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Going into a Place of DANGER.

H! but muft I, LORD, return " O

Into the dreadful Fight, Bear what is not to be born

Again drag'd out to Light ! I a weak, and helpless Worm

Only shall Thy Cause betray, Perish in Temptation's Storm,

A Final Castaway.
2. Didft Thou only bid me leap

Into a burning Fire,
Cast me down the threatning Steep,

Or now my Soul require,
Gladly would I now comply,

Plunge into the Depths beneath, Rush into the Flames, and die

To 'scape the Second Death.

3. O Almighty God of Love,

Thy Holy Arm display,
Send"me Succour from above

In this my Evil Day ;
Arm my Weakness with Thy Power ;

Woman's Seed appear within :
Be my Safeguard, and my Tower

Against the Face of Sin.

4. Could I of Thy Strength take hold,

And always feel Thee near, Stedfastly, divinely bold

My Soul wou'd scorn to fear. Nothing should my Firmness shock:

Though the Gates of Hell affail, Were I built upon the Rock,

They never could prevail.

5. Rock

5. Rock of my Salvation, hafte,

Extend Thy ample Shade,
Let it over me be caft,
And kreen


naked Head : Save me from the Trying Hour, Thou


sure Protection be, Shelter me from Satan's Power,

Till I am fixt on Thee.

6. Set upon Thyself my Feet,

And make me surely stand,
From Temptation's "Rage and Heat

Cover me with Thy Hand:
Let me in the Clift be placed,

Never from my Fence remove, In Thy Arms of Love embrac'd,

Of Everlasting Love.


For One convinced of Inordinate


O E is me! that wretched Man W°E

More than my God I prize! Well I know them void and vain,

Yet pant for Earthly Joys : Downward still my Wishes move, Though fairer than Earth's Sons Thou art: Touch me, Jesus, with Thy Love,

And yindicate my Heart.

2. Happiness is not in Me,

Though every Creature cry,
Still the Airy Form I fee,

Wheree'r I turn mine Eye;
After Shadows ftill I rove,
Nor I with


part :
Touch me, Jesus, &c.


3. Burning

3. Burning with unhallowa Fires,

Thou see'it, my tortur'd Breaft
Pines away with low Desires,

Stranger to Joy and Reft :
How shall I this Death remove,
How tear away th' inrooted Dart ?

Touch me, Jesus, &c.

4. Poison now o'erflows my Cup,

Fills me with thrilling Pain, Drinks my Blood, and Spirits up,

And throbs in every Vein ; Yet I fear Thy Grace to prove, I dread for Thee with All to part:

Touch me, Jesus, &c.
5. God arise, Thou jealous God,

And all 'Thy Foes subdue,
Claim the Purchase of Thy Blood,

Create my Soul anew ;
Let it now no longer rove,
Now let me taste how Good Thou art;

Touch me, JESUS, &c.

6. Saviour, purify my Soul,

As Thoa my God art pure,
Make my wounded Spirit whole,
And all


Sickness cure ; From Thee never let me move, Thou


sufficient Portion art : Touch me, JESUS, &c.

7. From all Filthiness of Fleshi

And Spirit make me clean, Stamp Thy Image, Lord, afresh;

And purge me from All Sin : Thee my God, my All I prove, Ah! never more from me depart; Fill, O Jesu, with Thy Love

My vindicated Heart.


Here is my Strength, my Faith, my

My Confidence of Boasting now!
Born down by Sin's revolving Load,

Beneath its Iron Yoke I bow,
Again Indignantly I groan ;
My Strength, my Faith, my God is gone.

2. Departed is the Lord from me,

Weak as another Man I am,
Spoil'd of my Power and Liberty

I bear my Punishment and Shame ;
The World their feeble Foe despise,
Their God hath put out both mine Eyes.
3. Into their Hands by Sin betray'd,

(The Sin I cherish'd in my Breast) Low in the deepest Dungeon laid,

Fetter'd in Brass, by Guilt oppreft ;
A Slave to Satan I remain,
And bite, but cannot burst my Chain.

4. Now to their Idoi's Temple brought,

A Sport I am to Fiends and Men, They fet my Helplesness at nought,

They triumph in my Toil and Pain : Th? Uncircumcis'd lift up their Voice, And Dagon's Worshippers rejoice.

5: Remember me, O LORD, my God,

If ever I could call Thee Mine ;
Though now I perish in my Blood,

And all my Hopes of Heaven refign,
Yet listen to my latest Call,
Nor suffer me Alone to fall,

6. O cast not out my Dying Prayer,

Strengthen me with. Thy Spirit’s Might
This only once : I pray Thee, hear,

Avenge me for my Loss of Sight,
Avenge it on mine Enemies,
For they have put out both mine Eyes.

7. Blind as I am, with both my

The Pillars let me feel, and fieze
On which the House of Dagon stands,

The Pillars of Self-Righteousness.
'Tis done : with all my might I bow :

Help me, O God, and help me now!

8. Now let the pondrous Ruin fall,

And crush the World, and Satan's Head,
O let it now o'erwhelm us All :
Since I must fink


the Dead; Since I can neither fight nor fly, Let me with the Philiftines die !


After a Relapse into Sin.
Esu, wherewith shall I draw near,

What shall I for Acceptance bring, .
How in my Judge's Sight appear

A Rebel 'gainst my God and King ! Loudly my Sins for Vengeance cry, And Justice wills that I thould die.

2. Summond to answer at Thy Bar,

I come, but Guilty, Guilty plead!
Did I not all Thy Judgments dare?

On all Thy tender Mercies tread?
Death's Sentence justly I receive,
I am not worthy, LORD, to live,

3. Then

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