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5. Full of Concupiscence and Pride,

Fit Fuel for Eternal Fire,
With Virtuous Shew I strive to hide

The Baseness of impure Desire ;,
Conceal'd it lies, if not supprest ;
The Devil blushes for the Beast.

6. I start from the Contempt of Men,

But shameless in His Sight appear
By whom my every Thought is seen ;,

My Heart is harden'd from His Fear,
Nor care I from His View to hide
My fouleft Filthiness of Pride.

7. O What a loathsome Hypocrite

Am I! A Child of Wrath and Sin,
An Heir of Hell, a Son of Night,

An Outward Saint, a Fiend withing,
A painted Tomb, a Whited Wall,
A Worm, a Sinner stript of All.
8. Lay to Thy. Hand; O God of Graces.

O God, the work is worthy Thee ;
See at Thy Feet of all our Race

The Chief, the vileft Sinner see,
And let me all Thy Mercy prove,
Thy Utmost Miracle of Love..
9. Speak ;; and an holy Thing and clean

Shall ftrangely be brought out of Me,
My Ethiop-Soul shall change her Skin,

Redeem'd from All Iniquity,
I, even I shall then proclaim,
The Wonders wrought by Jesu's Name.

10. Thee I fall then forever praise,

In Spirit and in Truth adore, While all I am declares Thy Grace,

And born of God I fin no more,


The pure and Heavenly Nature share,
And Fruit unto Perfection bear.-




Aviour from Sin, I wait to prove

That Jesus is Thy Healing Name, To love, when perfected in Love,

Whate'er I have, or Can, or Am; I stay me on Thy faithful Word, 'The Servant shall be As his LORD.

2. Answer that gracious End in me

For which Thy precious Life was given,
Redeem from All Iniquity,

Restore, and make me meet for Heaven ;.
Unless Thou purge my Every Stain,
Thy Suffering, and my Faith is vain.

3. 'T'is not a bare Release from Sin,

Its Guilt and Pain, my Soul requires,
I want a Spirit of Power within,

Thee, Jesus, Thee my Heart desires,
And pants, and breaks to be renew'd,
And wash'd in Thy. All-cleansing Blood.
4. Didft Thou not in the Flesh

appear, Sin to condemn, and Man to save ? That perfect Love might caft out Fear,

That I Thy Mind in me might have,
In Holiness shew forth Thy Praise,
And serve Thee all my finless Days.
s. Dift Thou not die, that I might live

No longer to Myself, but Thee?
Might Body, Soul, and Spirit give

To Him who gave Himself for Me? Come then, my Master and my God, Take the dear Parchase of Thy Blood..

6. Thine

6. Thine own peculiar Servant claim

For Thine own Truth and Mercy's Sake, Hallow in me Thy Glorious Name,

Me for Thine own this Moment take, And change, and throughly purify: Thine only may I live, and die.

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We have not an High-Priest which

cannot be touched with the Feeling

of our Infirmities, &c. Heb. iv. 15. 'O

Compassionate High-Priest,

Full of Truth and Grace for me, Mark the Heavings of my Breait,

See my Sin and Misery! Surely All to Thee is known

Tho' Thou dost not yet appear, Noted is my every Groan,,

Counted is my every Tear: 2. I have not a Priest unmou'd

With the Feeling of my Woe, Who Himself was never prov'd,

Who my Sufferings cannot know :: Touch'd most sensibly Thou art

With my Soul's Infirmities, Still the Saviour's gentle Heart

Doth with Sinners simpathize. 3. Tho' He now triumphant reigns,

Still as in His Days of Flesh, All His Agonies and Pains

In our Souls He feels afresh : Tho' exalted to a Throne,

Thou dost in our Sorrows share, Thou haft rot forgot Thine own: Thine own Fleih and Blood we are.

4. Friend of Sinners, in Thy Heart,

Tell me, doth there not remain. One unarm'd and tender Part,

Capable of Human Pain? LORD, I wait for the Reply :

Groan an Answer from within, Tell me, Comforter, that I,

I shall be redeem'd from Sin. 5. Hoping against Hope I wait

For Redemption in Thy Blood : Help me in my loft Eftate,

Take away my heavy Load, Save me from this Tyranny,

O bring near the joyful Hour, From All Sin my Spirit free,

All the Guilt, and all the Power.

6. Grant, O grant my last Request,

Nothing do I afk befide, Only give my Spirit Reft,

Rest from Self, and Reft from Pride;, Bring into Thy Perfect Peace,

Give me Faith to enter in, Let me with Thry People cease

From my own dead Works of Sin.. 7. Power I want, a Constant Power

My own Evil to eschew,
Till my Heart Can fin no more,

Till I am a Creature New;
Let me in Thy Wounds abide,

Till the Perfect Grace is given; Give me This, I ak beside

Nothing or in Earth or Heaven.

A Prayer for Persons join'd in

Ry us, O God, and search the Ground

Of Every Sinful Heart,
Whate'er of Sin in Us is found,

O bid it All depart.
2. When to the Right or Left we stray,

Leave us not Comfortless,
But guide our Feet into the Way

Of Everlasting Peace.
3. Help us to help each other, LORD,

Each other's Cross to bear,
Let Each his friendly Aid afford,

And feel his Brother's Care.

4. Help us to build each other up,

Our little Stock improve,
Increase our Faith, confirm our Hope,

And perfect us in Love.
5. Up into Thee, our Living Head,

Let us in all Things grow,
Till Thou haft made us free indeed,

And Sinless here below.

6. Then when the Mighty Work is wrought,

Receive Thy Ready Bride, Give us in Heaven a happy Lot

With All the Sanctified.


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