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14. Thy only Will be done, not Mine,

But make me, LORD, Thy Home, Come when Thou wilt, I That resign,

But O! my Jesus, come!

Psalm cx. 1.

HE LORD unto my LORD hath said,

Sit Thou, in Glory fit, Till I Thine Enemies have made

To bow beneath Thy Feet.


2. Jesu, my LORD, mighty to fave,

What can my Hopes withstand, When Thee my Advocate I have

Enthron'd at God's Right Hand ? 3. I fear nor Earth, nor Sin, nor Hell,

And Death hath loft his Sting, In vain a While Thy Foes rebel,

Thou Jesus art my King.
4. Nature is subject to Thy Word,

All Power to Thee is given,
The uncontrollid Almighty LORD

Of Hell, and Earth, and Heaven.
5. And shall my Sins Thy Will oppose ?

Jesu, Thy Right maintain, O let not Thine ufurping Foes

In me Thy Servant reign. 6. Master, on Thee my Soul is ftay'd ?

Thou wilt not quit Thy Claim, Thou only haft my Ransom paid,

And only Thine I am.

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7. Come then, and claim me for Thine own,

Saviour, Thy Right affert, Come, gracious LORD, set up Thy Throne,

And reign within my Heart.
8. The Day of Thy great Power I feel,

And pant for Liberty,
I loath Myself, deny my Will,

And give up All for hee.
9. I hate my Sins, no longer Mine,

For I renounce them too,
My Weakness with Thy Strength I join,

Thy Strength shall All subdue.

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10. Our common Foes, who Thee defy'd

And wou'd not own Thy Sway, Envy, and Sloth, Desire, and Pride,

And Hate, and Anger Nay.

u. Thy Enemies destroy in mine,

Pronounce their speedy Doom,
In Vengeance speak, in Brightness shine,

The Man of Sin consume.

12. So shall I bless Thy pleasing Sway,

And fitting at Thy Feet
Thy Laws with All my Heart obey,
With all


Soul submit.

13. So shall I do Thy Will below,

As Angels do above,
The Virtue of Thy Passion shew,

The Triumphs of Thy Love.

14. Thy Love the Conquest more than gains :

To all I shall proclaim,
JESUS, the King, the Conqueror reigns,

Bow down to Jesu's Name.

15.To Thee shall Earth and Hell fabmit,

And every Foe shall fall,
Till Death expires beneath Thy Feet,

And God is All in All!

Come unto Me all you that labour,

and are heavy laden, and I will

give you Rejt. Mat. xi. 28. " O'

H! That my Load of Sin were gone !

Oh! that I could at last submit At Jesu's Feet to lay it down,

To lay my Soul at Jesu's Feet.

2. When shall mine Eyes behold the Lamb,

The God of my Salvation see ! Weary, () LORD, Thou know'st I am,

Yet Itill I cannot come to Thee.

3. Mark the hard Travail of my Soul,

With Pity view my lab'ring Breait, O give me Faith to make me whole,

And speak my Misery into Reit.

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4. Reft for


Soul I long to find ; Saviour of All, if Mine Thou art, Give nie Thy meek and lowly Mind,

And stamp Thine Image on my Heart. 5. Break off the Yoke of Inbred Sin,

And fully set my Spirit free: I cannot reit, till pure within,

Till I am wholly lost in Thee.

6. Fain would I learn of Thee, my God,

Thy light and easy Burthen prove,
The Cross all stain'd with hallow'd Blood,

The Labour of Thy Dying Love.

7. This Moment would I take it up,

And after my dear Master bear, With Thee ascend to Calvary's Top,

And bow my Head, and suffer there.

8. I would : but Thou must give the Power,

My Heart from Every Sin release ; Bring near, bring near the joyful Hour,

And fill me with Thy Perfect Peace. 9. Come, LORD, the drooping Sinner chear,

Nor let Thy Chariot-Wheels delay, Appear in my poor Heart, appear,

My God, my Saviour come away. 10. One Deep unto another cries,

My Misery, LORD, implores Thy Grace : When wilt Thou hear, and bow the Skies !

When shall I see my Jesu's Face ! 11. The Hireling longeth for his Hire

But only Punishment is Mine, My Merits are Eternal Fire

But Heaven and Happiness are Thine. 12. Give me Thy Life, for Thou my Death

Haft swallow'd up in Victory, Quicken'd me with Thy Latest Breath,

And died, that I might live to Thee.

13. This, only This is all my Hope,

And doth my sinking Soul sustain, Thy faithful Mercies hold me up,

My Saviour did not die in vain.

14. Answer Thy Death's Design in Me,

The Guilt, and Power of Sin remove, Redeem from All Iniquity,

Renew; and perfect me in Love.

This is a faithful Saying, and

worthy of all Acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the World, to save Sinners.

1 Tim. i. 15.


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Esu, Sin-atoning Lamb,

Jesu, Lover of Thy Foe, Let me feel Thy Sovereign Name,

Let me all its. Virtue know: Hear my Cry out of the Deep,

Hafte, and help a friendless Soul, Seek, and save a wand'ring Sheep,

Make a sin-fick Sinner whole.

2. Burthen'd am I, and opprest,

Till Thou doft remove my Load : Weary, till Thou give me Reft,

Guilty, till I feel Thy Blood. See me, a Meer Sinner fee,

Miserable, poor, and blind, Till I lose my All in Thee,

Till in Thee my All I find.

3. What have I Thy Grace to move?

Beaft and Devil is my Name, God I hate, and Sin I love,

Sin I love, and Sin I am. Yet I mean Thy Grace to try ;

Sinners if Thou canst receive, Here I am, their Captain I;

Wouldt Thou have me die or live?

4. Thou the Potter, I the Clay,

Nothing have I, Lord, to plead, Nothing have I, LORD,. to say:

Bid me live, or strike me dead.

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