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Part III.

1. Nor doth His Love eclipse His Might,

Or lessen His Majestick Powers,
Though stooping from His Glory's Height;

Who is so Great a God as Ours !

2. He in the Hollow of His Hand

Measur'd the vast unbounded Main; The wide-extended Heavens He span’d :

Infinity His Arms contain.


He meeted out the Earth, and pois'd

The Mountains, hung on Empty Space, When all the Morning-Stars rejoic'd,

And shouted their Creator's Praise.

4. Creation's Line His Wisdom laid,

He grasp'd the Chaos with His Fift ; Sea, Air, and Earth, and Heaven He weighd,

And bad th' Exact Machine confift.

5. Who with the Great Omniscient GOD,

Angel or Man in Council join'd,
To Him the Way of Judgment shew'd,

Or taught that All-informing Mind?

6. He high enthronod above All Height

A Partner in His Work disdains ; In Power and Knowledge Infinite

The Self-directed Spirit reigns.

7. See the vast Tribes that crowd the Face

Of Earth, the Islands scatter'd wide ; Survey the whole of Human-Race,

Their Wealth, their Number, and their Pride!

8. Light as the Balance-Dust, and small

To Him as the Minuteft Grain,

Their Millions into Nothing fall,

Or swell’d to be discern'd in vain.'

9. The Nations with their God compare

(A Drop with the unfathom'd Sea) They vanish All, diffolv'd in Air,

And loft in His Immensity. 10. Lighter than Vanity, and less

Than Nothing, He on All looks down ; Nor can their Services appease

His Wrath, or mitigate His Frown. 1]. Lebanon brings her Stores in vain,

Nor All her Cedars can afford, Not all her Beasts for Sinners slain,

An Offering worthy of their LORD

12. Nothing the Creature Adds to Him,

From whom their borrow'd Being flow'd, Who Self-sufficient and Supream

Exists, the One Eternal God.


1. Say then, Ye Worms of Earth, to whom

Will Ye your glorious God compare ! Vainly thro' all His Works ye roam,

And find JEHOVAH's Likenes there.

2. The vile Idolater belies

His Image with a Golden Shrine, To counterfeit the Godhead tries;

And Stocks and Stones become Divine:

.3. Man kis own Deity reveres

By Self delight, and Self-esteem, Whate'er the Sinner hopes, or fears,

Desires, or loves, is God to Him.

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4. But


4. But have Ye not His Being known,

And clearly seen by Nature's Light ; Have not the Antient Fathers shewn,

And You confess'd The Infinite !

5. The Heavens His Glorious Power proclaim,

Th' Invisible on Earth is fhew'd, Nature is written with His Name,

And All Things speak their Builder God.

6. Creation to His Law submits,

His Rule He over All maintains, High on the Globe of Heaven He fits,

And undisturbid for ever reigns.

7. Th’ Inhabitants of Earth from thence,

As Grashoppers His Eye beholds; His Hand, and Power, and Providence

The Curtain of the Heavens unfolds.

8. 'Tis He who ftretch'd them out, 'tis He

Who still the wide Pavilion spreads, That blue Etherial Canopy,

And draws it o'er His Creatures Heads.

9. Princes, and Kings, that dare withstand

Their uncontrould Creator's Sway, Shall fink beneath His Mighty Hand,

And fall, and fade, and die away.

10. Planted awhile, or sown below,

Their Stock accurst shall ne'er take Root ; The LORD upon their Pride shall blow,

Wither the Flower, and blast the Fruit. 11. Say then, ye abject Worms, to whom

Will ye your Glorious God compare ? Who shall His Holiness presume

To match, or who His Power shall dare ?

12. Lift

12. Lift up your Eyes to Things on high,

Nor fix on Earth your groveling Thought, Who built yon azure vaulted Sky?

Who spoke those beauteous Orbs from Nought? 13. God only Wise, and Great, and Strong,

Made them to run their Heavenly Race ; (Knowledge, and Might to God belong,

Honour, and Majeity, and Praise.)


Their radiant Hosts He marshals right, Their Nature, Names, and Number knows ; He bids them in their Courses fight,

And blaft their Great Creator's Foes.

15. They hear; and Each His Will performs,

And lo! to Man they ever call, • Lift up your Eyes, ye abject Worms,

• Adore the Glorious Cause of All!


1. The World He made He still suftains.

Why then doft Thou, O Israel, say, My God forgets His People's Pains,

His Jacob is a Castaway.
2. Repent Thee of thy peevith Hafte,

Recall the rash desponding Word,
No more complain, - The Hour is past,

• And I have wearied out my LORD.

3. Haft Thou not heard, hast Thou not known

The Everlasting God, that laid The Earth's Foundations, rules alone,

Nor faints to bear the World He made ?

4. JEHOVAH is Unchangeable,
His Ways, and Thought, are not as Ours,


He chears the languid Souls that fail,

And quickens all their drooping Powers.

s. Gently He lifts the Fallen up,

He gives them Faith, and Faith's Increase, Revives their feeble, dying Hope,

And fills with Love, and Joy, and Peace.. 6. Blafted the Vigour of the Young

Shall fade, and suddenly decay ; The Bold, and Confident, and Strong,

Shall fear, despair, and die away.

7. But They, who wait upon the LOR Dig.

Shall surely find His Promise true, Receive the Quickning Powerful Word,

And born of God their Strength renew..

8. Their willing Souls from Sin set free;

Shall swiftly in His Statutes move, Shall walk in Glorious Liberty,

Shall fly upon the Wings of Love. 9. With Eagle's Wings their Souls fhall rise,

Steady and strong to Heaven foar, Regain on Earth their Native Skies,

And faint, and fall, and fin no more.

The Sixty-third Chapter of ISAIAH.

[The First Part alter'd from Mr. Norris.]



O Common Vision This I see,

In more than Human Majesty, Who is this Mighty Hero, who

With glorious Terror on his Brow?

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