all their Soul is Love.

Thy People are All Sanctified,

And Thou shalt say to me, “ Thou art All fair, my Love, my Bride,

“ There is no Spot in Thee. 10. O joyful Sound of Gospel-Grace !

CHRIST in me shall appear, I, even I shall see His Face,

I shall be Holy here.

". I shall from Every Sin be free;

(The Word of God is true) Walk before Him, and perfect be,

And pure as God is pure. *i.e. fuch Infirmities as David speaks of, Pf. ciii. 3•

12. This Heart shall be His constant Home ;

I hear His Spirit's Cry,
Surely, he faith, I quickly come,
He faith, and cannot lie.
13. The God of Truth Himself hath sworn :

On Him my Soul relies,
My Soul on Wings of Eagles borne,

Shall fly, and take the Prize.
14. The glorious Crown of Righteousness

To me reach'd out I view, Conqueror thro' Him I soon fhall seize,

And wear it as my Due.

15. The Promis'd Land from Pisgal's Top,

I now exult to fee,
My Hope is full (O Blessed Hope !)

Of Immortality,
16. My flutt'ring Spirit fatigues my Breast,

And swells, and spreads abroad, And pants for Everlasting Reft,

And struggles into GOD.


I feel, and know Him now in Part,
His Love my Heart constrains,
Its near Approach expands my Heart,

And fills with pleasing Pains.
18. He visits now the House of Clay,

He shakes His Future Home,
O woudft 'Thou, Lord, on this glad Day

Into Thy Temple come!

19. With me I know, I feel, Thou art,

But this cannot fuffice,
Unless Thou pianteft in my Heart
A constant Paradise.

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