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But could not from Myself retire,

Or 'scape the Inner Man. 5. I took the Morning's Wings and fled

For Rest to Worlds unknown; Sin found me in the secret Shade,

And claim'd me for Its own.

6. O who shall bid this Self depart,

This World of Sin exclude, Empty, and make my peaceful Heart

An holy Solitude

7. 'Tis not the Desart, or the Cell

Can hide me from my Pain, I carry with me my own Hell,

While Self and Pride remain.

8. Baffled, o'ercome I yield at laft,

I yield to Self-despair, My unavailing Strife is past,

And void returns my Prayer.
9. I cannot pray, I cannot praise,

For Grace I cannot call,
I cannot feel my Want of Grace,

My Soul is ftript of all. 10. A vile, unworthy Worm, my Eyes

I dare not lift to Heaven,
Let Him, who fees me from the Skies,

Speak if I am forgiven.

11. Or let my LORD still hold His Peace,

And do as leems Him good, Forsake me in my last Distress,

And leave me in my Blood.

12, If He can find it in His Heart,

His Fury let Him pour On me, and from


Soul depart,
And never love me more.

13. I leave it all to Him alone,

It lies within His Breast,
His Will, His only Will be done,

Let me be Curst, or Bleft.



MNISCIENT GOD, whose Eyelids try

The Self-deceiving Sons of Men,
To Thee how shall I dare draw nigh,

A Man of Lips and Heart unclean!
Thou know'it, I mean not what I say,
Thou know it, I only seem to pray.
2. Doubtless Thou art of purer Eyes

Than to behold Iniquity,
And all my Nature naked lies,

And all my Thoughts appear to Thee,
No Fig-Leaves from Thy Sight can hide
My Filthiness of Self, and Pride.
3. O my Abominable Heart !

Its Secrets all to Thee are known,
The Sin from which I cannot part,

The Sin that claims me for its own; Thou seest it All, my Nature's Shame, Thou seest, what I shou'd die to Name.

4. The foul Reproach I groan to bear,

And vainly itruggle to get free, Yet still I breath a tainted Air,

Tainted, alas! by Sin and Me, And wish for Wings to flee away, And ever in the Desart stay.

5. O that I had a Cottage there

To lodge a poor Wayfaring Man!
Far from the World of Noise, and Care,

Of Grief, Anxiety, and Pain,
O could I from my People roam,
And be, where none but God could come.

6. Me as a Bowl if now He turn,

To foreign Climes with Violence toss,
I would not for a Moment mourn

My Kindred, or my Country's Lofs;
A voluntary Exile I
Would there consent to live, and die.

7. O might I have my One Request,

My fond, and foolish Heart's Desire, And get me hence, and be at reft,

Into the deepeft Shades retire, Be clean forgot, and out of Mind O where shall I the Defart find!

8. Can Earth afford that Secret Place ?

Long have I fought it out in vain,
And Aled before the Human Face,

And drag'd to diftant Worlds my Chain,
Yer still I found the Carnal Mind,
I could not leave Myself behind.

9. 'Tis vain, I find, from Self to Alce

For Rest, to Earth's remoteft Bound, The Deep cries out,' 'Tis not in Me!

Happiness is not to be found, Save only, JESUS, in Thy Breaft: Thou art the Soul's Eternal Reft.

10. But how shall I to Thee attain,

Thee, whom I sinfully pursue, Unprofitable 1, and vain!

Thy Glory is not in my View :


What shall I say, Thy Grace to win!
My very Prayer is turn'd to Sin.

11. Nothing in Me Thy Grace can move,

A Wretched Man of Sin I am ;
But Thou art Good, but Thou art Love,

And Jesus is Thy healing Name :
Oh! for Thy Name, and Mercy's Sake,
The Sinner to Thy Bosom take.

12. Do as Thou findest in. Thy Heart,

Reject me, Saviour, or receive,
Bid me from Thee to Hell depart,

Or bid me come to Thee, and live;
I trust my Soul to This alone,
Let all Thy Will on me be done.



A Poor SINNER. row happy is the Man

Who sees his Misery,
Who ever feels his Nature's Chain,

Nor murmurs to be free.
Who waits in Patient Hope,

And languishing for Home
With chearful Confidence looks

up, And says, My LORD will come.


He neither hopes nor fears

Evil, or Good below,
But fighs for God, and lets his Tears

In secret Silence flow.
Stript of his Joy, he grieves

Quiet, and meek, and still ;
The Matter to his father leaves,

And bids Him work His Will.

[blocks in formation]

3. In calm, submissive Grief

He suffers his Distress, He cannot snatch undue Relief,

Or with his Misery less :

My Father's Will is good,

(The Patient Mourner cries) " He never gives a Stone for Food,

Or flights his Children's Sighs. 4

o that I thus resign'd

Might bear my, Nature's Load,
O that in Me were such a Mind

To leave the whole to God'!
With Him to trust my Cause,

And quietly endure,
Till He remove the Hallow'd Cross,
And all


Sickness cure.


I would (but Thou canst tell)

I would be humble, LORD,
My Burthen every Moment feel,

And tremble at Thy Word :
I would be stript of All,

And calmly wait Thy Stay,
Poor at Thy Feet, and helpless fall,

And weep my Life away.

6. I would be truly fill,

Nor set a Time to Thee,
But act according to Thy Will,

And speak, and think, and be.
I would with Thee be One,

And till the Grace is given,
Inceffant pray, Thy Will be done

In Earth, as 'tis in Heaven.

" The

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