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i. "oerhaps the General Prejur dice against Christian Perfection (the Subject of Many of the following Verses) may chiefly arise from a Misapprehension of the Nature of it. We willingly allow, and: continually declare, there is No such Perfection, in this Life, as implies either a Dispensation from Doing Good and attending all the Ordinances of God; or a Freedom from Ignorance, Mistake, Temptation, and a Thousand Infirmities neceflarily connected with Flesh and Blood.

2. First, we not only allow, but earnestly contend,, (as for the Faith once deliver'd to the Saints) That there is no perfection in this Life which implies any Dispensation from attending All the Ordinances of God; or from doing Good unto AllMen^ while we have cTimeJ the' 'specially unto the. Houjhold of A- 2, Faith.

Faith, And whosoever they are who have taught otherwise, we are convinced are not taught of God. We dare not receive them, neither bid them God speed, least we be Fartakers of their evil Deeds. We be. lieve' that not only the Babes in Christ, who have newly found Redemption in His Blood, but those also who are grown up unto FerfeSl Menr unto the Measure of the Stature of the Fulness of Christ, are indispensably obliged (and that they are obliged thereto, is their Glory <, and Crown of Rejoicing) as oft as' they have Opportunity to eat Bread and drink Wine, in Remembrance of Him; To search the Scriptures; By Fasting (as well as Temperance) to keep their Bodies under, and bring them into Subjcclion; And above all, to pour out their Souls in Prayer, both Secretly and in the Great Congregation.

3. We,, Secondly, believe, and therefore speak, and that unto All Men, and with much Assurance, That there K no such perfection in

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this Life, as implies an Entire Deliverance, either from Ignorance or Mistake, in Things not essential to Salvation, or from manifold Temptations, or from numberless Infirmities, wherewith the Corruptible Body, more or less, presses down the Soul. This is the lame thing which we have spoken from the beginning, If any teach otherwise, they are not of us. We cannot find any Ground in Scripture to suppose, That any Inhabitant of an House of Clay, is wholly exempt either from Bodily Infirmities, or from Ignorance ot many things; or to imagine Any is Incapable of Mistake, or of falling into divers Temptations. No; the Disciple is not above his Master^ nor the Servant above his Lord. It is enough that every one who is perfect, Jhall be as his Master.

4. But what then, it may be asked,. Do you mean by One that is Per" feB> or, One that is as his Master? We mean, One in whom is the Mind which was in Christ, and whoso walketh as He walked; a Man A 3 that

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